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  1. Hallo and welcome! As for your pics...I'll agree with the need to get rid of the flash, as it has washed out a great deal...but, the overall quality of the picture is much better than the original post. As for your minis...what I will say is that the inside surface of the shield looks really superb! The fade and grain on that wood planking is really nicely done, and the metallics on the shield are looking nice. I like what you've done with the ogre's face, what with the jewelry and the bits of scars and scrapes...now I think would be a good time to work more with some thinner paints and some layering here and there to bring up the highlights and shadows on his musculature. You're looking at about the same asthetic I had when I started painting, but once you make that breakthrough from simple drybrushing into a more layered approach to shadows, things really open up. Looks good, so keep 'em coming!
  2. Tachyons! The deadliest deadlies in the multiverse! You've hit the nail on the head, SOldcorn...the trekkies take the universe. Done and done.
  3. Someone mentioned batting phasers with a lightsaber...I don't think a jedi could stand against an away team armed with phasers, as phasers can produce a steady burn...the first phaser beam comes in, the jedi blocks and has to hold that block as long as the phaser burns...yes, the jedi can likely sense if the redshirt firing that phaser is going to move, and hold the lightsaber accordingly, but as soon as a second phaser fires, that jedi is toast...a straight line of limited length cannot be positioned to block every possible point at which two different beams might hit that jedi. Yeah, the jedi can jump around, but even then he tires eventually. Against five or six federation soldiers armed with phasers, it's a losing proposition. Especially since phaser fire doesn't do much to tire the one firing it. Throw in force push abilities and so forth, and I think a jedi might survive the first few encounters, but the feddies will learn pretty quickly to spread out a bit more. If we stop talking federation, and start going with a more aggressive race like the Klingons or Romulans, then I think the jedi order is in serious trouble...especially since nobody in the SW universe seems to be much of a tactician until you break out GA Thrawn. What I'm not sure of is whether a Klingon batleth could block a lightsaber. If it can, a melee Klingon/Jedi combat would be up in the air for me...really awesome fight, ultimately coming down to martial skill (Klingons are stubborn and strong enough that I think force push would be a negligible advantage to a jedi); if the lightsaber cuts a batleth, then the Klingon would die with "dishonorable" on his lips. I got nuthin' to say on the matter of ship-to-ship battles. Aside from that a combined fleet of B-wings and TIE interceptors would eat anything-ANYTHING-for breakfast.
  4. This is one of the things I love about children.
  5. yeah, those horns and hooves look pretty spiffy! How does that greeny ooze on the base work?
  6. I was watching these the other day! this stuff is great! Some of these youtube people are just crazy.
  7. Funny, I was just talking about this last night. GW has a very interesting set of priorities, from what I can see. First off, their primary target is tabletop wargamers who end up painting hundreds of figures, at least...so, although I have seen many very nicely painted armies out there, no single figure in the army is painted to an exacting degree of detail, so if a buckle is only half-sculpted or there's a bit of a break under an arm, it's not likely to be noticed. Obviously, I'm talking about armies-for-use, not armies-for-paint-competition. But, what many of us Reaperfans would see as unforgivable (bad molding, lazy sculpting) will still sell for GW. GW is also all about gettin' em young...new, young hobbyists don't need or expect perfect and beautiful sculpts, so long as it looks pretty cool, because they've never seen what else is out there. Now, GW does have some stuff I really like for some purposes. I'll never like their humans-their proportioning style doesn't work for me--but their monster-types often aren't bad...but, I would rather go with a company that will give me consistently high-quality SCULPTS and, just as important, MOLDS. Reaper's greens look awesome. This translates to awesome minis, because they aren't lazy about moldmaking, dividing minis, and so forth. GW doesn't seem to pay much attention to cracks in the mold line. Which actually also makes sense because they're all about the converting...if you're adding 28 severed orc heads to that ogre's belt, the 1/8" gap between thigh and hip won't show up so badly! Or, from a more pessimistic capitalist point of view...GW makes greenstuff. GW makes molds requiring greenstuff. It's all part of the same machine. I dunno. I'm rambling.
  8. No kidding! Continuity with the stories of past decades aside, Straczynski's Spider-Man is one of the most incredible things ever. He's talented and somewhat brilliant, and although some of the things he did when he started really shook things up (the totemic stuff, with Ezekiel and Morlun), they really added to Peter's character. I pretty much hate the whole "Civil War" concept of Spidey unmasked, but Straczynski handled it beautifully and made it seem less like a Marvel plot for revenue. The movies have been fun (haven't seen 3 yet), but they've been written with an eye toward "butts in seats" rather than a true love of the characters, it seems to me. Their saving grace (thus far) is that Raimi and most of his cast have been taking the concept seriously. As for writers, I wish Staczynski, Whedon, Lee and a select few others could get together and save Marvel from itself. That would be nice.
  9. that freehand is really incredible! The waves are truly stunning, if you ask me...really well-done. The no-dachi bearer's armor is very well done, too. I think the only things I have to critique here are really the sculpts on the courtier (that unibrow is disturbing!) and dragon (why the axe-tail?)...the painting is pretty!
  10. I actually do two things with metallics, depending on what kind of object I'm painting. For swords and weapons, I tend to use metallics as though they were normal paints. This makes for a fairly fast, simple paint-up that gets the point across (ha, I kill me) fairly well. The one trick is to come back to it after everything has dried and look at it in different angles to the light, so you can actually see how smooth your layering was (metallic paints will play tricks on you!). For armors, and for more "uber" weapons (if I were painting Cloud's Buster Sword, for example), I've started using a not-much-slower-but-ultimately-cooler method of wet-blending and damp-not-wet brushing. I start with a triad of metallics, one of my favorites with the MSP is Adamantine Black/Scorched Metal/Old Bronze (a really spiffy dark brown metal...like tarnished brass). Put a puddly band of the darkest on the surface, then a puddly band of the mid, then the light, all in a row. Use a wet brush to drag each row into the next, swishing it around until you have a smooth gradation from dark to light. Once you have this, you can go back through and touch up highlights and such, maybe throwing a little darker spot here or a brighter spot there. Take a look at my Feb. 11 post here. The bell, as well as the scytheblade on that same mini, were done up in this wettish fashion. It gives a pretty smooth transition from shade to shade, rather than the comparatively stark system of highlights and shadows on, say, a cloak. Hope that helped more than it confused!
  11. I love those colors, and you've got some great camo patterns there. I'll echo the dark wash, and then you'll be set!
  12. Sanael

