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    Bones 4 Carrion Grubs

    I really like those. Is the "dot texture method" just "make dots then glaze over them" or is there more to it than that? It looks great, especially on these guys.
  2. As a nonscientific observation/generalization about fills who use minis for D&D (and similar), it seems to me that DMs and players who started D&D in early 3E or earlier are pretty willing to use what's available, while DMs and players who started around the release of the D&D prepainted line (more or less 3.5E) are more likely to want WYSIWYG or close to it. For my table, I use Theater of the Mind for most random encounters, and for planned encounters I try to use something close to the actual "thing" but if I have a goblin-with-spear standing in for a goblin-with-sword (or even a svirfneblin-with-sword) I'm not sad about it. Newer players that I've played with are a lot more inflexible about this. Directly on topic, I think Reaper does a great job providing a wide variety of inexpensive, dynamic, interesting (or some combination of those qualities) miniatures. Even the single-mold minis are sculpted with some personality (have you seen the herbalist? The fishmonger?) even if they don't have a lot of movement. I've actually seen very little from WizKids that I thought was very interesting, and even less that I thought was interesting enough to be worth dealing with their thick primer and untrimmed flash. So Reaper wins there, for me. My opinion, I know some are just the opposite; that's why both companies have fans. I also, personally, have a real issue with companies that make it difficult to know who their sculptors are... And WizKids' policy of labeling colored renders as "painted examples" really sticks in my craw. But I know those are non-considerations for most consumers. Overall, I like Reaper as a company, and that does a lot to keep me as their customer. It doesn't necessarily gain new customers, but I think Bones and Bones Black still have pretty significant market share.
  3. Like, I'm not going to riot or anything, but I'm pretty disappointed that this ship isn't likely to be named "Dark Maiden." She's a ship that's been part of Reaper lore for twenty years at this point, she's already got a beautiful figurehead (several sculpts), she's a pirate ship, she's a GHOST pirate ship. But I can see why crowdsourcing the official name is profitable for Reaper. I'm just a bit bummed out by it. I am hoping that one of the first extra figureheads they make (assuming that possibility actually happens) is a new sculpt of Dark Maiden.
  4. Sanael

    Bones V Faun/Satyr

    I really love this guy's face. Definitely on my want list. Are you going to do more to his sword? Right now the point is sweeping up more like a cutlass or machete (which is admittedly what the original concept art does), rather than the downward sweep of the falcata in your photo references.
  5. Sanael

    Happy Birthday chaosscorpion

    Many happy returns of the day!
  6. Sanael

    77202 Warg

    Nice work on his face. Definitely not the sort of creature I want to meet in a dark alley. Or misty heath.
  7. Discworld aside*, having just run an encounter with a skeletal ox and three skeletal pigs, I would appreciate more skeletal livestock. *Not that I'm upset about anything Discworld-related.
  8. Sanael

    Question about retail miniature pricing

    As a former toy/game shop manager on charge of ordering, I can say that most of what @Cygnwulf said above holds true, especially overhead. How a retailer orders their stock is also an issue. Many people get into retail "because owning a game shop would be cool," or for other reasons that aren't necessarily predicated on an understanding of how retail works, so they don't necessarily know how to get the best deals. Distributors have the largest reach, so retailers find out about them most readily... But distributors also prioritize their largest customers and don't offer the best deals to small businesses. I know of several items I used to carry from a distributor that I researched ordering directly from the publisher and was able to drop my selling price while making a larger profit for my store, because the direct sale was a better deal than going through distribution. Some retailers don't want to or don't know how to do research like that. Store overhead is also a huge consideration. Some of my shop's prices were higher than I wanted simply because we had to pay rent on our space. I know of one shop that charged higher than msrp for some items in part because his store was in a basement and temperature control costs were absurd. Most of these wouldn't be huge markups over MSRP, but they would be noticeable. Even up to a 25% increase over MSRP would surprise me but not incense me. I likely wouldn't go back to that store, though. Doubling MSRP is something of which I'd be decidedly skeptical.
  9. Sanael

    Looted Titan Claw

    This thing is great! ... But I'm sad because there's only one photo.
  10. I had the impression, from things said at the time the Elemental Scions were revealed and from things said in yesterday's stream, that the new concept art *did not exist* at the time the Elemental Scions were revealed. So they couldn't include this new one at the time, and because the new one was clearly added to the KS because of fans asking for it, it was added to the Fan Favorites expansion rather than increasing the price of the Elemental Scions. Again, this is the impression I had. I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.
  11. Well, nobody died yet, but only because the BBEG rolled a bunch of 1s in a row.
  12. Sanael

