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  1. Jiminy! That's amazing! I just want to know how long it lasted after the pictures were taken...not to mention how many orcs, elves and men gave their lives before ever reaching the walls! Mmmm, mmm, mmmm....
  2. I have to say, that's some incredible NMM on the armor. Really spot-on. I love the base-work, too. The faces--that of the drow herself and of the skull she's holding--are incredible; I love the expression she has, what a lovely sneer! I like the spider as well; love that it camoflauges so nicely with the base. I think my only question is about the head of that mace; what kind of metal were you envisioning for it to shine the way it does? The highlighting says to me, "bright steel," but the bulk of the shadows say "hard iron." Honestly, just a nitpick on a mini that otherwise dropped my jaw.
  3. Jabberwocky, I'm glad to know someone's watching...kinda helps with the motivation to get this project underway ...especially since I'm running the first batch of this guild-game and don't need my minis up and running anytime soon. I think I'm going to have to try this, at least on some of the smaller surfaces. Nissiana has some polishing rods for the dremel that may work (they're like tiny rigid buffing bits), but I'm nervous about taking that into the ribcage and other finer detailing. I'll post how it all goes, regardless. That's a good tip, Dane. I know I've seen other people mention guitar strings, but I don't play a guitar, and I'd rather use objects-at-hand...and I have safety pins. Thanks. Now...Fortinbras has come a little ways. Fortinbras is mainly a fighter-type, with a little bit of semi-cleric thrown in. His deity, Sirrion, is a god of fire, creativity and cleansing, so I want his armor to reflect that. This first pic is where he started (I made it a bit small, but it gives you the idea of body shape, attitude, etc.). That shield is not to scale in the pic, I enlarged it to show off the plated structure of it. It's actually about floor-to-shoulder on Forty's body. He also has a big swoopy cape that isn't pictured; it'll be the last thing that goes on. Second pic, here, is the armor, steps one and two. I'm doing something I haven't done before here, in a variety of ways. I'm doing some shaded metallics (a newish technique for me), and I'm moving from highlight to shadow (I typically, with non-metallic paints, go mid-shadow-high, then glaze and layer from there). This is the same shot of his back. First, I lay down a basecoat of Ancient Bronze. In the second shot, I've put down a basic shadow-shape with a 2:1 mix of Coppery Orange:Ancient Bronze. From here, I'll continue this layering, working through Coppery Orange all the way down to Ruby Red and possibly a darker version of Ruby Red in the darkest shadowed areas. So now I have two questions about this guy. First, does anyone have advice or pointers about my process with this guy? And second: I was originally planning to just use a dark silver color for the chainmail liner, and to touch the borders, filligrees, and piping of the armor and cloth with a bright silver. I'm kinda rethinking that now that I have this very orangey armor happening. What do you guys think? The bulk of the cloth will be a deep, deep red, and I want the overall effect to be a very fiery, very righteous look; these flames are not evil, so I don't really want to go darker. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  4. ok...apparently I forgot to size down the file in photoshop...it was originally about twice this size. But, here it is. Spot, Pale Korras, and Garrick all basecoaty with the skin. Notice also Garrick's left leg (that's the one on the right), where the big groove I cut with a pin vise is now gone; repaired with GS. In addition to the various things I mentioned in the last post, I've become increasingly concerned with the pebbly/swisscheesy nature of Korras' stomach, there in the lower left corner. Anyone have any ideas what I could do to smooth that out, short of GSing a really thin layer down? I don't want to change the sculpt at all, but that texture is from the casting, not the sculpting...
  5. Pittsburgh has been doing pretty well the same, so far. We did actually get snow most of the day yesterday, but the evidence of that seems gone, at least from my window...the drive to work this afternoon will tell me more, I suppose.
  6. OK...two things, here...first, I know Nissiana posted a pic of the entry room to our adventurers' guildhall...just to show what kind of geek I am, here's a small part of the overall floorplan. This is the overview; each room also has a detailed floorplan, but you really don't need to see all that. Overall, the whole thing will use less than 400 square inches of floor tiles, which makes it considerably less than some Hirst projects we have in the works. The second update here is a few shots of some basecoated minis. These are all RMS paints. Spot the blink dog is starting off with the Golden Skin triad (just the midtone down so far), which will trail off in ephemeral wisps of blue, eventually. Pale Korras is in the Terran Khaki triad; he'll end up having some darker, greenish splotches on his skin. You can also, just barely, tell that his corneas are different colors; his left eye is blind and will be greyish/milky. Finally, the goblin, Garrick, has some brown robes (Earth Brown triad) and Coldstone Grey skin; I plan to highlight the grey up quite a bit. If anyone has color suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them, and if anyone has suggestions about Korras' blind eye that would be great! I'm kinda stuck at "grey and opaque" right now, but more detail than that might be nice. OK...just discovered the basecoated skins pic is a lot larger than I thought...I'll shrink it down and post it tomorrow...for now, you'll just have to imagine .
