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  1. People have been calling for stirges since Bones became a thing. I'm reading certain people were calling for stirges when the Legendary Encounters prepainted line was a thing. I suspect (IANAE, this is pure WAG speculation on my part) the reason they never made stirges in Bones is that they are very small. The original Bones familiars were... Not great. Things that small, especially with spindly probosces, seem difficult for Bonesium to handle well. Which is to say: we want stirges in Bones Black! Bones Black Blood Bugs! Bones Black Blood Bugs! Bones Black Blood Bugs! Bones Black Blood Bugs!
  2. Sanael

    Baseball bat? Halp!

    So, I'm working on prepping Ouroboros Miniatures' "Akane" bust. Here's the sculpt as-is: A good bit of modification is going into this one, including replacing her sword with a baseball bat. For reasons. This is what I've done so far: I know, very exciting. So this is the right length, I like the width of the business end and of the handle, but the taper between them is uneven. I'm willing to cut putty away, but at this point it's off center, so I'll run in to the brass rod before I correct the taper. So I figured I have two "easy" options and one "nuclear" option. Am I on the right track with any of this? EASY: 1. add putty to the flat side of the taper, let it cure, then trim away everything to the correct taper. 2. Leave it be. Her arms and jacket will obscure the angles enough that it won't be noticeable. This might actually have some truth to it, but I'd like to make this a competition-worthy piece, so I'm not find of this option. Here's a held-by-tension-and-dreams mock up of what it looks like now: NUCLEAR: start over entirely. What else did we think "nuclear" meant? If I were to start over, I think I'd first make a layer the width of the grip, the full length of the bat, let that cure, then add a layer from the fat end to about the middle of where the taper goes, let that cure, then a layer the full width of the striking end of the bat, feathering the taper at each layer. Regardless, I need to smooth the whole thing, which I think will entail loading the brass rod into a drill and smoothing the thing on sequentially finer sandpaper. So... Thoughts? Advice? Thrown pottery? I may have a few more sculpting questions (of a... fleshier... nature) before paint starts happening, and I'll definitely WiP the paint. Thanks all!
  3. I don't know if it helps anything Bones-wise, but this is definitely the name of my David Bowie/Sex Pistols mashup cover band.
  4. I haven't done any real research into the subject, but I have also heard the theory before and always assumed (based on what I DO know about Roman military and legal issues from other topics I have researched deeply) the theory had it somewhat backwards. My thought is that the chariots (high priority, government or military transportation) were built on a more or less standard frame across the Empire; wagons (low priority, civilian transportation) were built on non-standard frames (maybe standardized in a given region, but not across the Empire). Official transportation began to have problems with ruts worn by (commonplace, heavy) local traffic as they went from region to region, so laws were put in place to start matching the wagons to the chariots. It amounts to the same end result, but accounts for the fact that chariots would've been much less common, much lighter weight traffic. Tl;Dr: I theorize that commonplace wagons were not made to match ruts worn by uncommon chariots; rather, chariots had trouble with ruts worn by wagons, so laws were made to make wagons conform to chariots. And all of this is to say, I'd like to see a chariot, and separate horses in harness for it. Same with the wagon, cart, etc. I would like to be able to have an idle cart or chariot in a village with no attached livestock, as well as one with livestock... In the WizKids pre-primed stuff, I can get a cart and an ox, but the ox has no harness, so I can't just add it to the cart without sculpting stuff myself.
  5. Sanael

    Narthrax the dragon

    Absolutely gorgeous. The way my table runs combat, it'd still take hours to kill this fella... With eight players plus the DM, our combats often run around twenty minutes per round! Still probably a lot less time than it took to paint him, though.
  6. Sanael