    Onyx Golem

    ah. I think I know what that "something reddish" was on Matisse' shoulders now. That's spiffy. This is a model I've never seen painted, and I think I like it a lot more now that I have. I like those colors a lot.
  13. Yeah, that cape/skirt is gorgeous. I'm getting a lot of glare off the metals, but it looks like you've got some nice shading on that sword there, too. Is there something reddish in the shoulders, or is my monitor doing weird color things?
  14. hmmm...I think we need to stop giving newbies tips and pointers...no more online tutorials...no more in-store paint-n'-takes...no more LTPKs...they should have to learn from scratch. This is just too amazing! That base, especially, is freakin' awesome! Love the water effects. I do wonder where he found that nearly square spit of land to pose on, but for all the unnaturalism of location, the execution is ver'nice. Me likey. I'll echo VV and FuzzyIzmit re: the NMM... I think the streaky aspect of the brushstrokes is what's causing the stoney appearance. I think the idea of where your lights are for that blade is spot-on...just clean up the definition of those bright highlights and you'll be right there. His armor looks nice, and that wristband above his empty fist is near-perfect. And I won't even mention the skintones, because I would just babble incoherent positive commentary for a while. Keep 'em coming!
  15. SOPHIE: My comments re: Sophie are largely based on the assumption that much of what is white will remain so (meaning white, blue, yellow is the color scheme for the jumpsuit). If this assumption is false, let me know and I can adjust. First off, I like the aforementioned color scheme. It's fun and simple, which is always nice. What I would like to see on the jumpsuit is a bit of the blue brought onto the sleeves somehow. As for the boots...I see the boots and the elbow/knee pads as much the same problem, and to a certain extent, the padded upper torso. You've already started a contrast between the upper torso and the rest of the jumpsuit, where the piping has changed from yellow to blue. I think if you figure out what to do with the collar and shoulder padding, you'll have a pretty good idea of how to paint the boots, pads, and gloves. My suggestions: >>laces and piping should match...so, you've got blue piping on the upper torso. Carry that down into the boots and gloves. The lacing and buckles on the boots will be blue, if you go this route. Looking at the gloves, there's a triangular chevron on the back of the hand; the smaller chevron would be "piping," in my book. I would also venture to say the inside of the collar would fit in this category. >>major accent-pieces should match. On the boots that would be the heel and toe, which you've painted, plus the flaps above and alongside the tongue of the boot. On the upper torso, this would be one of two things: either the shoulder padding alone (leaving the bulk of the upper torso white), or (if you want to go for "quite striking!") the entire upper torso, EXCEPT the piping, inside collar, and shoulder pads (all those would be blue). This will give you a primarily white jumpsuit (including the sleeves) with a lot of blue and a bit of yellow, while the padding will be primarily yellow, with a lot of white and a bit of blue. Essentially, what I'm laying out there is that you have a nice color scheme for the jumpsuit, so just switch up the prominence you place on the various colors involved when you switch to "accessory" equipment. That way it's all homogenous but not too cut-and-dry. Hair: I like the purple. You are coming close to breaking the "three-color-limit" rule, though, so be careful with that. I would be certain to include that purple as an accent color in the board or her wings when you get to those, just so her hair isn't completely alone. NEB: Not knowing where the vast expanse of black armor is going to go from here, I can't be certain, but I think that