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  1. Yeah, I know the pandemic put some big holes in their beta testing, so there’s a lot of stuff the designers were living with for a while that more playtesting would’ve highlighted as unintuitive. The tutorial’s end result is that you’ve been exposed to most major gameplay modes, but you do have to get through it.
  2. We've been playing Etherfields quite a bit the last week. After a very difficult first session in which we realized that every game we've ever played was a primer for parsing the rules of this beast, we found the groove and have really enjoyed it. I think it has a real problem in that the rules are frequently unclear: often, this is deliberate because they want the game to feel a bit like “Myst,” where you start without a clue and learn as you go, but it’s also pretty often unintentional because translation or beta testing didn’t work out as hoped. I especially don’t understand why anyone developing a game centered around card interactions hasn’t made a deep study of the syntax used in Magic: the Gathering. You don’t need to use the same language, but an awareness that text reading, “the player” should mean the same thing on every card is some pretty basic stuff. Especially in a game as highly produced as anything from Awaken Realms. all that said: the atmosphere of the game is well executed. There are a number of mechanics that work very well to keep players constantly engaged in the play narrative, the story narrative, and the physical presence of the game itself. Once you understand how the game works, there is a flow and rhythm that is very fun and mentally engaging. From AR, I like Tainted Grail better than Etherfields, but I’m not at all sad to have this on my table right now.
  3. I need to paint this mini, you’ve reminded me! I love what you did with her hair, and I bet her face looks great on a table where players will see her! Good contrast, clear features. have fun with the wet palette. I don’t always use mine, but it does a great job at keeping your paints thin and workable. A handful of pennies under the sponge will help prevent mildew, and you may want something to weigh the edges of the paper down to stop curling (I use wooden tongue depressors, since I have a pile of them from somewhere).
  4. Really lovely skin tones, yeah! I dig the eyeshadow, and for some reason I’m just enamored of the pink gift box with blue ribbon.
  5. They certainly look more threatening than they are. And yours have the look for sure!
  6. Thanks, everyone! It’s always nice to come back to a warm welcome. the two who are new to gaming are unlikely candidates: both are university theater professors (which in and of itself means they have little enough time for hobbies, I’m actually shocked we’ve been able to consistently meet every week), and they both have well established “regain some zen” routines. But the other two players are my wife (Nissiana has always been a better painter than me) and a fella who used to paint back in the day. Both are picking up brushes a little more often in 2020, so that’s a net positive!
  7. Ooh, she’s great! Nice use of colors in her shroud.
  8. Beautiful work! I really love the wings on Glitter. the blue fabric accents also work really well. Nice job using more desaturated colors on the base and demon, so the eye is really pulled up to the triumphant duo!
  9. I like the reddish accent spots, and that club looks really nice!
  10. Hello, old friends. Been a bit. it goes without saying, 2020 has been a year. But in good news, I started playing D&D with a group of friends that would otherwise never have thought to play together, scattered across three states in different regions of the country. As a DM, I’ve always liked to paint up the minis for the parties I run, and this group is no different. Two of our players had never played RPGs before (and really, Monopoloy and Chess pretty much round out the entirety of their games experience), so I wanted to go with a classic feel for these characters. I wanted to go 100% Sandra Garrity, but “dwarf barbarian” really isn’t something she did for Reaper...so we have a Klocke in the mix as well. group shot: Leslie Galliard, the wizard (02947, Ambrose): Resande, elven rogue (02590, Merryn): Harrold Hoofnailer, halfling cleric of St. Cuthbert (02531, Dobbin): and although you can see Talus, the dwarf barbar, in the group shot, she’s technically still a WiP, so I’ll post her solo pics later (that player is in my house and I didn’t need to finish as soon as the others!)
  11. Thanks folks! I know I've been pretty absent around here lately, but things are going well and I appreciate setting this thread! These forums are great.