    Warren of Vile Fungi

    Ok, these are cool. One of the monsters is a segmented centipede-fungus...I kinda want to use it as an undead Ankheg infected by a Cordyceps fungus... That's something to make the PCs shudder!
  7. Yeah, I would've loved to see two chronoscope encounters, rather than waiting for what sounds like a planned full expansion. 1. A group of humanoid aliens (greys in techy suits, or a group of the Malvernis or Rach, etc.), with a single human "infiltrator" type of techy suit, with a large computer terminal or generator, maybe on some kind of low catwalk. 2. The rumored model A Ford next to a sidewalk news stand, with two or three small mythos monsters (tentacled dogs or something) and a guy in a bowler with a tommy gun or a sword cane or something. Of course, the rumored expansion may include the robolds and trollbot and otherwise buy hard into Starfinder, which might push it into the realm of "successful" on its own. We'll see.
  8. Sanael

    Baseball bat? Halp!

    Ok, cool. I have some Milliput (I have some Apoxie, but it's VERY old and I have found about its viability), so I'll give that a go... I'm not sure about steel rod, but I might have something. I also have some dowels that are close to the right diameter, so I can try both the Milliput and the actual-wood options. Thanks again, all!
  9. Sanael

    Baseball bat? Halp!

    Thanks, @TaleSpinner. This matches up pretty well with what I'd had in mind. Some follow-up questions: 1. Any reason my brass rod is inferior to steel for this purpose? 2. If I don't have any Apoxie, will straight GS do ok? I assume you want the Apoxie/GS mix because the Apoxie is less rubbery once cured? @Chris Palmer, I saw those Suicide Squad keychains. They were the best-proportioned shape for what I need, but sadly about an inch too short to fit her armspan. Thanks, though!
  10. So, nothing to do with spiders, but somehow relevant... This happened recently: https://youtu.be/Yhu_VQ1gUyw
  11. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Oh, favorite dragon is easy. I like many dragons, but from the moment I first saw the sculpt I knew the undeniable truth: Narthrax is Best Dragon. I love that sculpt so much. Naps? I love naps. Usually I just lie down flat on the floor, limbs comfortably spread, and do like a twenty-minute recharge nap, but I also love sudden-onset "the couch ate me" naps that last an hour or more. I don't get to do either as often as I would like, but I do enjoy them when I can.
  12. Sanael

    Baseball bat? Halp!

    Thanks! I've seen these, but the ones I've been able to find that are the right length (such as the one you pictured) are proportioned incorrectly in scale. The fat end is longer and the taper extends farther down the grip. And, TBH, I was able to find lengths of "too short" and "too long." Part of the issue is that those small bats are designed as toys, craft projects, and/or souvenirs rather than as scale models, and part of the issue is that I'm giving Akane an admittedly very long bat in order to accommodate her armspan.
  13. I know that both major non-Wizards distributors I used to work with for Magic also carried Reaper minis, but they had hit-or-miss selection and usually took a while to get enough new stock to support smaller stores (i.e., larger stores ordered the new stuff so smaller shops never had the chance until it was no longer new). Although I never used it for my shop (I ran a toy store with some games, rather than a games-and-hobby store), my FLGS gives me the impression that setting up a direct sales acct with Reaper proper is easy and doesn't demand minimum monthly orders or whatever, so that's likely a good route. I usually order through my FLGS, and they're still nice enough to throw in the monthly Bones Black mini for me if I ask, and I usually get stuff the same week it releases in the Reaper webstore (if I plan ahead and preorder). If they're not planning to go all-in on the GW games, and really just care about paint, you might try to convince them that Reaper is both a better (paint and mini) product and a better company...I know the GW reps I worked with (close to a decade ago, now, and before the major AoS overhaul, so YMMV) were pushy, ignorant of their own policies, and uninterested in listening when I asked questions (you'll recall I said I was at a toy shop, not a games/hobby shop...yet I spent about a year and a half getting weekly phone calls from GW, twice wound up with bills for product I hadn't ordered-and specifically said I didn't want-and all this while an official GW purveyor was within a mile of my address, which is against their own self-competition policy). 10/10 I'd rather work with Reaper, on every front except organised play support (and that's only because Reaper doesn't do that).
  14. Sanael

    Baseball bat? Halp!

