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  1. Wow, that conversion on Pip is awesome! We need more mounted halflings! Fynch also looks pretty spiffy (am I the only one who reads his name as "Bassfrog?"); I'm not sure about his under-undershirt, though...I haven't seen the sculpt, but it seems like he might be barechested under that second collar? His boots are great, though; I like those highlights. The same goes for his hat. The colors on the illith--uh, bathalian's--robes are stunning. Your mix for purples is really nice. Now...about those pennies. Do you paint the base, then glue down the mini, or vice-versa? And is there a wip or other tutorial you've already posted about your bases?
  2. I'm definitely a fan of Blackreef's face. As for NMM, I see why you think it looks a little stony...although the sword our elven friend is holding looks pretty fantastic to me. The metallic bits Blackreef carries look very "weathered/tarnished steel" more than stony, though. I think they could stand a stronger highlight somewhere to achieve a slightly more polished look (Elf's sword has some brighter highlights, esp. on the basket and the bevel-line). Overall, these guys look good. I love seeing the things you post; you have a style I haven't really seen anywhere else, and I think it looks awesome. Maybe some day I'll make it to a Reapercon and can see one "in the hand."
  3. screenname: given name: I never met an anthropologist I didn't like.
  4. Wow, Hinton; that's really moving along nicely! That cloak is awesome. I think I see what Matt is saying about the depth of some shadows on the cloak; that some of the smaller folds may be too bright when they should still be in the shadow of the fold before them, but overall it looks very nice and I'm not sure it needs to change. That yellow really warms the whole thing up, doesn't it? I'm also impressed by the interior of the cloak; cloaks always lose a lot of fold-detail once you get inside them, and it looks like you had to practically freehand some of those shadows. Looks nice; the only thing I might do in there (referring to the big semi-crescent shadow at the bottom left corner inside the cloak) is move the darkest part of the shadow a little closer to the highlight so it really looks like there's a strong fold or billow in the fabric. My tuppence. The rest of her body looks good, too, especially her legs. Keep it coming!
  5. YAY FFIX! Vivi rules! Yay!! I'm glad someone else out there likes nine. Although you really aren't missing much by not finishing the last few bosses. After you hit Memoria, the whole thing starts unraveling, plot-wise, and the very last boss has almost no bearing on anything that came before. It's like a villainous deus-ex-machina, or somesuch. But overall the cartoonish nature of the characters makes the game very fun. And Quina, though filling the obligatory annoying-as-all-get-out role, is actually useful sometimes, which is nice. Eight? Bleeccch.
  6. nice job with her. I painted Olivia up several months ago for a friend; it's always fun to see alternate color schemes for minis I've done recently. Love the crest on the apron; looks very nice. I like the gem, too (more work than I put into mine, since I just put yellow ink over a bright silver metallic), but I wonder if it could highlight up a little more? I'd like to see a bit more "radiance" off its surface. Overall, you really hit those details...I recall that cloakpin being a real pain to me, for some reason. Looks nice!
  7. Sanael


    wow...thanks for the color correction, bonehead! That photo actually looks like the mini I painted! Can you tell me what programs/techniques you used to get that? Photo-fu is still a bit iffy to me. Darkstar, it's funny that I've never played WoW. Huh.
  8. That's very nice. I love the colors. And that conversion is fantastic--your ability to put oddly (in?)appropriate objects in the hands of your minis never ceases to amaze me. Just out of curiosity, how many of those musical instrument packs do you own? I know I've seen you use at least two of the violin, now.
  9. wow, thanks again. That summoner actually looks quite realistic, not particualrly anime at all. I'll try something like that. Thanks also for the white examples. I'll probably have time to work on her over Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'll have a new post Thursday evening or Friday.
  10. that cloak is looking awesome so far, now those deeper shadows are in. Now might be a time to start thinking about moving the highlights toward yellow? Assuming, of course, that's the color of light cast by your lantern. I like the colors you're starting on the front side, too. From the standpoint of someone who can't really conceive NMM to begin with, much less OSL NMM, best of luck.
  11. Frosch, that's awesome! I absolutely love the pen-clip on the tail. Very cool use of material. And, as always, the paint-up is spot-on. Great stuff.
  12. Sanael


