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  1. Extra points to all those who know the family to whom this fellow is a bannerman. For those who don't, you should definitely read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. For those who just want to look at pretty painted pewter, here are pictures. I have to admit, this chap suffers from "argh! I'm tired of futzing around with you! Here's a coat of sealer, now get off my table!" syndrome. I could point out a dozen different places that need to be blacklined, shaded, highlighted, picked out, or otherwise defined. And I may well go back and do that later, but for now, I think three months is long enough for one mini to sit nearly painted on my table. Need to free up space for other 3/4-finished projects!
  2. Naveen sent me this lovely...well, lovely isn't the word, but I'm not really thinking of any positive adjectives you use for a rotting, trussed-up corpse, any that don't sound negative, that is...Mummy Lord for the Winter Exchange, and I'm just now getting pictures taken and posted. Grimy, rotten, decayed...all of these are appropriate, but they don't really make it sound like I like the mini, and I do like it, very much. He'll be a nice addition to the monster shelf, especially since I haven't painted any mummies myself. I love the green bits on his face. Really, all of his face is just...gross...which is good. Love that blue. Now I just need to figure out how to work a tromp through a mummy's tomb into my current campaign...
  3. yay! I suppose I shouldn't expect all my requests to be fulfilled, but this is the kind of service I like! Tell me, what models are you using for these birds? I have no need for them, game-wise, but it's been a while since I painted any planes.
  4. Sanael

    Sith Raider

    That's great! Dig the purples with those teals; really nice choices on this awsome sculpt. I really like the way you used different colors for extremities and body; looks very fishish. The eye visible in the back shot looks really menacing, too, which is cool. I think my only request is to see something fun on the base...not necessarily that you should remove the broccoli and build a different base, but just some other color...give it a sandy beach look, or some such. Lookin' good!
  5. Beautiful plumage! He does look more angry, than as though he were pining for the fjords, but that's the sculpt. I really like the color choice on this one; I would never have thought of blue for the axebeak, but it looks very nice. And I love the white cheeks; they add some nice variety to him. So, he may be "get-it-off-my-desk," but I think he looks good for all that. The only thing I might have added would be a little more color (by which I mean white) to the wings, just to define the primary feathers a bit more. But that's really just me. He'd still look good on the game table!
  6. Sorsha's face is lookin' good...I'm a big fan of the browns you have on her, too. What do you have on her metallics so far? Those are already looking pretty spiffy, too.
  7. You know, I've always thought the P-51 looked a bit long in the snout, but I do like the stripes you gave this one. Great colors on her, and the panels are picked out nicely. She's purty! Now do a P-38!
  8. I'm not pleased with the magazines' cancellations. I just let my sub to Dragon lapse, largely because it was too expensive, but I still planned to buy single issues when I was interested by a particular Ecology article or whatnot. As for WotC and D&D...I've played 2e, 3.0, and 3.5. I've looked at 1e rules and wasn't particularly interested. I do think the 2e rules let a lot of things happen that players don't get to think about anymore...character "buffing" seemed more reliant on a player's ability to play well, rather than on a mathematical equation of Feat + Skill + Equipment = Powerhouse. So, yeah, 2e was in some ways better. But 3.x unclunked the save system, pared down the complexity of basic combat while creating rules for previously game-bogging manuevers, and generally made the game easier to learn. So, what WotC did, in effect, was usher in several new generations of players to the game. There's enough common ground for the veterans and the newbies to play together. And the magazines helped keep them together, in a lot of ways. To get really esoteric, the 1e/2e generation includes people who like to read newspapers on a fairly regular basis. The current crop of newbies doesn't like to read at all. But they sure wrote in to Dragon all the time, didn't they? So the mags were a lot like this forum, but with time lapse. I think I'll let WotC's offer of "online content" pass, for my part.
  9. This is looking good so far, really. A little cleanup under the eyes, but that's no biggie. I hate painting eyes. Rastl's technique with the ceramic palette is great; after I got my ceramic palette I was pretty impressed with how "true" the color and consistency of paint was from palette to mini. You can see consistency with a plastic palette as well, but ceramic tends to hold paint much the same way a mini will, in my experience, where plastic is slightly different. I will echo Fieldarchy's sentiment to not strip the mini, but not because I'm anti-strip...I say don't strip it because it looks great at this stage! There are a few more layers of shadow and highlight to put down on her face, but you've got smooth texture (your paint isn't all thick and gloopy, so she doesn't look like Leatherface) and your coverage is decent. Once you get the hang of thinning, you'll be able to use fewer layers on the basecoat to get good saturation, but I think you're one of the first "newbies" I've seen working with superthin paint...which is great! you can always add another layer, but if you start too thick, well, you're kinda stuck. Also, as far as stripping goes...if you have a single feature (one shirtsleeve, the face, the corner of a cloak, etc.) that you're really unhappy with, a topical thinner (mona lisa brush cleaner from Winsor and Newton works really well, plus it's the best thing ever from cleaning your brushes) can clean a single area without needing to strip the whole mini. Just make sure you use a very small amount (so it doesn't run all over the mini) and a brush you don't paint with (so you don't get thinner locked in the brush), and that you then dry the mini thoroughly. As for cleaning flash...it wasn't until my seventh or eighth mini that I used a file, and I still don't use them often. A fine-point, SHARP xacto is what I usually use. That crossbow cable just needs a little fine trimming, really. I find I have better control with the tip of an xacto over what gets trimmed and smoothed--or scratched!--and what doesn't. And, of course, practice will make all things better. So you're on the right track! More pictures!
  10. Sanael

