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  1. I've been painting the elf wizard lady they gave away in...August? and I really like her. Great detail on the face and the embroidered stole, I had no trouble removing mold lines, and the surface was much less hydrophobic than OG Bones. I think Bones Black is an incredible step up from the other material. I do see where it's more brittle than OGBones, but it's no different than the Privateer Press plastics I've worked with. Normal use will not present a problem.
  2. Pledge manager sticking around isn't a rumour, it's common practice for Reaper (and many games Kickstarters). Part of it is convenience for backers, since it allows us to spend more later; another part of it is to help ensure Reaper actually gets the information they need from each backer. Kickstarter's post-project survey system is not nearly complex enough to handle as many options as Reaper has. Just make sure you actually lock in your PM by the deadline...I think Ron mentioned (maybe it was Ed who said this) there are still backers from Bones ONE that never got they're stuff because they never locked in their order. The red and white dragons were visible at Reapercon, there are photos in this thread and the Reapercon photos thread... I'm on my phone or I'd go dig them out for you. I'm really hoping we see the new Yephima sculpt in the Greek expansion. She is GORGEOUS. As mentioned, Reaper is dropping between 20 and 30 SKUs from Bones IV each month into retail channels. It'll be a while before all these are in stores. Maaaaaybe? But: Every Reaper Kickstarter with the mild exception of Bones I had mid-project doldrums. The initial frenzy of "get in there quick" backers has cooled, so we're well into the phase of new backers only coming from random hits and word of mouth. There are a ton of backers who have pledged their 1 or 120 bucks and won't up their pledge until the last couple hours, once everything has been revealed. Also, Reaper has always, in every Kickstarter, said "what you can't see is subject to change." They want to put whatever is exciting to active backers up, so the hype doesn't lose momentum even if the pledging does... And if nothing else, our Food-fresh Friend from the comments seems to have calmed down now that the core set is less "weak." And a quiet troll is worth a day without stretch goals, if you ask me.
  3. Ok, so I got myself curious and delved that rabbit hole. It's actually not nearly as deep as the "Hello my Baby" dive, which stretches back through multiple layers of parody and performance to the 1890's. "Ritz" was originally written (Irving Berlin) in the late 20's and hit the masses in 1930 due to the movie of the same name (performed by Harry Richman, with whom I am otherwise unfamiliar), which doesn't much matter to Young Frankenstein. Fred Astaire also recorded the song in 1930, but the choreography, particularly the tap break, in Young Frankenstein is clearly a direct parody of Astaire's 1946 performance in Blue Skies. Honorable mention goes to Clark Gable for his performance in Idiot's Delight, also a fun send-up of the number (with a bit of a nod to the original Richman performance), but I don't think Brooks was drawing from Gable's performance. I know we've got a pirate ship, but after all this talk I think I'd also like to see a Bones playhouse, like maybe a golden age movie house, with the big curtains and balconies and footlights. Lots of good dramatic moments to see at a play. Scaramouche, anyone?
  4. Spaceballs used "Hello my Baby," simultaneously parodying both Alien and Looney Tunes (which was itself parodying the Cary Grant movie Once Upon a Time). Young Frankenstein, as pointed out by esteemed scholar and Man-about-town @Chris Palmer, is the Mel Brooks joint you're looking for if you want "Puttin' on the Ritz." I'm sure there's a rabbit hole there, too, but it's not one I've delved.
  5. The WizKids site claims 33" of length for the Falling Star, and I think only 27" of that is playable space. So... Reaper's is significantly larger. But it won't include the magnetized masts, and I'm not sure whether it has access to the lower decks. So, trade offs.
  6. I'm loving all the "pattern" responses. @Talae, your daughter really seems to have a hankering for "power!" I really love the animals with "gost power," those concepts may find their way into a D&D game at some point. I have some catching up to do; I've sketched out things for the last couple days, but my evenings haven't been free. I should have some time tomorrow, though!
  7. Yeeeeessss... Yes! And given the figurehead on the render is a lady in a dress, wielding two swords? I'm pretty sure that's what the idea is. At least in Bones you shouldn't even need to paint the whale... .... I'm going to have to really ponder the ship. I have a few other options in mind, none of which are as pretty, but all of which have belowdecks playability. But gawrsh, if this'un ain't purty!