    thanks for the comments. about the hair: I wanted two things with it: first, something other than blonde/brown/red; second, the idea of painted or dyed hair. I obviously achieved the former; a completely fantastic creature such as a centaur is a great place to do "weird" hair colors. The latter, however, I missed the mark by quite a bit. I think it might have worked better if I painted his roots brown, then "dyed" the hair green from there with highlights? What do you folks think?
  13. Sanael


    thanks, folks. I was really happy with the way this guy came out, and it's nice to hear other people tell me I'm not crazy for thinking he looks half-decent. vhaidra, I mentioned over in my wip thread that I'll try a darker backdrop for my next photos. we'll see if that helps. sarge, the personality in the sculpt is what drew me in...although PP has some really nice, elaborate and fun-to-paint stuff, Reinholdt here is the first one I've seen that seems like something more than a game piece to me.
  14. thanks, vhaidra. I kinda felt the same way with the hair, although when I said "blonde" I was thinking more like an incredibly pale, almost white blonde that might match the armor more than the yellow cloth. Even with that, I agree it would be low-contrast. A big part of painting this mini is working on new things, though, and brunettes are fairly common in my collection. Maybe a "raven" black, with some purply sheen to it...now how would I do that without making it look "anime?" The white armor I was planning to just shade and highlight within its triad, but I think I'll have to add some darker shades as well. I want a lacquered gloss kind of look rather than an outright shine. If you have any pointers or can link examples to me I'd appreciate it. Huh...for some reason I always think a white backdrop will get a brighter picture, but it really just helps to create silhouettes, most of the time...maybe the darker backdrop next time. Thanks!
  15. Sanael


    Odd, that I'm posting two things that aren't Reaper minis today. Ah, well. I'll do better next time, I promise. This is from Wizards of the Coast's old Chainmail game. There's a store near my apt. that has quite a few pieces still in stock. I like some of the sculpts very well...I know Bobby Jackson did work for the game, but I'm not sure who sculpted this one...the card has vanished. The handprint is the first freehand with any sort of detail I've ever done, and I'm happy with it. I'm happy with it's transparency, too, since I was worried the green would just luminesce and "hover" over the reddish rump. I think it looks like it should, i.e, a hand dipped in green paint and pressed on the hair. I'm quite happy with the skin on the face. Nearly forgot: first flock-job, too. I've learned to basecoat the ground in some kind of ground-color before glueing the flock down...white primer shows through pretty easily, otherwise! Here he is:
  16. Sanael


