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    Best. Idea. Ever. Seriously, if it were all to scale, Reaper could sculpt the shai-hulud, and that would put that crazy Mag.Ego dragon to shame, size-wise. I'm all about it. Plus, it'll be nice to have an excuse to paint something other than white for the whites of someone's eyes. I'd love to paint a navigator... I'll stop now, before my geekdom takes over completely...
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    So, this is my rendition of Celebration Sophie...let me know what you think. She was my first major undertaking for highlighted/layered skintones, and I'm happy with much of that. I like the glass, but the bottle is harsh...and I'm sad that the photo didn't do anything for her hair. At least the camera doesn't really add 10 punds to minis as it does to people...
  3. Almost through Feast now...love these books, I do. I will say, he's pulling something Jordan-esque in stringing the characters out into the hundreds (well, dozens...maybe a gross), but Martin is doing it far better than Jordan could ever dream. Everything is connected. Everything is interesting. Even if one character or another isn't my favorite, I'm always glad to note that I never say, "ok, where's so-and-so, because I'm bored right now." To abandon Jordan, and compare Martin to a writer worth being compared to: Tolkein's work is incredible, and I read it often (I read LOTR at least once a year for seven years straight...then I hit college). Even so, Tolkein is somewhat two-dimensional. Martin is much more developed on a moral, personal-conflict kind of level, which makes Ice and Fire quite compelling. Hurrah for Littlefinger!
  4. Here's my Sophie...like Douglas Adams, I love the whooshing of deadlines.
  5. Britney who? Does that count as both an answer and a question?
  6. Wow...those two on the top from Bobby Jackson are quite spiffy. Sophie will certainly be on my to-paint shelf as soon as I can get her; I like the "modern" look, and the snow-bunny is lots of fun. And I have to agree with Qwyksilver re: the monks...not my favorite sculpts, ever.
  7. Hmm...concept art leaves me iffy...appearance-wise, everything looks decent (not great, but decent)...most of these characters have been through the Elmore/Parkinson/Caldwell/Easley wringer so many times it'd be a bizarre accident to screw them up. I just hope the moving character models lose the stiffness in these concept pieces. Tanis looks to have all the agility of a brick wall in that pose. Oh, yeah...Michael Rosenbaum as Tanis? Awesome.
  8. wow- bigger than I thought they were. Pretty spiffy, though; suits my purpose just fine. Thanks for having all the answers, Skavenbabe!
  9. Thanks- that's a big help, since I haven't seen that set in the flesh (so to speak). I'll likely order one soon.
  10. OK, I know Reaper has the various frogmen and frog demons... And the "killer frogs." Can anyone tell me how "killer" the seated frog in that set is? And can anyone tell me if Reaper has any other, "normal" frogs? (Of larger size than the one in the familiar pack?) My mother's 60th birthday is coming up and I wanted to paint something up nice, but she wouldn't really appreciate frogs with fangs...they lose the "cute" factor, I think. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hmmm...can I put strawberries on it? Honestly, though, my lifestyle of late (retail work and theatre rehearsals) has contributed to the one-meal-a-day model of eating habits, so I doubt it would work for me...
  12. I use my thumb, too...actually, more like the heel of my palm and my wrist. For me, it's a holdover from theatre makeup, but it works for the same reasons. I'm done with that color, but not with that brush. I have to empty the brush...and I never do it by licking the brush (stage makeup tastes worse than paint!), and the makeup discs (or the mini, if we want to be somewhwere near the topic) are in that hand. It works, it's convenient...and I like the mess ! I just have to remember to wash my hands before going to work (or going on stage).
  13. Sad I didn't see this thread sooner...I've been painting a white, off and on, for the past two weeks (it's 2457, Amber Dragon, though clearly Amber has nothing to do with it anymore)...I'm really happy with the start, but I became impatient at some point in the late hours and started just sloshing paint on the scales ...and I can't strip it, because the wings represent the first time I'm actually extraordinarily pleased with my attempts at wet-blending. Anyhoo. My color scheme has actually made it more a greyish dragon. I've been using MSP 88-90 (that's stormy, cloudy, and misty grey) and MSP62 (leather white) to blend up the scales and wings...haven't figured out what the belly scales will do yet. The top of the blend is very white, and I'll use a brighter white to pop a few things later, but the darker parts give some nice color.
  14. That graveyard dragon is pretty fun...but I have to say Partha's Ghost Dragon (also at IWM) is pretty snazzy, too. Not skeletal, but still somewhat life-impaired.
  15. Wow...I, too, missed the RCon boat while in TX...moved to PA and realized, oh, waitaminnit... I, however, left TX in part because I hated it...bringing my list up to one reason: ReaperCon. To each his own, I suppose.
  16. Looks pretty spiffy...this is a sculpt I have sitting on the table, waiting for a bunch of other things to get finished. Funny, I was thinking of trying a "metallic NMM" on her as well. I'm not thinking about it anymore--as well as yours turned out, I'll definitely give it a shot. I'm definitely a fan of the shield, and I'm glad to see you used it; seems like most paints I see of her don't include it. Your paint scheme on it is nice; love the eyes!
  17. What a great idea...I'll definitely participate, provided I don't have to work at the alloted time. Of course, there are a lot of minis that will be disappointed if I don't paint them, but let's see... I want to work on freehanding, though I bet I won't get to that in five hours, the way I paint...I think the goal of a speedily-painted, well-layered mini is enough for me. Minis to paint...I do like Kristianna quite a bit...also 2986, Female Necromancer (Ridolfi)...and 3099, Klaus Copperthumb (Klocke). Of course Kristianna or Klaus would require me to go buy new minis...c'est la vie, I suppose.
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