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  1. Always impressed by your bases, Stern. I've got some pieces I'll have to static-grass coming up, I'll try your technique and see if I can do anything like that first try. Skin is smooth, I like it...and I can't get over that purple sash! It's a fantastic accent to the piece, and it's really well done. Keeps pulling my eye. Which is good for her, if it means her enemies on the field aren't watching that really pretty sword of hers!
  2. This is really nice, and something I want to try my hand with as well. I also want to know what you used...I like the different layers in this cube, in that the gem seems to be floating up near the top and the skeleton is at the bottom, and there's stuff in between. Was the resin thick enough to suspend things at the start, or did you have to let it cure a little? I think Voladilk is right about roughing the edges...some fine-grit sandpaper to round the corners out and make them less sharp would go a long way towards making this an organic beastie of doom rather than an all-consuming block of yellow ice.
  3. Crazy, Frosch. You make the most incredible things with sprue...and they paint up nicely, too. I'm glad to know all my finely-honed non-wet blending techniques won't need to completely atrophy in my mini-painting career. RHS, I agree with the sentiment, but there's a typo in there that takes "yo' mama" jokes to a whole new level. Made me laugh.
  4. I think the mini itself looks really nice--very rich in color, which I don't know if it's particularly risky, but it is out of the normal scheme of things. I like it. The shading on her looks great...I'm still trying to figure out how to make hair look real. I like the idea of a transparent glass, but what you have looks more like milkglass...I think a good thing to achieve a true "transparent" effect would be to incorporate the browns of the table into the bottom of the glass so it would look like you were seeing through the bottle to the floor or tabletop. There's a tutorial somewhere (I think on CMON) for sheer fabrics that could also apply to clear objects like your bottle. I'll see if I can find it to post a link. I really like your sculpting, actually. It isn't perfect and crisp, but it has a handmade/recycled glass look that really helps move the whole piece in the "Old West/Barrio" direction.
  5. Wow...excellent piece. I agree with Voladilk about the sandals; those gems are fantastic. And your NMM is spot-on. Tell us about those plants, please? Although I have a minor desire to see more depth to the hair, my major complaint is the eyeshadow...my monitor is showing it as more of a sea-green, and I'd like it to be closer to the color of her silks. The eyes are beautifully rendered, just not sure about the color choice.
  6. nice, clean and simple color scheme. I like the fade on the staff's horns quite a bit, and I'm definitely a fan of the skeleton popping up. I'd kinda like to see a little more gem-work on those red balls on the sword...the skin on this guy is a nice color, too.
  7. Wow...I wish I'd been able to paint with something called "snot green" when I was nine. The lion looks great; I love the mane! I can't wait to see your elf. Keep 'em coming
  8. I'm a fan of her face, even if the lips could tone back a bit. The skin is very nice; very soft, very smooth, which looks good...in the rear view, I think the darklining could have stopped a little lower between her buttcheeks; that line just seems to run too high (iirc, that sculpt has a problem with too-high cleavage on both ends, but shortening this line could maybe fix that problem). I LOVE your grass on the base. Looks awesome. I know you've highlighted it up, but what is the base material? Just static grass?
  9. Welcome! I love your basing; what is that tree? It's beautiful, whatever it is. Love the NMM, and I also really like the highlights on her hair. Nice work!
  10. Holy---! That is amazing. I've never worked with resin, so I have no idea how it responds to this kind of treatment, but what you're doing is...well, it's amazing. This kind of kitbash is not something I think I'd have the patience for, much less the skill. I can't wait to see more!
  11. As someone who doesn't play Warlord or any other tabletop miniature games, this illustrates exactly why Reaper is my favorite company ever. Their figures, even for Warlord, are based on the cost of the pewter and the cost of the sculpt, not the point-cost of the figure for an army. I love the Warlord sculpts, and I have several that I paint for my D&D games, and just because they look pretty. And for the cost of one GW or Privateer Press solitaire, I can get two or three Warlord solitaires. Who can beat that? Besides, no other company has quite as persuasive a spokes-demon. Viva la Reaper!
  12. am I the only person who puts minis on bases before I paint? I usually use slottabases (even when the figure has no use for a slot), and I have some hand clamps that fit perfectly and tightly on the underside of the slot. If I've got one of those funky round bases with the peg-holes, the clamp fits over two or three of those just as securely. Gives me a handle under the base, and it's easy to switch from mini to mini.
  13. Sanael


    Just a brief word to those looking to fly paints to RC...I had reason to fly about two weeks ago, and at both ends of the trip (PIT and IAH), it seemed like they were confiscating everything liquid that wasn't clearly toiletry-related, and the part of the rule not often publicized (or made up on the spot by TSA, not sure which) is that all liquids in your one-quart bag must also be in 1-or-2-ounce containers. Most paints, that's not a problem, but I wouldn't want anyone to risk losing any precious, precious RMS. Of course, it seems silly that you can't carry soft drinks (purchased at the airport, even) through security, but you can buy them before boarding the plane. That said, I wish I thought I'd be able to make it to ReaperCon this year. Still haven't been.