    Huh. I'd considered getting a "novelty souvenir" mini-bat, but the ones that are the right length are generally kinda chibi in their proportions. But I hadn't thought of just starting with a dowel rod. Because why do a simple thing. That might work really well. I do want a wood bat; eventually I intend to sculpt a layer of duct tape around the fat end, with a split or two along one side. This thing will have the sort of "personality" that comes with heavy (ab)use. Although using actual wood might be the way I go, I'd also be interested in hearing how the GS-pushers around here would handle this problem; I suspect it'd be a useful thought exercise even if it isn't put to immediate use.
  15. Sanael

    Burrows & Badgers: Great and Small

    Oh, I understand! Not mad about it, just sad that my needs don't align with yours. I love your sculpts, that magpie is fantastic!...I just can't quite justify the spending when it won't see use in a game and doesn't fit the paradigms for the various minis-related gifts I give. Of course, that magpie could be a kenku merchant in Eberron...hmm...
  16. I know that I'm super excited about a ton of the stuff we've seen, including the busts, but I'm still only at a base core set level. Partly because I can't be bothered to keep changing my pledge, I'll do it once near the end, and partly because I know the bulk of my contribution will be in the pledge manager over there course of a year.
  17. "Fettle" is the condition of a thing, what kind of shape it's in, its status of being. Originally Old English, I think, but where it came from on its way there I couldn't say. It's a "fossil word," or a word that only gets used as part of a common phrase in contemporary language. There was a time that one might have said, "that object is out of fettle," meaning it's in poor condition... Nowadays, the word is only in common usage as part of the phrase, "in fine fettle."
  18. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Well... There were (1900 or so), then there weren't (1905ish), then there were or there weren't (through 1970ish), then there definitely weren't (until 2015) and now there probably were. The apatosaurus/brontosaurus/camarasaurus description debate is a hot one in paleontology. My current "big project" is my first bust. Once I get the prep work done I'll start a WiP.
  19. TFW, riding your bicycle at high speed downhill into the wind when it's already 40 degrees... Then some jackass riding low in a hoopdy starts keeping pace with you about 12" off your left side, his bass loud enough to rattle your teeth along with his trunk hatch... Then when you both pause at a light, he stops the music, rolls his window down, says "you crazy, man. Iss cold! Dis fo' you." Then starts blasting Led Zep's "Immigrant Song." ...yes, MC Gangsta Lean. Dat fo' me. ... Twenty minutes later, I was on the riverside trail being chased by a homeless man in a ghillie suit waving a broken bottle. ... My commute isn't usually this interesting.
  20. Yeah, I had to leave the twitch early today, hoping for some screen shots of whatever new they showed... I'm sure someone will provide eventually. I can wait. Patiently.
  21. Sanael

    Halloween ideas?

    Mysterium and Betrayal are both great, very fun games... But I think they play quite poorly with fewer than 4 players, which I had the impression from your posts might be an issue. If that's wrong, I'd recommend either, in addition to Ghost Stories and Gloom. I don't know Ghostel, will have to look it up. A note on Gloom: the base game is really great on its own, and I like the expansions for it. There are also alternate versions (I know of a Cthulhu version, and I think a Game of Thrones version either just released or will release soon), but I haven't played those so I can't say if they're as good.
  22. Sanael

    Bones 4 catfish

    Awesome! I have one waiting for paint...I really like the pattern you've chosen for yours! Based off a redtailed catfish? I'm thinking I'll base mine off the green-and-speckled patterns of the Goonch.
  23. I would personally like some 1/1 scale earwigs and silverfish in Bonesium. At the usual 1"=5' scale, those would be some pretty creepy crawlies.
  24. Sanael

    77585 T'Raukzul

    Yeah, I've dryfit mine; it's huge! But the airbrush will make it super quick to lay in basecoats, so even if you decide to go to brushes after that you'll have saved days. Relax, breathe, enjoy knowing you'll love putting it on the table when the time comes.