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  1. Is anyone else hoping for ten or so more columns to round out the entire (mainstream/commonly known) pantheon? I'm really hoping for columns of Athena, Apollo, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, etc...
  2. I'm lucky as I'm a late adopter of new editions. I never played any fifth edition until about eight months ago, so I owned zero books when I first met DDB. There's no way in all nine hells that I would pick up DDB for third edition at this point, given the money I've already some into physical books, so I totally get where you're coming from.
  3. Greek expansion is AMAZING and I love it already. Can't wait for parts 2 and 3!
  4. So, @TaleSpinner said this in response to me saying I'd love to see some monsters from the mythological Greek Titanomachy in Bones. I'm not exactly a "talented concept artist," but I'm going to give it a go, just for funsies. I thought this thread might be full of like-minded (or at least similarly-minded) folk, so here's my supplemental challenge for inktober, for any who care to join me: To be posted on 31 October (or later, let this be fun instead of under-deadline), provide a sketch that could be used by a sculptor to create a miniature of Campe, one of the dragons of the Titanomachy. Here is a description of the creature, translated from the original ancient Greek of Nonnus' "Dionysiaca:" "Zeus ruling in the heights destroyed highheaded Kampe (Campe) with a thunderbolt, for all the many crooked shapes of her whole body. A thousand crawlers from her viperish feet, spitting poison afar, were fanning Enyo to a flame, a mass of misshapen coils. Round her neck flowered fifty various heads of wild beasts : some roared with lion's heads like the grim face of the riddling Sphinx; others were spluttering foam from the tusks of wild boars; her countenance was the very image of Skylla (Scylla) with a marshalled regiment of thronging dog's heads. Doubleshaped, she appeared a woman to the middle of her body, with clusters of poison-spitting serpents for hair. Her giant form, from the chest to the parting-point of the thighs, was covered all over with a bastard shape of hard sea-monsters' scales. The claws of her wide-scattering hands were curved like a crooktalon sickle. From her neck over her terrible shoulders, with tail raised high over her throat, a scorpion with an icy sting sharp-whetted crawled and coiled upon itself. Such was manifoldshaped Kampe as she rose writhing, and flew roaming about earth and air and briny deep, and flapping a couple of dusky wings, rousing tempests and arming gales, that blackwinged Nymphe of Tartaros: from her eyelids a flickering flame belched out far-travelling sparks. Yet heavenly Zeus . . . killed that great monster "
  5. I really would recommend taking a look at D&D Beyond; I use it for the fifth edition game I play in, and I'll upgrade my account when I finally move the game I run to fifth edition. The character sheets are really easy to navigate from a smart phone or tablet*, and you can print the sheets if you need a physical copy. You can also email electronic copy to your DM if they want a copy but don't have DDB. Building a character is super easy and running it digitally is very intuitive. Buying books through DDB is a little annoying, since you have to buy them through DDB (if you already purchased a physical book, you need to purchase it again for the digital DDB copy), but if your table chips in on a subscription for the DM, you can share all the books held in everyone's accounts. And once you have the book, as @haldir mentioned, you can navigate it independently of viewing/building a character. *I actually use my smart phone for almost everything I do in DDB; the only exception is inputting house rules for creatures or character options.
  6. Speaking of which: where is Fatso Dragon and his Chodling minions?! Still sad those never got made. That's basically a description of an early Gully Dwarf encounter in the Dragonlance Chronicles modules.
  7. Wait, what?! When did THOSE happen?! I have no use for those, but I love them! How have I not seen them before..? ... Harpies are great mid-level "for a bad time call" encounters. And I really love the proper hag-with-wings quality of the ones for Bones V. Looking forward to them!
  8. I'm looking forward to the Greek stuff, no doubt. And although a hekatoncheries would be cool, I'd really love to see someone make a really terrifying creature: the she-dragon, Campe. A snake-haired scorpion-for-a-head, winged giant woman with many-headed snakes for legs, a chest adorned with the baying heads of fifty beasts, and the armor of sea monsters. Her eyes were fire, the snakes of her feet spat venom and her wings could create typhoons. I mean, that sounds terrifying, right? Lovecraft got nuthin' on the titanomachy.
  9. "Darwin's Fox+In The Walls"
  10. The centaurs in Reaper's Warlord game (captain, warrior, archer) are pretty heavily armored, it's just fairly primitive plates sewn into hide. Two of those mode it into Bones I. I know it's not the big chainmail-and-plate armor that you're looking for, but it's considerably more protection than the standard centaur. Still, as a mythical creature, centaurs spent a lot of time out in the forest drinking wine and molesting passing humans; with the exception of Chiron they were rarely depicted as wearing any clothes at all. So I get why the minis rarely stray from that look. That said, I think a phalanx of centaurs in hoplite armor, with appropriate shields and helmets, would be pretty boss.