    This is possibly my favorite paint-up to date (1.5 years of painting, give-or-take)...I like this sculpt's personality, too. I loved working with the folds in his coat. This is the first time I've ever "gotten" the whole shading/highlighting/layering thing on a mini, partially because the folds in the sculpt have an angular quality similar to my own 2D drawing style...so now I can't wait to apply what I've finally figured out to a much more flowy Klocke or Garrity sculpt from Reaper. As always, it looks better in person...shadows are less "hard" than in the photo, for example. But enough excusing. Here 'tis:
  17. So this is where she is at the end of the five hour painting challenge. Color scheme is purple, yellow, and white. Garish? Perhaps. But I wanted to work with purple, and red just wasn't sitting well with me as a contrast. I also really wanted to work with white armor. At this point, I've worked up some decent highlights and shadows on the coat and sash, although you wouldn't know it from this pic. Armor has a white basecoat down, but (obviously) no shading of any kind. The only parts that are bare primer are her weapons, her hair, and the base. Face is fair skin, purple cloth is imperial purple and yellow cloth is palomino gold, all worked in their respective triads. I'm not certain about hair color, though I think blonde is going to work best.
  18. Five hours? Hah! I scoff at five hours...or maybe I just have poor time management skills. I'm putting her in WIP right now... And just to be clear, there is a lot of white in her color scheme, I just haven't shaded any of it yet. I spent most of my time being frustrated with the back of her coat/cloak.
  19. Those are some great paint-ups! I love the way the Chupacabra came out, especially the skin-not-hair portions on his stomach and chest. The colors on Squonk are great; nice shadows and I like the way the nose pops out quite a bit. That said, I can't stand the sculpts. Which makes me sad, because I bought a whole lot of Crunch-Waffle's first batch of minis, and they were great; I'm glad to see other people checking out the company. Now if they could start making good sculpts again...
  20. I just want to say, wow. I don't play GW games. I doubt I ever will. I'm interested in this kind of tabletop miniatures gaming, but never to the point of plunking down the initial investment to field an army, and that statement is multiplied and compounded in the case of GW. I have, however, bought a few of their models because I like painting minis, and I can use that C'tanni Nightbringer as a freaking scary giant wraith in my D&D campaigns. Now...why do I say "wow?" Because I have been run out of a GW store by people who think using their precious $40 mini for D&D is sacreligious. Because I have been witness to froth-mouthed discussions about why GW is the god-among-game-companies, and all others suck. I have been told I shouldn't waste my time painting Reaper minis because they aren't as cool, so I must be stupid for liking them. Yet here I am, reading nine pages of intelligent, calm discussion about WH40K amidst people with differing opinions. I'm glad to see Reaper has built this forum and so many people who understand GAMES ARE MEANT TO BE FUN have flocked to it. Cool. Sorry for the rather touchy-feely semi-threadjack, but I wanted to say it.
  21. WOW I wish I could do something like that in under three hours. The lighting is great; it's subtle (which you call "rudimentary"), but I like that, as I often think huge source-lighting looks kinda hokey when you put a mini in an environment...but I love what you did with it. Especially the base; there is lighting on it, but it's appropriate to the light cast by a torch (meaning dim). Very cool.
  22. Some good work there...I really dig Kaerdwyn's staff; very nice with the peeling white birch look. Definitely a cool concept for a druid's staff. Also some nice fur work with both her clothes and the canine.
  23. Huzzah for new hobbyists! As many have noted, you sound like me at some point in the not-too-distant past. You've got a great plan to build from...here's my tuppence. I'd spend more money on good paint than good brushes to start out with. You can get the Winsor&Newton AwexomeBrush 20x6, and it'll be fantastic...but for a beginner, Testors ModelMaster brushes or the Reaper brushes are just as good. And good paint is, ultimately, more important to me. The Reaper Master series is what I use mostly...though I have a healthy smattering of Citadel and a few Vallejo here and there. Do check out the helping hands, or the various other means of putting a "handle" on your minis. Get a good hobbyknife with a standard blade. It is important, if you can see the minis in their blisters before you buy, to find one that fits your desires AND has very little flashing, but I've never had a mini that didn't need a little trim somewhere. Get good glue, but just use it for putting a mini to a base; my first mini ever was a big WH40K solo piece (because it looked cool, not because I play 40K), and I had a harder time assembling it than I did painting it. The best thing, though, is something you've already done: find a group of friendly people who are all too happy to confuse the issue with lots and lots of advice and anecdotes. This forum is honestly the most fun I think you can have on the internet without Flash animation, and a great resource for new folk, which so many of us are. Oh. And feel free to cuss all you like, but don't be too bothered if your first few minis look crosseyed, bugeyed, walleyed or blind. That happens to all of us. And by "first few," I mean "several" or "many" more than I mean "few."
  24. gyeeeuggh. I would just hope it didn't end up in the USPS' dead letters office.
  25. Huh...now I can spend countless hours watching youtube, but actually accomplish something with it as well! Who knew? This guy is pretty good...in the first vid, at least, it might be a little better to just watch and not listen, but he definitely knows what he's doing.
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