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    These are great! I love them so much. If I could pick one nit, it's that the "mermaid hair" on the fishnetted one is stuck to her breasts in defiance of gravity. I realize it's a concession to modesty, but it strikes me as odd. The expression on the last one is fantastic!
  2. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    AR: Pokemon Go counts, so yeah? Also there's a local theater company that specializes in "AR experiences," basically very immersive environments that represent something that might be going on in reality but you'd never notice... Kinda like the next evolution of murder mystery theater. The most recent one cast the audience as people attending a big tech company's latest product launch, which happened to be an AI Android... Over the course of the evening, the audience could uncover all the ways the CEO and others at the company were corrupt, it was possible to trigger an AI self-consciousness emergence, etc. Pretty cool. VR: I have a friend who picked up a VR set, it's pretty cool. I think it's super impressive. I had similar worries about VR going in. It sounds like my visual state isn't as severe as you described, but similar. I have a slightly "lazy" eye that centers itself close to my nose. Normally not an issue as when I concentrate, I can pull that eye outward enough to get single vision, and the closer an object is the less I need to work to focus on it, but generally if I'm casually looking at something more than five feet away, I'm probably looking at two of it. I can't use binoculars without a lot of pain, because my right eye isn't looking down the center of the tube, so I usually see a clear circular image through the left lens and a waxing crescent through the right. Because there's so little visual information surrounding the thing the binoculars are pointed at, my brain can't fudge the angles, and I become very aware that my eyes aren't pointed the same direction. Trying to shift my right eye enough to compensate gives me a terrible headache (really it's like a charlie horse just behind my eyeball, because it's due to muscular tension). I was worried VR would be the same way, but the headset my friend has is very adjustable, so the two screens can be set at different angles (unlike binoculars, where even if the tubes wouldn't get in each other's way, a few degrees difference at my eyes would result in completely different targets, because geometry). In some ways, I have better vision in VR than I do in real reality. It's still not perfect, but it works well enough that a half hour of use was fun and didn't result in a tension headache!
  3. Secret Weapon bags and Neko Galaxy ladies...I really need to make some orders for both at some point.
  4. Ok, translucent swirly colors would be ok with me. GodAmongKobolds ("Sanael" was taken... Doesn't happen to me often, but hey)
  5. Of course, none of the official Reaperpeeps at that moment were Ron, so who knows. I find it interesting that Justin was suggesting that they could do random colors (pledge for one, don't know what would come in your box), then people could trade them. He made it sound like Reaper was cool with this... Which leads me to wonder, to what extent is Reaper rethinking trading policy for this forum? (The answer, I'm fairly sure, is that they're not thinking about this forum at all, when it comes to their social media plans...) Regardless, I'm still pretty against random colors. Clear or solid, color if it's appropriate, but please don't make us guess!
  6. We only have one of most molds, but we also have a few homemade silicon molds of complete floors or walls: cast the pieces to make one floor, assemble, then mold that whole floor. Makes certain projects go a lot faster. Walls are harder because they have texture on all sides, but if you're doing dungeon hallways you can make a flat mold and the "void" side of each wall can be smooth; likewise if you're doing structures that you won't see the interior.
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    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    My hair is currently at the small of my back. Either I don't take good care of it, or age has rendered it weak (likely both), but it no longer grows past that point. I used to keep it long enough that I could sit on it, but when I have roles that call for it (and pay for it), I cut my hair. I've been considering getting it cut for the sake of getting it cut, but I haven't settled on the idea yet.
  8. Really? I mean, it's nice and all, but there are so many indigenes to deal with. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to pay more than Kickstarter prices. The Moon, OTOH... That's pretty tempting. Great view, only occasional visitors. And the neighbors are pretty entertaining.
  9. I'm mostly concerned about who the sculptor is. Reaper's sculptors are absolutely fantastic working off Izzy's concepts. Most of the issues I've ever had with concept-to-sculpt in Bones has had to do with production (e.g., Argent), not the sculpt.
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    Pure White Bones Plastic

