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  1. Hey, nice job on this one! I have to agree with you on the "not slimy" bit, but I think the wet-look on the belly scales is nice...most snakes, after all, have a somewhat satin look to their scales. I would like to see a little more contrast in the wing membranes....those big, flat surfaces are a great opportunity to try blending or fading from one color to the next (the first wet blending I ever attempted was on this model...maybe I should go back and finish more than the wings, sometime!). Oh, the face is nice, too! I love the fade on those horns, and that beady little eye is creeping me
  2. Only reason I could see to bid that much is if I were a collector and really, REALLY interested in "first edition" prints. But I've never understood why anyone wants to collect a first edition chunk of pewter...I mean, I want to paint the pretties, not leave 'em in the blister.
  3. retooling a green? Nah... Although I'm pretty certain Klocke has an armature with Tara the Silent's behind already built into it. He's re-used that butt at least twice that I've seen. Not that I blame him...it's a marvel of callipygian perfection. Overall, I do like these sculpts...lots...and I want the fire giant, cockeyed or no. Really nice work there (and not Tara's booty!). All of these new sculpts should find their way to my shelf...
  4. wow, this is purty! I really like this very different take on alastriel...not a color scheme I've thought of for her, before. Looks pretty spiffy. That red gem is very nice, too...theres a semiprecious stone it reminds me of, and though I can't recall the name of the stone, I like the look. Very nice.
  5. That base is lovely...some really nice 2d painting on that water (it looks like it's a 2d surface, other than the rocks?). I'd like to see some of that skill applied to your swords...not necessarily NMM (I don't do it, either), but you can shade with metallics, and if you can get smooth transitions with it, it can look pretty awesome. I'm not sure, looking at this one, what he's got all over his body...are they vines? A better transition on the skin, and maybe some darklining would make this more clear. Overall, awesome base, great color scheme.
  6. Actually, it was only Tremors 3 that introduced the little chickenish leggy-toothy-wormy things. The "larval" worm-forms were called "graboids," but I don't remember what the mutated version was. And, Tremors 2 & 3 were absolutely NOT sad B-grade movies! They were far, far more than that, and it saddens me that you would imply such a thing. They were at least g- or h-grade! Tremors 1 was the only thing remotely "B" about the whole series! Now that I have that out of my system...these are really great little sculpts! Little land-sharky toothy things. Fun colors to work with, too.
  7. Samaedi, glad I could help a bit...I think, actually, a black glaze over a dark red basecoat might work better, but I'm actually not sure how well black really glazes. You might try both ways on something aside from Zizzix...that's one reason I have a bunch of primed plastic bases lying around! Good luck with getting paint back on the pewter!
  8. I'm also in the black with bright highlights camp...although a very (very!) dark red might work as well as black; some obsidian examples I've seen have a deep reddish cast when the light filters through the thicker parts. Doing a very basic black w/highlights scheme may end up just giving you a very flat black stone...you might want to try NMM to get the very glossy look obsidian has. As Aryanun said, searching for images will definitely help. You'll be able to find lots of arrowheads and the like in obsidian, so this should be easy to get ideas for...getting those ideas to pewter is w
  9. The one thing I miss about living in Texas--besides being near Reaper HQ, of course--is easy access to Blue Bell ice cream. Now that's the stuff, regardless of flavor.
  10. Oh, lordha' mercy on us all... As for the Slithe, I kinda feel like the older ones look like Locanthas, and the new ones are dead-on Sahuagin. With the exception of the old Slithe queen, the big Alien-lookin' one...she's totally a half-fiend sahuagin priestess of Blibdoolpoolp or whichever crazy vowel-heavy undersea god they worship. Not that that has anything to do with the boob comment. aside from the multiple "oo"s. Maybe that's a parallel we should note, though. I don't know. Stop listening to me. I'll stop typing now.
  11. She looks very nice. I have a player who we have just given his first "dose" of mini painting, and his next PC is likely to use this mini. I'll have to show this to him. That liquid is awful purty. Really nice job on that. And I do like the natural shade on the robes. Great paint!