  7. So, in addition to my rather ambitious adventurer's guild project with Nissiana (see WiPs, if you're interested: mine and hers), I've got another campaign set in Ptolus coming up, and I've been working on a representation of my character in that game, too. Fynch Brassfog was perfect to play the role of Felix Titling. The only problem was, there was a lot of rather thick flash I had to clear. Odd, that it was in the shape of a nicely sculpted lute... Overall, I like the rather big grin Felix is sporting, and I'm pretty proud of the conversion from rocker to card shark. And this is my first time to sculpt a base from greenstuff. Considering that he is tabletop-not-showpiece quality, I'm happy with him. As always, comments of any variety are welcome; bash away, bash away, bash away all!
  8. Wow, I love this one! Those greens are awesome, especially the highlighting on them. Very clear and crisp, but natural and not cartoony (which would have been easy with that shade). Base is pretty, too. Although I love the highlights on most of her upper body (top of the bust, the shoulder tips, and her cheekbones), I'm not sure it looks like the same light is hitting the top of her head. I'm still not sure how to do hair, myself, so take that with a grain or two. Otherwise, this is nice! Love the bowstring, too!
  9. OK...here's some prep work on Garrick, Pale Korras, and Moira. Garrick's starting point: At this point, I'd already taken the slot-pin off Garrick's base and put some pumice paste around the Hound's base. You can also see where I didn't clean flash off the Hound before priming. Here's what's new: I've cleaned up the flashing (didn't feel the need to post pics of that, and there wasn't too much anyway, and started getting him base-ready. Garrick, as you can see in the pics, has the dubious honor of the first injury of this set. I drilled through his foot, rather than into his ankle, to pin him to the base. I'll be sure to post the greenstuff band-aid I'll make for him later. Spot the blink-dog has had a little work done, too. The flash on his foreleg is cleaned up, and I've put a magnet on his base. I do this because we use alea tools' markers and various other metal/magnetic items when gaming. The normal medium bases most of these guys are on are galeforce 9 magna-bases. For the familiars, I've cut magnetic sheets (the same ones the GF9 bases are packaged on) into appropriate shapes. The sheet has adhesive backing; just peel the paper off and slap it down. I add a little glue for security's sake. Pale Korras, the orc: You can see Korras has quite a few pieces. This is where my Privateer Press frustration begins. I knew at the outset I'd have to pin his torso, but all those joints are just flat pewter...nothing to bind. So here's what I did: Clockwise from the bottom left, I put pins in for the left arm and head, torso, and right wrist. I also pinned his feet for the GF9 base (also had to remove the slot-pin on this one). In the two pics on the right, you can see where I'll be greenstuffing the neck-joint and the tummy. This mini doesn't piece together real well. The central pic is where Korras stands now...I'm leaving the left arm off until I've painted the torso, as it will block parts of the body otherwise. That pin for the left arm, by the way, was a doozie to make fit, especially since the sculptor got lazy on the (mostly unseen) underside of the arm (another thing I've noticed with other PP minis I've painted...detail goes away when it's in a hard-to-see place). Moira: Moira is a really fun sculpt. She's walking on a pool of fire, brandishing a halberd. Problem is, she's got many of the same joint-security problems Korras had, but is much more delicate...she's harder to pin. So for now, I've just pinned her torso together. I'll have to greenstuff the joint above her derrierre. As for her arms, I may just have to use some strong epoxy...unless I can find some super-thin wire to pin her with? So that's what's happened so far. Obviously I have a few models to prime (I won't post pics of that; you've all probably seen whites before ), and then I can get started painting. My posts in the future shouldn't be quite so pic-heavy; I'll try to keep it to one mini per update. Hopefully next time there'll be some color on some of these!