  11. About all this talk about the kids, it also bears mentioning: Both updates today (on a Saturday!) have been great! A further-ahead stretch goal to cover the weekend, timely updates to the KS front project page (including another page of the comic! Wooohooo!), and new scale images (which will also apparently be available from Reaper's website soon). While I'd still personally like to see more of a Reaper presence in this thread, I'm actually really happy with what this weekend has brought. Seems like they're getting caught up on the day 1 aftermath!
  12. Colored the torterra: And "carrion + rhinoceros" is not a pleasant thing... But sometimes unpleasantness is what the prompt prompts. I don't think I'll color this one, so it'll stay black Prismacolor and pencil.
  13. More races would be great! Something I would really love to see (kids and adults!) is an exploration of the people in the Five Nations of The Eberron campaign setting. They're loosely based on real world cultures in the post-WWI era.
  14. I'm already concocting character sheets for those kids. I love the diversity of cultures they represent. I think viking-girl is my favorite right now. Just noticed the Knight with the toucan has slashed pants! So good!
  15. I love these. They're absolutely beautiful. I need to dig out my pencils at some point... I feel like this is a more frightening form of Captain America's old foe, the Red Skull. Consider this stolen! This is chilling, and I love it.
  16. That's the same reason I'm interested in Red Veil. I'm not sure I'll care about the game, but Haqq and YJ both have a really cool look to them, and they both look useful for when I eventually run a Shadowrun campaign. YJ especially will make great corporate elites.
  17. I just love those sculpts more each time I see them. SO. MUCH. CHARACTER. I believe that we need to adopt "the Forscale" as an official unit of measurement. These kids are 2/3 Forscales tall; the catoblepas is approximately 2.5 Forscales from base to top of head (that measurement is pulled from my butt as example usage), and so forth. Reaper, the little M and B cubes are great, but really just start including a Sir Forscale with every mini photo in the online store. And also, @Rainbow Sculptor, does that wolf pup have a little plush CHEW TOY under its paw?! OMG I love it. So. Much. Loving. It. The kid with the awesome braid (seriously, I'm jealous of that hair) and the wolf looks like an elf or half-elf; the other seven all look pretty much human. Am I seeing that correctly? Any chance you'll slip up and tell us there are several more kids off other races waiting in the wings? If you have the renders in that size for all the kids, I'm sure we'd all love to see them... It's so much easier to see their details than the images on the KS page. (Also the colors are fun )
  18. Had a lot of fun getting this drawn, so I've run out of time to color it; I will definitely do so eventually. With "carnivorous plant + turtle," I had several options. I considered Bowser driving a kart with a piranha plant on it, and I thought about a Tonberry riding a Malboro, but ultimately I decided to go Pokemon with this prompt. Torterra is one of my favorites; usually it's a tortoise with a world on its back: mountains, a forest, and so forth. So I carved out part of its shell and replaced the forest with a growth of pitcher plants and flytraps. Poor guy.
  19. I like the texture on the rope and staff. Will you add any freehand to the scroll?
  20. I'd love to see a big keep and wall set similar to what MBA did several years ago, but affordable. I'd actually like that about 150% more than I would a pirate ship, and I would LOOOOVE a pirate ship.
  21. From the same distributor as my last list, here's what it looks like November's releases will be (listed as street date 04 Nov). Worth noting: the distro numbers are the same as Reaper's if you remove the REM from the front. REM44010 Bones Black: Dark Dwarf Pounder REM44090 Bones Black: Dark Elf Queen on Throne REM44091 Bones Black: Anhurian Cavalry REM44092 Bones Black: Overlord Cavalry REM44093 Bones Black: Fertility Idol REM44094 Bones Black: Jade Fire Spearman REM44095 Bones Black: Jade Fire Warrior REM44096 Bones Black: Jade Fire Champion REM44097 Bones Black: Chaos Toad Brawler REM44098 Bones Black: Chaos Toad Savage REM49017 Bones Black: Blood Nebula Mercenary REM49018 Bones Black: Slade, Cyborg Hero REM49019 Bones Black: Keryx, Cyborg Assassin REM49020 Bones Black: Tess, Adventuring Heroine REM77457 Bones: Fire Giant Huntsman w/ Hell Hound REM77466 Bones: Zombie Dragon REM77475 Bones: Hill Giant Lowland Warrior REM77483 Bones: Hill Giant Lowland Chief REM77641 Bones: Wraith Slayers (2) REM77642 Bones: Wraith Lord and Bodyguard (2) REM77643 Bones: Wraith Duelists (2)
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