  8. If this dragon is part of a Council of dragons, he's clearly the Chamberlain.
  9. Thanks, TGP. That's a good bit of help. ... Why have I never seen that paper before?! Seems like the question "what's a good paper for this set of markers" would prompt an art store owner to point out "Manga/Marker illustration paper." Weird.
  10. Thanks, all. Pingo, I do love Prismacolor pencils; anything I've done with color in the last 20 years has used them (or chalk pastels)... But I'm forcing myself to use these markers because A. INKtober and B. I won't ever figure them out if I don't use them. I think this coming weekend I'll wander over to my local artists' shop (there's a Blick retail front nearby, but thankfully they haven't driven the mom&pop out of business yet) and see what they can suggest as far as paper, and maybe look at a blender marker, since my set doesn't have one.
  11. Indeed! Currently supplementing my morning with a pleasing Assam.
  12. Ron has mentioned there is a Model A Ford in the mix somewhere, so it's likely there's some kind of 1920s/30s gangland or Lovecrafty set.
  13. From the way we've heard Ron talk about the pulp expansion, I expect it's going to be another "encounter" set. Which I'm not sad about, I'm all for it! But if it's true, I also expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth that there's not a larger set.
  14. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH! *facepalm-and-slow-drag* For a real planet, I'd love to see us colonize Venus, because I think a real-life Bespin would be pretty sweet. For fiction, I love the rediscovery of tech in the later PERN series, plus I want a pseudodragon familiar. But it's a toss up between that and Arrakis. I want to walk without rhythm and ride a worm!
  15. So, who else has used the Prismacolor markers? They're fairly new to me, and I like that they've got brush tips... For outlining things, I love them and I like the variable line weights the brush gives me. But for fill? I kinda just feel like a kindergartner, and I wish I could get a smoother fill with fewer strokes visible. I assume my paper might be part of the problem... Everything I've done this month has been on 60lb "sketch" paper from Dick Blick...it feels fairly smooth, but the markers just suck right didn't into it. This is where my almost complete lack of formal training fails me: I'd like to experiment, but I have little clue which direction to start.
  16. 08: "Whale Shark+Selkie" Prismacolor markers, per usual.
  17. They also get sent to premiere Wizards retailers (i.e., stores that run lots of Magic). I used to run a "Christmas in July" tournament with the holiday card as first prize; they're unusable in tournaments, but usually reasonably valuable to collectors.
  18. Sure, I'd also say you could spin a mini (or popsicle stick) in strands of hot glue. I was more remarking that the cocoons are the only non-terrain thing from the encounter that Reaper doesn't already have in their catalog. Halflings and spiders, yes...weburritos, not so much. So if anything were likely to show up separately, it'd be those. But I don't expect it. No worries on my part; I'll consider getting two spider encounters before the PM closes, then try to modify one so I have a left and right ruin.
  19. The web-husks aren't really available elsewhere, so they're the only thing that I could see Reaper potentially making separately. But if I were to place bets on it, I would guess Inarah is correct about this.
  20. In your HE-EAD, in your HE-EE-EH-EAD, arachnids, arachnids, arach-NIDS, NIDS, NIDS! *With apologies to Dolores O'Riordan, and the forums in general.
  21. The add-one drive pledge increases (as you say), which helps prevent the mid-campaign slump (re: "mid-campaign" being any day other than first or last). I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet the SGs that took days to reach in prior campaigns were mostly additions to the core set. Keeping the expansions, encounters and other add-ons coming is a good way to stave off the doldrums. "Stave it off, 1 2 3" Though to be clear, I'm also eagerly awaiting the next additions to core!
  22. 14 bucks for the ruined shrine is a no-brainer for me. Wait, there are spider victims and a halfling included? I don't need the spiders, but I'm not sad about them. MOAR ENCOUNTERS PLEASE!
  23. I liked the two lists from which I'm pulling prompts, couldn't decide which I liked more, and decided I liked the narrow focus that using both provided. So that's where I am.
  24. These are great! The osl is really good, but I especially love the metals. The one with the single big chopper above his head is my favorite.
  25. I got several WNS7 brushes about 12 years ago and still use one of them. There were several years, starting maybe six years ago through maybe a year or two ago, that kolinsky sable was very difficult to get (trade and politics, afaik, not a lack of weasels); the WNS7 brushes I picked up during that time were terrible, many times over. I picked up two about six months ago, and they're working nicely.
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