white could stand to be toned down a bit...not necessarily to off-white, but if you added a bit of linen white or even a light ivory into the shadows, it would go a long way toward toning the white back a bit and making it a bit more dirty, a little more "fresh from the tomb". Right now it looks very pure, and I'm having trouble reconciling that with this fellow's rather grave countenance. (ok, that was bad. I might not do it again) Of course, if that armor is going to be bright and shiny, I might still wonder why this undead dude is decked out to look like the holiest of holies, but at least all the colors would agree. And the highlighting you've done on the whites is pretty nice. --- I hope some of this has been helpful. Overall, you've got a good start on these two. Keep the pics coming!
  16. I'm gonna say something here that nobody will like at all. I'm tired of Klocke's elves, and I wouldn't be sad if he took a year or two off from sculpting them. Just his elves, mind you. I love the fire giant queen. I'm a huge fan of his lady bards. I think he's a spectacular sculptor on the whole, but his elves are all starting to look alike to me. That's the number one reason I disagree with the original post to this thread...whether Klocke be the sculptor in question or not. You have one person sculpt one line (in this case, WL elves are a "line") and they gradually become cookie cutters. Variety within a line is the spice of life...and, if you use uniform colors for an army, they can certainly look like they belong together, even if some elves have the fine-porcelain features of Northern Klockia and a few have the more robust foreheads of East Jacksonavik. I mean, even a United States Army parade ground can look pretty durned homogenous, and most of those guys aren't sculpted quite the same way as the fella next to him. Now, I don't play Warlord, so you can take my opinion and do whatever you like with it, but I DO buy WL figures, because they're still Reaper, and Reaper is still the best quality-for-price around. So take that however you like...
  17. I'll grant, I've never really had the right attitude toward Houston...but every city isn't for everyone. We could probably start a new thread just for "great places to eat in Houston," but I could do the same here...though I'd like some decent Mexican (Yankees just don't get it). I am a complete and total Pittsburgh convert now, though. So I'll just leave this one at "I'm glad I don't live in a floodplain."
  18. Yeah...so far, proximity to Reapercon is the only thing mentioned in this thread that makes me miss living in Houston... In my twelve years living there, I saw three houses built in the same lot...each one was torn down after taking severe flood damage...the longest stay in that lot only lasted three years. The first six years, I saw one big prarie that flooded--bigtime--each year, at least once. In my seventh year, they started building a subdivision. In Northwest Houston, it normally takes about three months for a 50-100 house subdivision to look fully populated with houses. This one kept getting a variety of delays, including flood concerns, and it took two years to build 50 houses. And no matter what temperature it is, the humidity is always bad. Pittsburgh is surrounded by three rivers. I laugh at the Yinzers who complain about humidity...they don't know how good they have it here. For you Houstonians out there, though, I'll also say I miss the Bayou Goo at the Westheimer House of Pies.
  19. Really stunning work. I love the palette on the wizardess in khaki. Beautiful. I can't decide if I think the "glowy" quality on the green-cloaked fighter is to my liking or not. It's definitely a neat effect, and superbly painted, but I'm not sure how well it sits with me...seems a bit out of place on a non-magic-user. I love the Dark Sword minis...tiny little things, as you said, but lots of fun. Thanks for sharing, and welcome back!
  20. Sanael