  12. So, since the WIP thread for my guild minis has kept me working on those (as the game's DM, I don't need any of my own PCs done anytime relatively like "now"), I figure maybe doing a WIP for other projects will help those along, too. Not that I need more projects, as I've got several dozen things primed and planned. So these are a couple of mini-diorama pieces, a few fun sculpts that I don't have a game use for, so I thought I'd build up some scenery. First up, Lonnia (DHL 2981). Lonnia has taken some inspiration from a PC Nissiana used to play, a duellist named Ostia who would chall
  13. As long as Nissiana is talking about it so much, I figured I might as well take a few quick snaps to show this rig we use. Obviously, we've got the very nice clamps...these fit in my hand perfectly, and are easy to hold in any orientation. Then, you can see the magnet we've got glued to a standard 1" slottabase, and how the clamp grabs that slot very nicely. It will also hold on to any base with ventral protrusions...GW round bases, with their post-holes, work well for this, too. Then, one of our magnetically-based minis sits right on the magnet. Easy to switch from mini to mini, easy to move
  14. Well, I haven't painted anything jade, myself, but looking at the pieces I have...I think RMS 9145-47, the "Moth Green" triad, would be a good place to start. The appropriately-named Jade Green (RMS 9015) isn't bad, either, for deep shadows, but it's a bit dark for any portion of jade the light hits. Jade is solid, compared to, say, topaz, but it is fairly translucent. Some examples are so cloudy as to be opaque, but they still have quite a bit of depth (they aren't like solid stone at all), and some pieces are so pale you could look right through them. You could probably get away with pai
  15. OK...been a while, but multiple projects have hit all at once. So here's what's up. Garrick has seen the most paint lately, mostly on the metal parts. I painted the things that needed it before I could glue down his head (I got tired of hunting for his face all the time, so it's glued down now), as well as the big metal pieces, the bell and scythe blade. I'm pretty pleased with the bell, although there are a few spots that need more glazes on the scythe. The full-body shot is kinda dark, I know, but it's primarily to give context to the other shots. The other big news is that sea
  16. I LOVE the basework and the coat on Sharyn! Really nice work with that coat...wish I could manage that! The staff looks pretty snazz-tastic, too; that crystal is real purty. I'm also digging the fades and shadows on the strumpet's corset. Really nice pinks. Overall, I would like to see some more contrast on the strumpet...each color is beautiful; your skins are smooth, the pinks I've already mentioned, and the blue skirt is marvelous, but the overall effect seems very washed...somewhat pastel. Which I suppose is just my taste, but I feel like the paint is not as saucy as the sculpt. Again,
  17. First off, huzzah for your avatar! As for the minis, these guys are a lot of fun. Some really nifty sculpts in here...the RP guys had a lot of fun. Your paints are really nice, too. Some nice shadows, and your faces look awesome! You might try some dullcoat to cut down on the shine, but otherwise these are nice.
  18. I've mentioned the various mounted Sophies I'd like to see, the nightmare-back, the civil (or Texas Revolutionary; I'd love to see Sophie in a Mexican Army uniform) war bugler sounding a charge, and so forth. Sophie has certainly done quite a few "sexy succubus" poses for us... how about something more active? I love the Klocke 72mm, but it's the closest we've ever seen to an angry Sophie. How 'bout a "jilted girlfriend" Sophie? All mad as hell and on a rampage? That'd be fun. And I'd definitely enjoy a gamer geek Sophie. Foot propped on a giant d20, rulebook in hand...
  19. I love those eyes. And the pink is really nice, too! Looks like this one was fun to paint.
  20. Just looking at what's on my shelf and in blisters, I can tell you that most of the dragons that come in blisters (not boxes), which is what you'll see in the fig. finder, will work as Large creatures for D&D. They tend to be a bit larger than the prepainted WotC Large minis, but they aren't as big as the Huge pieces (and much of their size comes from the fact that they're in more dynamic poses; I base my judgement on creature size based on the size of the creature's head, since it's usually the least "liquid" body part...two dragons with the same size head are likely in the same size cate
  21. I like the biker Sophie idea, with or without a bike. A mounted sophie would be fun, too...on a nightmare (one without wings), all rearing and rampant, like Sophie Leading the Charge or some such. Riffing on that, a Civil War (or, more appropriately perhaps, a Texas Revolution) Sophie...with a bugle to lead the charge. And I started this post thinking I'd make a rather silly suggestion, a gamer Sophie...with a stack of rule books and some dice, or maybe a mini and paintbrush... Really, I'll be happy with whatever Sophie chooses to wear for this year's con (I mean, are YOU gonna tel
  22. I love the dragon in that spell; it really makes it look like the spell actually "does" something, rather than just being something coming out of her hand (I've always thought spell effects look hokey, but what I usually see done is fireball type stuff. I think an untargeted illusion like this makes more sense on a mini because I don't wonder why it's happening; it's more an included part of the figure). Colors look nice, too. That gem in the staff is very pretty, and I can't tell you smushed anything getting it into her hand. Great conversions on this piece!
  23. Kristof takes a quick blast from the hose as toll for crossing the Waterworks Zone! I drop the hose and scoop up the armadillo as I run out from behind the corner of the house! Z-cabrito to 43-fuego!
  24. The arrow fletching should probably match something else with the rest of the mini; it's fairly common practice in fantasy settings for an archer to identify his or her arrows by a specific color pattern; this is often something fairly personal to the archer, so it would make sense that the colors in the fletching would show up in the archer's wardrobe. It also makes good color theory sense that you tie the fletching in. My suggestion might be to--as Dane suggested--use a red to bring the fletching out and provide some variation. In that case, I might also try working the sash in red. I can't
  25. The links are also not working for me...Yahoo doesn't seem to like the pics..."sorry, something terrible has happened to your pictures," or some such...not so much that the links are broken, as that the hosting server a)removed the pics, b)is, itself, broken or c)404'd. From what I can see, I think the boots look fantastic, the skin is nice and smooth, I agree with the desire for more contrast on the hair, and, although I love the color choice for the spearhead, it seems pretty flat to me. That orange could likely come up through a few layers of orange, yellow, and white at the very edges.
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