    Bonehenge Priestess

    I would say an oval of white, filling almost the entire panel of "glass" except for the corners, then glaze a little yellow over the white, leaving an oval of pure white at the center. The central oval of pure white probably wants to be about a third to a half of the pane of glass, at least, otherwise the highlights on her body will look brighter than the lamp. You also want to brighten the lamp so it looks believable that it's casting enough light to affect the scene; since her back (away from the lantern) shows some pretty saturated color, we as viewers know there's ambient light, so we have to see that lantern as bright enough to overcome that. As for the lantern frame, I often won't paint light on it, as it would be pretty starkly silhouetted against the light.
  13. Sanael

    Bonehenge Priestess

    I think it did, too! Looks really nice! I do think you need to brighten up the lantern itself; remember the light source should be brighter than anything it's illuminating. I really love the way the light draws the eye to her face, and then her eyes are looking right at the snake. She's got some really fun personality going on.
  14. Sanael

    Lots of Undead

    Those look like some very nice 3d prints. I like the paint on the green ones--suitably eerie! Love the drummer! It's a nice piece.
  15. My parents are up for Thanksgiving, but they're leaving on the Friday. So I can likely paint on Sat and Sun, depending on D&D and the like. Tentatively in. I do have a pile of stuff to paint, with little need to make it stellar. Stuff for the current campaign: A bunch of Bones and Bones Black, largely dinosaurs plus a few brigands, plus Paymaster's giant toothy crocogod. Probably just the raptors and carnotaurs will get done, but that'll be a nice dent.
  16. Just finished this fantastic bit of if-only-it-were-fiction. I mean, it's fiction... But if silent robots of external origin suddenly DID appear, I could see it playing out exactly like this. Not that we need the robots to make it happen. I really love wanting to strangle the main character. She's awesome, and cool, and infuriating. The whole thing is a pretty no-punches-pulled examination of Fame in the internet age, and it manages to somehow glamorize and brutalize the social media celebrity phenomenon. I dig it wholeheartedly. The beer is an IPA, so if you like those you'll like it, and the can matches the cover and the name matches the themes.
  17. Sanael

    Making of the Catoblepas

    I recall the basilisk's "cute" stage, as well. Good stuff. Looking forward to several days of this! *Makes popcorn* *Looks at the number of "likes" already accumulating* *Makes more popcorn and sets out many bowls*
  18. Sanael

    What is there at Reapercon?

    Pretty much, yes. Most of the planned events are going to be miniatures-oriented. Games-wise, there's often been more of an "official" focus on RPGs and miniatures skirmish games than board games, but as the convention has grown so has the diversity in that vein. And plenty of people bring their own games to play in the hall. The con is only in the last few years growing out of the "family reunion" size category. It's now large enough that you definitely shouldn't leave your stuff unattended, but still small enough that you can expect to do/play/see most everything you'd like while attending, without necessarily drawing up a minute-to-minute plan before arrival.
  19. Sanael

    PARODY - The Locked Bones We Didn't See

    At last! A use for all my extra bottles of BCA Pink!
  20. I would actually love to see this as a PC issue, not just women. Eight sculpts of each non-human race you can think of: four male, four female. Each set of four to consist of: An armored warrior, a lightly armored technician, a robed magic-user, and a fourth that makes sense for the race. 48 models in the expansion gives you six races. Tortles, firbolgs, Goliaths, gnomes, halflings and dragonkin?
  21. I really love this mini encounter! @GHarris, you did some fantastic work on this one! I'm probably going to set up the halfling as a statue, with the egg still real. And I think that potion bottle will likely be a potion/oil of stone-to-flesh when I run this in a game. Reaper really knocked the"encounter" concept out of the park. It reminds me of some old metal sets that were really just scenery pieces, like a "jungle Kings throne" set that I have somewhere, I think from Mega Miniatures? But done so much more thoroughly! Even this "mini" encounter with the cockatrices is so full of gaming candy, I love it. I can't wait to be able to just drop these things into a campaign!
  22. Sanael

    Dwarf batch 3

    NORD!!! I love Nord; he was one of the first Reaper miniatures I ever painted. You've done a great job with him! Nice work picking out all the details on Gwyddis and Freya, too. Good looking bunch!
  23. I love it. The whole add on is really nice, I'm likely to get two. Do you know whether the bar will be molded in a way to make the mermaid removable? She looks great, and I actually have an in-game location for which she is perfect, but the option to make the bar more generic would also be nice.
  24. I hear you... But given my experience with them, I think Reaper made a mistake in introducing Bones Black as "more fragile" than Bones... More a middle ground between Bones and metal. I still find them pretty durable, even with my players (for their sake, I will never put resin on the table unless it's got the mass of Khanjira and the shape of, I dunno, the dumpster? I'm leery of handing them Darksword minis).