  14. wow, Hinton! That's some nice stuff. I still haven't really tried any OSL (a few things that still-after several months-haven't made it to the finishing-spray booth), and it's one of the most impressive things I think paint can do. You've really hit it on the head with this mini. I do agree with DS about the highlights up to white, but otherwise the paint on Ali herself is really nice. The thing I'd most like to see in your next attempt would be a little more shape to her shadow on the ground. Not that it should be shaped perfectly like her, but it seems a little square as it is now. Beautiful work!
  15. That pumpkin is awesome! Love it! Your conversions never cease to amaze and confound. The faewings are nice, too; the fade on them is a nice set of colors. Ver'pretty.
  16. Sanael


    Frosch, have you met a sculpt yet about which you WON'T say this? madman. These molemen are pretty nifty...I haven't seen them before, somewhow...they'll have to go on my list, too. I'd use them for Moon Rats (D&D MM2). Of course, that means I'd like to see a pair sculpted, one with a gigantic head and one tall and skinny..."the same thing we do every night...try to take over the world..."
  17. re: errant text: apparently, there's a super-secret Julie Guthrie sculpt hiding behind the might of the Justicar? As for the rest of the PDF... STOP! STOPSTOPSTOP! ENOUGH ALREADY! Enough with the foul tempting! I have bills to pay, I can't spend money on more pewter! You keep putting things out, pretty soon I'll just have to build a little shack out of minis and superglue out on the street! waittaminnnit... Come to think of it, that might not be so bad...more fun to paint those walls than drywall, anyway... seriously, though, I like these. The undead hunters are quite nice...and I like that bard lots...*scribbles additions to the Christmas List*
  18. definitely some impressive granite. Is that a flicky-toothbrush method of speckling, or did you do something else?
  19. Wow, that conversion on Pip is awesome! We need more mounted halflings! Fynch also looks pretty spiffy (am I the only one who reads his name as "Bassfrog?"); I'm not sure about his under-undershirt, though...I haven't seen the sculpt, but it seems like he might be barechested under that second collar? His boots are great, though; I like those highlights. The same goes for his hat. The colors on the illith--uh, bathalian's--robes are stunning. Your mix for purples is really nice. Now...about those pennies. Do you paint the base, then glue down the mini, or vice-versa? And is there a wip or other tutorial you've already posted about your bases?
  20. I'm definitely a fan of Blackreef's face. As for NMM, I see why you think it looks a little stony...although the sword our elven friend is holding looks pretty fantastic to me. The metallic bits Blackreef carries look very "weathered/tarnished steel" more than stony, though. I think they could stand a stronger highlight somewhere to achieve a slightly more polished look (Elf's sword has some brighter highlights, esp. on the basket and the bevel-line). Overall, these guys look good. I love seeing the things you post; you have a style I haven't really seen anywhere else, and I think it looks awesome. Maybe some day I'll make it to a Reapercon and can see one "in the hand."
  21. screenname: given name: I never met an anthropologist I didn't like.
  22. Wow, Hinton; that's really moving along nicely! That cloak is awesome. I think I see what Matt is saying about the depth of some shadows on the cloak; that some of the smaller folds may be too bright when they should still be in the shadow of the fold before them, but overall it looks very nice and I'm not sure it needs to change. That yellow really warms the whole thing up, doesn't it? I'm also impressed by the interior of the cloak; cloaks always lose a lot of fold-detail once you get inside them, and it looks like you had to practically freehand some of those shadows. Looks nice; the only thing I might do in there (referring to the big semi-crescent shadow at the bottom left corner inside the cloak) is move the darkest part of the shadow a little closer to the highlight so it really looks like there's a strong fold or billow in the fabric. My tuppence. The rest of her body looks good, too, especially her legs. Keep it coming!
  23. YAY FFIX! Vivi rules! Yay!! I'm glad someone else out there likes nine. Although you really aren't missing much by not finishing the last few bosses. After you hit Memoria, the whole thing starts unraveling, plot-wise, and the very last boss has almost no bearing on anything that came before. It's like a villainous deus-ex-machina, or somesuch. But overall the cartoonish nature of the characters makes the game very fun. And Quina, though filling the obligatory annoying-as-all-get-out role, is actually useful sometimes, which is nice. Eight? Bleeccch.
  24. nice job with her. I painted Olivia up several months ago for a friend; it's always fun to see alternate color schemes for minis I've done recently. Love the crest on the apron; looks very nice. I like the gem, too (more work than I put into mine, since I just put yellow ink over a bright silver metallic), but I wonder if it could highlight up a little more? I'd like to see a bit more "radiance" off its surface. Overall, you really hit those details...I recall that cloakpin being a real pain to me, for some reason. Looks nice!
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