  10. Ok...scenario: for an interim game, to be picked up whenever the group doesn't feel like playing the campaign-at-hand, build a stable of five characters of the same level. This way, we have ready-made characters to lug into one-shots and loosely-cohesive story arcs. This is also meant to be a high-power game, to offset the low-power nature of the campaign-at-hand. Given this scenario, of course I have to paint minis for all of my characters...and potentially for several other players. So here's my stable, and I'll keep this updated as we go. Hopefully I'll also continue work on some of the other minis I have on the table, too. It's odd, but most of these aren't Reaper...there was a good sale on some Privateer Press minis... 1. Garrick Wintercreep, goblin Druid/Rogue/Abolisher, and his animal companion, the blink dog Spot. These two started life as one of Rackham's Goblin Adepts and Reaper's Hound of Judgement. 2. Fortinbras Fellfire, human Fighter and Firebrand of Sirrion. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Privateer Press' Paladin of the Wall. 3. Moira, elan Psychic Warrior and Pyrokineticist. She is oddly familiar to those who know PP's Feora. 4. Pale Korras, orc Cleric of Gruumsh, Barbarian, and Warpriest. Another PP mini, some warbeast or another. 5. Thalassa Mavros, Dargonesti (sea elf) Ranger and Wizard, and her familiar, the water drake Marmora. Thalassa is actually a mini I don't have yet, though Reaper's Sushanthe (03141) is on her way to fill the role. The drake shown here is one of the first minis I ever painted, a GW salamander...the salamander will be dipped and reborn as Marmora (like a baptism for minis, I suppose). Yeah, right now it looks like a jumble of unpainted pewter. I'll be posting these guys individually in the future, and the first post of each will include an individual shot of what you see here, as well as whatever I've done to warrant a new post. As a side note, I've discovered that, although I think PP has a few really wonderful sculpts, Reaper is still the best as far as putting minis together. Dry-fitting the PPs and the Rackham was really a pain, and I'm going to need far more pins for them than I would expect for Reapers of the same size. PPs penchant for breaking minis at the waist probably has some kind of important mold-related reasoning behind it, but it sure does drive me batty.
  11. Wow...I saw pics of this when it was being built...the complete version is more than I ever thought it could be... Those holes seem to be for delivering gm messages to the different player stations without having to go across the table. Looks like the kind of air-tube system you see at bank drive-thru complexes. Although the table seems a little small for that. But all gamer geeks know, if it isn't necessary but works anyway, it only means it's awesome. EDIT: having looked at more pictures, I see that the GM station has big teaballs that he can stuff messages into and roll them to each station through the table...like a pool table that collects the balls at one end! This is crazy!
  12. Great stuff here! I'm also very appreciative of the non-punk take on this one; I personally feel like I may have to paint two of her eventually, making one very goth/emo (because the sculpt makes it easy) and one more along the lines of what you've done (because it's just so purty). The back of the guitalute is absolutely awesome...the front of the fretboard does seem a little wavy, the way the highlights went down. Your blue fabric's come out very nicely, as has all the gold highlighting. Overall, I think this is my favorite take on this mini I've seen so far! Keep 'em coming!
  13. A lot of those Qwyk mentioned would work well...that Grand Scrutator would make an awesome WFg'd cleric or paladin. Painted right, it could be a druid, too. Warmachine's various steam-mech type figs could also work, with some modifying. They strike me more as WFg'd titan- type creatures, though...not quite as intelligent, not quite as graceful.
  14. Ahh, just the good ol' pink stuff. Gotcha. The great thing about using a solid skeleton is that you could get different types of foam and carve good shapes for trees...just a few oblong disks of different sizes could stack into interesting shapes for treetops. It would take some carving, but I do think topiary will be fun. I'll have to get my hands on some foam and try it... nifty stuff.
  15. I have to say, that naked elf, despite being a fairly plain sculpt, came out quite prettily. The base on her is fantastic! Where do you find your plants? The Daemonette is also nice; beautiful skintones and nice hair. The sheers on the elf (I don't recall her name; would it be possible for you to post the model names with your pics?) are absolutely perfect. I think my only problem with any of these three is the darklining on her...especially between her right hand and the fabric on her thigh...it just doesn't ring true to me...like it's not soft enough to be appropriate against the gauze of that fabric. Otherwise, this stuff is great! Keep 'em coming!
  16. That looks pretty good...what kind of foam is it? Looks kinda like florists' foam? I'm not sure I'd use this for competition-quality display foliage, as it looks very chunky, but for tabletop gaming, terrain board color, and general display-case decor I think it looks quite nice. The multicolored "leaves" work well. What kind of skeleton did you use for branches? It also looks like this would be a good medium for creating topiary and shaped hedges, if you needed such a thing (I have a big project that will eventually need it, if I ever get around to it).
  17. Having been a player in the same game Nissiana mentioned earlier in this thread, I have also had some good experiences with roleplayers taking genders other than their own. Generally speaking, I say go for it. Very few games actually have a mechanic for different genders (I think TSR's old Alternity is the most recent I know of), so it entirely falls on the shoulders of the pkayer as a roleplaying exercise. If s/he can, do. Of course, I also know that is easier said than done. Having once attempted to direct a scene in which I had two female actors playing roles understood as male and one male actor playing a role understood as female, I know it can be difficult for some to realize that THERE ISN'T MUCH DIFFERENCE between the two. People, male or female, can have pretty close to the same motivations for things despite their gender. If a player can't handle the largely mental block, then they probably shouldn't try it. But if they can, or if they want to work around that block, then why should it be "creepy" for them to do so. If it ends up not working, then let them roll up a new character (or rework the old one with a new gender).