    First Mini Complete

    That...ah...that's quite a bit better than some of the things I've turned out recently. I'm definitely among the ranks of the impressed here in this thread. Nice work!
  11. If you're looking for a bright-but-"natural" haircolor, the Ginger Spice (are you actually referring to Geri Halliwell, or is that a sad coincidence I shouldn't admit to having noticed? ) haircolor is probably the way to go. I like the brown eyebrow idea. Not knowing what you're doing with colors for the rest of her, I'm not sure what else to suggest. For some really marvelous bad dye-jobs (which it sounds like you're going for), check out Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You can find some pics of her various (she goes through blue, orange/red, and green, not necessarily in that order) haircolors, I'm sure, but the movie is well worth watching.
  12. I think Jester also includes a recipe with his Bourbon St. Sophie--and he definitely has one on his site...I think the one on his site has something like four hundred thirty-two steps to it. Of course, for Jester, that's apparently about six seconds of painting. His reds are stunning, though. Red will often highlight up well with orange or yellow instead of white, then go back over that with a clear red glaze to reduce the "flamey" look. Again, I second Jabberwocky's notion of checking out Jester's reds.
  13. I have to say, when I first saw the topic title here, I thought, "Freehand? On a skeleton?!?" Of course, I didn't know there was a shield involved. That was some funny speculating while I waited for the topic to load! That freehand is pretty awesome, especially with the blacklining on the octopus. Very nice. The skelly is also pretty spectacular, especially if it's your first walking bagobones. Really nice definition there.
  14. Ha. "Dorky Dragon" indeed. Poor Nachtluffe, he gets no respect. I have to say, I'm very fond of your eggshells on the hatchlings. They're spiffy. Are those scorpions Reaper?
  15. huh. Speaking as a long-time GW nonfan, I'm not swayed. Mainly, it's their prices, but generally their sculpting style (overly cartoonish except for the LotR humanoids) turns me off, too. And this spindly-legged creature just looks sad to me. It looks like it probably has ankle problems. Actually, I think I might like the wings a bit...kinda thick, but that's fixable. I like the pose they have.
  16. some very nice things, here. I likey! I really love the skin on the elf, there; and what you've done with her hair is really working for me. Is Pretty! I'm always excited to see the Maiden painted up; she's one of my favorite sculpts, too. I've never seen the dress as red, before, but I like it lots...works well with the browns you used. For both the demon and the Maiden: what do you use for water?
  17. My first brush with D&D was actually a box of pewter minis...they were something called "magicians and monsters" or some such...probably worth a fortune, now, if I hadn't played with them, because by the time I got them they were old...I think the date on the box was late 70's or so. Or they'd be worthless and unpainted, one or the other. Anyway, at the time I was into scale model WWII warbirds, so I used Testor's enamels and did what I thought was an awesome job painting these little guys...a bunch of goblins and whatnot. A very small Balrog (I knew Tolkein, and this thing looked like a Balrog, durnit! What the heck is a balor, anyway?) with wings was the centerpiece of the set. So those guys got painted and then thrown in a box with other toy soldiers. Years later, a jerk in my highschool tried to convince me that filterless Marlboro Reds were the best thing since sliced bread--I didn't smoke at all and still don't if not on stage--and when that didn't work he tried to get me to play D&D. He called me at home one night and ran a one-shot over the phone...for four hours. My parents didn't like it, but I thought it was fun, especially since he let me wear the corpse of an ogre in order to scare some other creatures. Then some good friends of mine got involved with Vampire, and I never spoke with filterless Reds guy again. And eventually I stopped playing Vampire.
  18. Nice work on a first mini. The skin is looking a little strange, not insurmountable, though...just a matter of pulling some of the base up into those broad patches of highlight...looking really nice, though. Some great definition on him, and I like the colors. Nissiana has a really good cheesy potato casserole recipe...but I usually make lasagna.
  19. wow...some really nice work on her, so far. Very striking colors, and they work nicely! I agree with Voladilk, there about bringing the green down into the boots. It'd be nice to see that color again elsewhere on the mini. That guitar is pretty freakin' awesome.
  20. Hey, this looks a heckuvalot better than some of MY first minis. And, I really don't see what you're unhappy with. The face looks fantastic, the leathers and metals are nice, and the reds aren't half bad. Especially considering how hard it is to get reds "right"--I think most will agree, red and white are the hardest things to do perfectly...except Jester. His reds look more red than...red things...but for us mortals, reds are hard. And yours look pretty good, especially considering how early in your painting career this mini is. Keep 'em coming!
  21. It's surreal, and I can't decide if it's appropriate or inappropriate, but I found out through a Borders email advertisement late last night. Part of me says "well, that's a nice gesture, putting up a discussion thread in their forum and featuring his books," but the cynical part of me says, "wow, they sure didn't waste any time." As for me, I've only actually read Slaughterhouse Five...and I liked it quite well. It works out that Vonnegut was already on my list of authors to read...I just need to finish with Heinlein, first.
  22. Wow, I love that sculpt (not as a black, as I like Elmore's version of Khisanth from Dragons of Autumn Twilight for that breed, but hey). Really neat details in that one. This paint-up is pretty awesome, though. Love the wings; I think wet-blending is the best thing for wing membranes, and this came out really well. I, too, would like to see a close up of the eyes...looks pretty nice, from what I can tell. I'm actually of the opinion that your bone-look for the spiney bits came across quite well. Those tusks look really good!
  23. Sanael

    Druid, "Chuck."

    Thank you, Lady Storm! I'm glad we can always rely on you to let us know things like that! I'll make a note of it in my photolog.
  24. I am sooo jealous of the skill involved in painting that face! Really nice. Wow. For the axe, it might be OK to just echo the nice things you're working toward on the scale skirt. If that red in the hawk's face is going to stay that much brighter than the rest of the pallette, you might bring some of that red into the belt? That face is really blowing my mind right now.
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