    Dragonblood Knight

    Hrm... **SPOILER CONTINUAGE!** I still just can't stand Stannis. Or Melisandre. Really, I don't think I like anyone who actually wants the throne, with the possible exception of Dany. I'd put my support with Jon and the Wall, if told I had to go lend a sword somewhere. Or Asha. I likes her style. *** I do enjoy the idea of a GRRM brainstorming thread...since this thread seems to have left that poor Tully fellow in the mud. Y'know, if you can find a naked mini you like, switching the head to bald isn't too hard, especially since Reaper has the head packs out for sculptors...
  21. My first character never actually died...of course, I only played him once. I actually only have one character who ever died...several that have spent time in the negative, but never Dead, dead. The one is my board namesake, Sanael, and he was resurrected by divine providence, but he was dead for a time... Sanael went from first to sixth level or so straight through...he had his face stomped by zombies (that was some negative HP there), was thrown around an arena by illusory minotaurs, and was hanged in a really beautifully rendered--but completely illusory--scene in his homeland (from which he was an outcast)...but he didn't die until we played a "40 years later" campaign in which he and some of his companions were now 20th level. See, he had spent much of the interim helping a mage study on the path to Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. She disappeared just before she learned the last veil. Sanael knew enough about her studies that he knew how to deal with most of her veils...usually the method involved Sanael's skills as a 20th-level rogue to just walk through the veils using Evasion...which came in handy, as she went crazy and tried to destroy the world (more or less). So, in the climactic final battle, Sanael sees three veils...a red, an orange, and a violet. He needs to be on the other side of them, so he jumps, thinking he'll pass harmlessly through the first two, and, based on his theoretical knowledge of the final veil, get shunted --with the world-destroying artifact--to another plane. He's no longer on his home plane, but at least he saved the world. Except the violet veil is a Disintegrate field, not a Plane Shift effect. Sanael and the artifact went in, the artifact (coated in a pile of dust) went out the other side. ... ... Luckily, the Dwarven Paladin prayed to Reorx, and, on a 1% roll, received a Miracle. Dust of Sanael + Miracle = confused and slightly addled Sanael (we're playing still, but now Sanael has an invisible friend).
  22. Sanael

    Dragonblood Knight

    all right, Matsumoto...you got me. I was using the term "bannerman" either too loosely or entirely incorrectly. We'll call this fellow a random Tully man-at-arms lucky enough and loyal enough to afford and purchase a uniform in the house colors. He's not intended to be a specific character. I will say, though, knowing from previous threads your enjoyment of the books and their world, I'm glad you saw this one. ... Stannis?!? Huh.
  23. Sanael

    Dragonblood Knight

    I kinda like 2086: Faramere as an older Jon...it's sad, you know, the D&D PPM Winter Wolf just needs some better painting, but otherwise is a half-decent Ghost. Or any other direwolf, for that matter. Garrity's sculpts are great for children, especially some as old as Tara; they all tend to have a cherubic quality to the face. Arya would definitely be well represented by Tara, especially if you replaced that swordblade with something slimmer. I'm actually planning to do several more bannermen eventually...Greyjoy is my favorite house, but I need several things before I paint any of them: suitable minis for Asha, Euron, Victarion and the Damphair, fewer half-finished projects (I have five diorama pieces in the works, all about 25% complete, if that) and, finally, more experience sculpting water (some of my current dioramas will help there). We Do Not Sow! Next up I think is a Martell bannerman...I have a good round shield I want to put the Sunspear Sign on.
  24. Sanael

    Dragonblood Knight

    Beanie, Ixminis and Voladilk all win the prize! Glad you all like this fellow. Voladilk: yes, Brynden Blackfish is of House Tully. Thanks for the comment re: basing. I really like the way this one came out...there's a battle in one of the later books that takes place along a river, so I was really trying to put together a muddy kind of terrain. I'm glad it came through in the pics. VV: I was ecstatic with how the freehand photographed; I almost think the photo makes it look better than reality...the Dragonblood minis, by the way, are pretty snazzy. They have several pieces that come with multiple heads or armaments. This knight can be built with sword and board OR with a massive two-hander. Lots of fun. Ixminis: Do you know any more about that potential licensing deal? And the books are awesome; definitely keep them on your list, if not bump them to the top! Beanie: glad you think Cate would have nice things to say. He does wear the colors well, at least.
  25. Extra points to all those who know the family to whom this fellow is a bannerman. For those who don't, you should definitely read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. For those who just want to look at pretty painted pewter, here are pictures. I have to admit, this chap suffers from "argh! I'm tired of futzing around with you! Here's a coat of sealer, now get off my table!" syndrome. I could point out a dozen different places that need to be blacklined, shaded, highlighted, picked out, or otherwise defined. And I may well go back and do that later, but for now, I think three months is long enough for one mini to sit nearly painted on my table. Need to free up space for other 3/4-finished projects!
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