  18. That water elemental is truly incredible. Looks like you used your darkest colors for the highlights, and lightest for shadows on parts of her..? The earth elemental is very nice, too. I like the colors on him, and the gem is rather spiffy.
  19. Really nice piece. I love the shaded metallics; those blades are very nice. You're definitely right about the vest; it looks fantastic! Really nice highlights on that. The smoke...I agree with Voladilk that much of it is the sculpt, but I think you put a glosscoat on some of it? Forgive me if I'm wrong. If it is gloss, that's causing a lot of the "bubble, not smoke" effect. I definitely like your base, too. Simple, but appropriate. Are those gold pieces seed beads? They look nice.
  20. Sanael


    That came out very nicely- especially given the limited choices you gave yourself in using so few paints. I really like the effects you got with that snow, especially on the hem of his cloak; very nice, subtle touch on that. The owl is beautiful, too. Really a delightful piece. My aunt used to live in Moscow (American Embassy), and she told me many Russian folk tales...I'll have to ask if she knows any of Ded Moroz.
  21. Wow, she's a beaut, Stern! I have to admit, I don't particularly agree with the decision to darkline the transition from skin to scale, but aside from that, Wow! Her hair is very nice, and, although you say you could go another level or two with the highlighting, I think the scales look very nice. Some very nice color choices, too. This is one I can't wait to do myself, and it's always inspiring to see great paint-ups of minis I'm planning to paint soon!
  22. Sanael


    Huzzah for Hirst! Although it's likely you've already started, dental plaster can be thirsty; you'll find it takes a bit more acrylic to cover it. I'm not sure how Elmer's reacts to water, but Alene's craft glue will soften if you get it too wet. Otherwise, your normal paints will work quite well. I'm happy to see someone making the pyramid...it's not a set of molds we've felt the need to get just yet, but it'll be nice to see someone other than Hirst paint one up.
  23. I hardly think these are shameful. Granted, if you're used to doing more, as it sounds you are, then they may not be up to your own "par," but there's a lot to like here. Arrius is very nice, very cleanly painted and generally well-done. I see some great colors and highlights on his cloak, so that's a good thing. The ghost king could use some more highlighting toward white to get the really ethereal look, but what you have is headed the right way. Welcome back to the hobby/artform!
  24. So my parents gave me a spiffy new camera for Christmas. It does incredible things, so I thought I'd show it off a bit. None of these are minis I feel are "great paints," especially as they were all painted six months or more ago, largely before the advent of highlighting and demise of drybrushing. But, here they are in a crazy pastiche. Feel free to comment on any or all, or not. The camera, by the by, is a Canon Powershot A710 IS. It has 7.1 Megapixels, an insane macro, videoability, and other craziness. These photos are tripodless, light-tentless, and otherwise not gallery-ready, but they still came out better than most other things I've photoed in the past. Only one of the pics in this has had any adjustment other than sizing/cropping in photoshop. So now I just need to learn how to paint well enough that this camera won't pick up the flubs, and I'll be set.
  25. I'll agree with this; and to clarify my earlier post, I'll mention that, while I enjoy munchkining to a certain extent, I generally do it only when a)building a character to start at high level or b)building a character for the sake of building a character. If starting a campaign at first level, I will certainly make the best low-level character I can, but I won't have his entire feat tree and level list planned out through twentieth. Too much can happen, roleplay-wise. I agree with this, too, but that's why I also like games like WHFR and the (not current edition) World of Darkness stuff from WhiteWolf (though neither as much as D&D). Those games are geared toward character death and/or insanity and are a constant struggle to prevent said occurrence. D&D, on the other hand, is a game that encourages and rewards heroic characters...it's the general "purpose" to the game, the reason behind its rules. And if you don't like that, you can certainly adjust that part of the gameworld. Limit players' access to healing; make it more difficult to rest. Strictly enforce the rules for when a cleric must pray for spells. Increase the cost of magical healing. Toss the party in a dungeon with no way out for days. Even the last option has a lot of roleplay-oriented possibilities. And if you're still not convinced, pick up Unearthed Arcana and use some of the alternate rules for healing, AC, and damage. Oh, and of course, don't forget the oft-overlooked rule of Death by Massive Damage. That would kill off a lot of people if it were used more often.
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