    Most of my Bones I minis are what I would call "white," though a few are what I would call "off white." File the following under "I Am Not An Expert:" It is just a difference in color, for the most part. The actual plastic is generally the same, though some pieces (e.g. the head of Cthulhu, the wings of Wyrmgear) have varying amounts of elasticity/hardness (mostly done, I believe, to accommodate certain qualities of a given mold). (That difference in elasticity is, to my understanding, similar to a two-part epoxy, which can be mixed with more or less hardener to affect curing times and other properties; it's still the same epoxy. The Bones plastic is still PVC whether they mix it to be harder or softer or to be grey or white)
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    11 October, "window + pocket mouse" 13 October, "axolotl + apothecary" 14 October, "fish owl + cursed crown"
  12. Sleep is good. I support sleep. Can Reaper start a Kickstarter that will give me more sleep?
  13. And, to be clear, they have NOT yet reached that goal. The entry window is NOT yet open. Getting close, though: I believe they said they're currently at 1100 and change?
  14. I did not originally read the section you quoted, so I thought you were still talking about chocobos... And I was CONFUSED.
  15. Sanael

    GOAT Dice: Changing the way we Roll

    Yeah, I have enough dried-out snow globes (or similar objects, like Magic 8 Balls) that I suspect these are ultimately just hollow d20s. I really love the green and purple one, but I'm pretty skeptical.
  16. Funny you should mention that... Modding one of Reaper's for that purpose right now.
  17. Yeah, Hasslefree's incubi are in the right vein. Eventually I'll put together a large enough order to make it worthwhile, and those will be in it. TBH, they're a little skinny and not quite menacing enough for how I'd really like satyrs to look. And I honestly doubt Reaper would go that route if they made a few.
  18. I would love to see some really nasty satyrs. Reaper has a bunch of figures that fill the nymph and siren niche well enough for me, but I could see some new versions being of interest. An earlier Kickstarter gave us a stunningly beautiful Sphinx from Julie Guthrie, so I doubt we'd see another very soon. Hey! I like the archer!
  19. So, I understand simply wanting a thing (re: my desire for a Campe), and I do agree a hekatoncheries would be a neat mini... But do you have a specific reason you want one so much? Is it used in a module somewhere or something? Or is it just your own mad longing? (Not at all an attack, just curiosity on my part... And, if there is a module that uses one, I might want that module.)
  20. My only complaints about Greek Odyssey II are textual: 1. Heracles not Hercules. This is a Greek set, not Roman. 2. I hope that Yephima is named Yephima once she comes to retail. Actually looking at the minis, I'm super excited for the larger Yephima, I like the leucrotta, and I really dig the archer and wizard. The wizard strikes a great balance between "old beardy with a staff and hat" and "plucky fresh faced youth with a book and an attitude." The rest I'm ambivalent toward, but those four plus part one are easily worth the fifty bucks.
  21. The others are very nice, but Earth is incredible. I may have to hunt up a copy.
  22. Ah, this is news to me. In that case, here's hoping the Reaper ship hews close to the same price.
  23. I would certainly prefer a playable interior, but at several inches longer and likely 50-100 bucks cheaper at retail*, I think it's already beating the "Falling Star." *This is a guess, based on the retail price of Ma'al Drakar. It may be totally wrong. But I'd still expect RSS Dark Maiden to be significantly less expensive than a prepainted, pre-magnetized piece sold under license.
  24. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I'm very good at recalling names, really! All I have to do is look at my wife, and the next time she speaks to a person, I will know that person's name. Note, this only works if you marry someone who is good at recalling names and knows the cue to say someone's name out loud in order to remind you. When I'm in social situations without her, I'm much more likely to just avoid names, and then later I'll say to her, "oh, I saw someone today, they said to tell you hi. It's the guy with glasses and blonde hair that we met at the workshop in Brooklyn two years ago and then you worked on a show with him six months ago?"
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    Oak and Ash and Thorn, good sirs, All on a midsummer's morn! Surely we sing of no little thing In Oak and Ash and Thorn. From Kipling, originally... But set to music by Peter Bellamy and sung by every (so it seems) group on the folk and Renaissance Fair circuits for the last 50 years.