  12. I've been very quiet lately for a variety of reasons, but we're ok in this house. Pittsburgh is a city known for setting couches on fire in the streets when our sports teams WIN...Burghers are a demonstrative bunch. So it's no surprise there were protests over the weekend. It is surprising that those protests became riots, police cars were set on fire, entire streets from one river to the other had their windows broken out. There's a certain horrified laughter in the fact that the local news spent a big chunk of their segment feeling on the fact that the GNC was looted. "Protein powders and energy bars looted! (Also, police cars set ablaze.)" Honestly, I think the news just doesn't know what to do with all this, and GNC is some kind of normalcy.
  13. I saw this guy on Instagram too, absolutely love what you’ve done. Rhemorhaz is one of my favorite beasties, and I think this is the best sculpt available for it...love how colorful you’ve made it!
  14. A bit of greenstuffing today...filled in the seams on the back of the jacket and added front pockets. still pondering the best way to do assembly on this. Probably do some work on the left arm tomorrow.
  15. That skin is amazing! I am totally stealing that recipe. And the black hair looks good.
  16. TL;DR: I ramble about the to-do list. At the end, I have a few options for how to assemble this, and I’d appreciate any thoughts from fellow forumites. So, I’ve been thinking about this project for a while; I’ve had this bust in my house since last summer, and didn’t order it until I’d already thought about what I wanted to do with it. But now that I’m really sitting down with it, it’s useful to think about what I need to do. So here’s a quick mock-up to remind me of the to-do list: 1. More cleanup on the original sculpt: the stomach-plug still has some remnants and some of the leather-jacket seams still have to go, especially the side seams. 2. Bruise her face: I need to swell up her right eye; I won’t add my reference photos here, but a google image search for “boxer swollen eye” will give you an idea. This won’t be one of the really horrific above-the-eye swells, but rather something swelling from above the cheekbone and closing the eye from below. I also plan to give her a split lip. 3. Gap filling: her right armpit will be a huge gap, and also require some sculpting to make the stretch of the jacket look right. There will be some gaps between the collar and the bat, which I’ll need to sculpt bat/fabric/hair around. 3.The sukajan: lots of steps, here. The sharp collar of the original jacket has to shave down. The sleeves of a sukajan have a distinctive seam; rather than being sewn in at the armpit, the sleeves cover the entire shoulder, with diagonal seams down the chest and back. The sleeve also needs a broad seam down the outside of the arm. I need to add handwarmer pockets and their seams. And finally, a zipper. I also considered using GS to add the embroidered elements, but ultimately that sounds less interesting to me than stippling in individual stitches on a freehand painted design. So after all that thought, I’m also thinking about final assembly. If I glue everything down at once, I can sculpt all the seams and folds and hair before I start painting, but the bat is a problem. Painting hair and jacket around the bat won’t be bad, but painting her hands and wrists will be a right pain. The bat, as-is, can’t be added after assembling the rest, because the angle of the arms is too tight. So I think I have two feasible options: Once I’ve done all the resculpting on the torso (zipper, the left sleeve, collar, pockets), I can either... 1. Paint the hands now, prior to any assembly; same with the ends of the bat. Then assemble everything and continue from there, OR 2. Assemble everything, cut the bat just where it meets her hair, remove the bat and paint everything but her hair, then put the bat back into place, cover the seam of the bat with newly sculpted hair, then paint the hair. The freehand on the jacket will be last in either case. It will be easy to reach with the bat in place. Any thoughts from the forum brain trust about this assembly dilemma?
