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  1. 'S true...drink agua! Of course, Tommy, you are wrong on one count..."soda" only works for part of the US. "Soft drink" is fine for parts of the East Coast, but then you run into "pop" and "soda pop." Most places anymore, it's just "coke." And I'm a nerd. But the water thing is still true.
  2. Thanks for the commentary, all. Rocky, I have to confess, much of the frog's "wet" look is due to a rather glossy finish coat. I did work up a bit of wet highlighting, but the majority of the look is due to the finish. As for what is and isn't work appropriate? I suppose it depends on what work you're doing. Celebration Sophie might be a bit much for most places, and I wouldn't recommend Urban Legend in any but the most...unusual...occupations.
  3. About a month ago, I asked around about frog minis...thanks to those who responded to that thread. This is the more sedate of the killer frogs from Dark Heaven. My mother recently started a new job that gave her *gasp* business cards, so we made a holder for them. This was a gift to her on her birthday last month, and my dad has finally sent the pictures he took (with a much better camera than the one we usually have here!). The bulk of the holder is Hirstarts blocks, with moss made from pumice paste and water built from...maybe it was stillwater? Or Water Effects? I don't recall...Nissiana will know (since I painted the frog and she built the structure). Anywho. Here'tis.
  4. *twitch* *twitch* So... ...organized... Seriously, though, it looks awesome. I've just been dotting my caps as I use the paints, rather than painting them all at once. We've been really happy with out RMS. There is a little inconsistency, but most of the problems you mentioned seem to be either due to "first model-year blues," ie, it's still a relatively new line and some colors are still being tweaked (see the painting tips forum), or something that I've noticed the first time or two I've used a color. The Olive Shadow and Muddy Clay both produced chunky little worms the first time or two I opened the bottle, but after some vigorous shaking and a few uses, they've been fine. I do wonder about the odd little partitions in the spouts. I always thought they were odd, too. Should this move to the painting tips forum? I bet Anne would appreciate seeing it..?
  5. Wish I had a dog right now... I love mutts. I grew up with one...she was 17 when we finally had to let her go. And I want another one sometime. Apartment living isn't conducive to it, though, so it'll be a while. Those two have certainly grown in a year, haven't they? Two nice, big, happy dogs. Awesome.
  6. Wow...you have here a selection from my list of "favorite minis I haven't purchased." I like all of these minis quite a bit. And yours look great. I do like the muted palette; it's appropriate and you achieved it well. I really like what you did with the halfling...that red hair and the dark eyes almost make me think tiefling. Really nice, dramatic choices there.
  7. I actually LOVE the very monochromatic color scheme on this. It's all very smooth, and really quite attractive. Not something you often see, which I like. Really, very nice job.
  8. I looked the figs over the other day in my flgs. I thought they were well-sculpted and well-molded...but they seemed mildly uninspired. I like anime, and appreciate the overall look, but the figs are quite "flat," in that everything seems to be molded on one, straight, plane. For that money, Privateer Press makes dynamic minis that I don't have to bend superthin pieces around to get a 3d object to look less 2d. And, of course, Reaper does all that for half the cost, much of the time. As for the game itself, I didn't pay attn to the rules. I'd be interested to see some of the figs not in the light and dark starter boxes; see if any of them add a little depth to the very fine and detailed sculpting. I do think they'd be fun to paint.
  9. wow...you've done an incredible job with what I think is a rather challenging mini...the dark sword pieces have so much fine detail it's amazing. Your OSL is stunning, and I'm mightily impressed with the smoothness of all your transitions...that cloak is crazy-good, if you ask me. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Sanael


    I really love the colors you've used; some really nice stuff on this mini, and you've hit the details beautifully. The base is built really nicely, too...I think a wash of some kind over the white stones would help make the nature of the terrain a bit clearer and a little more color would add visual interest, but I like the overall look of the ground she's on. Giving her that height really helps with a "rock goddess" sort of look. All she needs are pyrotechnics!
  11. --weapons packs of plain shields. Just smooth metal and unadorned wood, of various sizes ranging from buckler to tower. --equipment packs; backpacks, torches, bedrolls and so forth. Buckets, lanterns, waterskins...basic adventuring gear. --more mounted figures of any kind. Commentary: -Demon-head imbellishments are nice and all, but I want to freehand some heraldry! -I'm not awful with greenstuff, but sometimes I just want to jam a lantern into someone's hand without having to scratchbuild. And I never see any minis with big backpacks and bedrolls, carrying their ten-foot-poles and waving torches. And I'd like to put such a thing together on a mini that otherwise looks like my PC. -I know it's been said, and I second the notion. I like people on horses, and I like halflings on dogs even better.