  17. I love this sculpt so much, and you have done a really marvelous job with her!
  18. Hi, everyone. Long time, no post. So, back in October I posted in the sculpting forum about a baseball bat...finally I’m coming back around to this project. “Akane” is part of Ouroboros’ “Yakuza” series of cyberpunk busts. I’m mostly removing all the cyberish elements and going for more of an anime delinquent look, modifying the biker jacket into a sukajan and replacing the sword with a bat. I’m basically building a yankii or bosozouku girl. Here’s a bit about the inspiration and my first steps. A “Yankii” is essentially a Japanese delinquent. As a subculture, bosozouku biker gangs have been in decline in Japan, but they’re not totally gone, and they’re still a recognizable cultural touch point. Bright colors, loud bikes and a specific idiosyncratic fashion are hallmarks: Same with the sukajan: these heavily embroidered “souvenir jackets” started off as take-home goods for American soldiers after WWII, then became a symbol of delinquency. They’ve lost a lot of that stigma now, but it hasn’t been forgotten. A lot of “bad girl” anime characters still wear them as a sign of their disregard for the rules. The absolute badelf Saki from “Zombieland Saga” led a bosozoku gang and often rocks a sukajan: So the big things I’ve done so far involve removing the weird little cyberpunk seams and sockets and smoothing down most of the big seams that scream “leather jacket.” I’ve also made the bat. First, I chucked a wooden dowel into a drill and used a rasp and sandpaper to turn it into a bat. then I started carving out chunks of the bat to make room for her hair and to settle it a little better across her shoulders. With one arm glued in place, it’s clear I’m going to have to re-sculpt the armpit of the jacket to accommodate the new arm position for her right arm. I also need to fill in some of the jacket, particularly across the yoke of her shoulders, and add new seams in the right places for the sukajan design. Not to mention a bit more smoothing on her stomach where I removed the cyber-socket. Finally, her right eye is going to get some sculpting, as I want it to be bruised and swollen. Once all that’s done, I need to start in on colors. I’m strongly considering the red jacket / blonde-and-red hair scheme of Saki, but I need to think about how that will work with the very new (I.e., very red) bruises I intend to paint on Akane’s face and stomach. Something with dark hair and a teal/sea foam green jacket is also bouncing around my head. If I go with the red jacket, the embroidery on the back will likely be mostly white, maybe a phoenix design (and the bruises will have to be older and darker); the green jacket would likely have a cherry blossom motif, maybe with a carp on the back.
  19. Definitely within my portfolio... Heeeeere wallet, wallet wallet...
  20. This seems fully within my remit. Favorited for now, have to move some hobby funds around... But I definitely have a use for Kobold Cav! ... Was sad to see this is actually well beyond the early bird option! Wish you'd posted here sooner. But I may grab some add ons, too... So maybe I wish you hadn't posted here at all?
  21. This is really fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing this character completed, love the work so far. I really love the Holly-leaf hilt for the rapier! It's very in keeping with historical rapiers, in the sense that once swords became a little more associated with the upper classes there are many examples of custom-built swords that referenced their owners' arms or deeds in their construction. And the way you've sculpted the leaf makes it very similar to a clamshell guard with a very broad knucklebow, so it's not far off from a real thing! If you're ever doing another rapier, keep in mind that many didn't have elaborate cages: a stiff thrusting blade, a knucklebow, a pair of quillons (the "crossguard"), and a protective ring or cup above the front quillon (so a forefinger can wrap around the unsharpened base of the blade above the crossguard) is really what makes the sword a rapier. The fancy cage is just one kind of rapier hilt. I always want to see more cup hilts on minis, TBH. Cups were one of the most common types of hilt, and the Spanish continued using them for a hundred years after the rest of Europe moved on to the smallsword. Anyway, I love this "Monster." Can't wait to see you add the horns to that face!
  22. Got a very exciting package today! Greebo's lizardmen Kickstarter is fulfilling... Roughly on time, even, which I didn't expect given some of what I'd heard of their previous projects. Nice packaging... Densely packed... 15 players plus extras... And a lonely human that I thought would make a great PC at some point... All in all, a really nice set of minis. Dynamic sculpts and very detailed casting. Many, many pieces for assembly, but I enjoy that so it's not bad for me. Now if I can just find time to paint them....
  23. I tend to accrue random dice by simply existing as a gamer, so when I purchased dice I usually do so with a specific purpose in mind. Like a new PC.
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