  12. You'd certainly have bonus XP in any of my campaigns, that's for sure. My parents had a nest of Raccoons in their ceiling a few years ago. We finally ended up making a hole above the front porch to get into that crawlspace and pull the pups out. That hole was about the same size as the one you guys have...it shouldn't be too hard to repair. Just try not to do it again!
  13. Definitely not one to tip...and I can't imagine it's the most comfortable ride in the world...though I suppose that's a fairly accurate recreation of the full-size version... Having said that, I want one, too! Maybe an aircraft carrier with room for more than one passenger...the elevators could be hatches for seats. And then I could fly R/C planes off the deck, too. That would be totally sweet.
  14. The freehand on her cloak's liner is incredible, as is the highlighting on the hair. Really nice piece. Is the rune-work on the blade freehand, or is it molded on the sword? I'd also love a recipe for that hair...and could we see a back-view? I'm curious as to whether there's more freehand that we aren't getting to goggle over.
  15. Hm...as I have so many D&D plastic prepainted orcs, I never pay much attention to the Reaper goblinoid sculpts...this one may change that. Your paint-up has a lot to do with that, too. I love the colors; the lion-man concept really works well and you've hit it on the head (I don't think I needed you to tell me about it, as the concept is fully realized). Really nice work with the metals, too. I like that armor a lot. I also like your base work. Overall, it's a lovely muted color scheme. Great stuff!
  16. If you need to sculpt something flush with an edge, build it out of greenstuff, sculpting maybe 1/16-1/8" beyond the edge, then use an x-acto to trim it flush. By building it out beyond the edge, you ensure that the sculpt doesn't "frame" itself; it will look like it continues past what the finished product contains. I recently sculpted my first base from (relative) scratch, and this is what I did. Now that it's primed, it looks like the whole base was molded from one piece.
  17. Weapon pack of polearms (some with reach) I know it's hard not to make such things bendy, but I'd like to see some longspears, lances, glaives and the like that aren't shorter than the people using them. A Lochaber axe and an awl pike would be sweet.
  18. OK, here we go. Yes, I'm pretending to paint, but that's ok. That's a former Fynch Brassfog in my hand. His name is now Felix...he'll be done one day.
  19. Well, I don't have a shot of me painting...I'll have to rectify that, I suppose. But, since Bodhi is playing the "other work (involving fire)" game, I guess I'll play along.
  20. I have to agree, on both counts, with Talespinner. You're moving WAAY too quickly in painting this gigantic dragon. But the color is awesome! Is that secrion finished, or is there more highlighting to go?
  21. Always impressed by your bases, Stern. I've got some pieces I'll have to static-grass coming up, I'll try your technique and see if I can do anything like that first try. Skin is smooth, I like it...and I can't get over that purple sash! It's a fantastic accent to the piece, and it's really well done. Keeps pulling my eye. Which is good for her, if it means her enemies on the field aren't watching that really pretty sword of hers!
  22. This is really nice, and something I want to try my hand with as well. I also want to know what you used...I like the different layers in this cube, in that the gem seems to be floating up near the top and the skeleton is at the bottom, and there's stuff in between. Was the resin thick enough to suspend things at the start, or did you have to let it cure a little? I think Voladilk is right about roughing the edges...some fine-grit sandpaper to round the corners out and make them less sharp would go a long way towards making this an organic beastie of doom rather than an all-consuming block of yellow ice.
  23. Crazy, Frosch. You make the most incredible things with sprue...and they paint up nicely, too. I'm glad to know all my finely-honed non-wet blending techniques won't need to completely atrophy in my mini-painting career. RHS, I agree with the sentiment, but there's a typo in there that takes "yo' mama" jokes to a whole new level. Made me laugh.
  24. I think the mini itself looks really nice--very rich in color, which I don't know if it's particularly risky, but it is out of the normal scheme of things. I like it. The shading on her looks great...I'm still trying to figure out how to make hair look real. I like the idea of a transparent glass, but what you have looks more like milkglass...I think a good thing to achieve a true "transparent" effect would be to incorporate the browns of the table into the bottom of the glass so it would look like you were seeing through the bottle to the floor or tabletop. There's a tutorial somewhere (I think on CMON) for sheer fabrics that could also apply to clear objects like your bottle. I'll see if I can find it to post a link. I really like your sculpting, actually. It isn't perfect and crisp, but it has a handmade/recycled glass look that really helps move the whole piece in the "Old West/Barrio" direction.
  25. Wow...excellent piece. I agree with Voladilk about the sandals; those gems are fantastic. And your NMM is spot-on. Tell us about those plants, please? Although I have a minor desire to see more depth to the hair, my major complaint is the eyeshadow...my monitor is showing it as more of a sea-green, and I'd like it to be closer to the color of her silks. The eyes are beautifully rendered, just not sure about the color choice.
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