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  1. Alas, I hit a stretch where my schedule really impacted my painting time - so I wound up doing a marathon session to finish out the hero mice -- and didn't stop to take WIP pics along the way. Sanael managed to snag some photos after they were done, though. Hopefully I can figure out a paint schedule soon - I need to get cracking on some painting for both my D&D campaign, and ReaperCon!
  2. Here's the update Sanael promised! The recipient has requested that we follow the reference art for the characters, which you can take a look at here. I got cracking on painting before I knew we'd be doing a WIP, so Nez, the first character, is already pretty close to done: Next up is Filch, because they share a similar color palette and I was able to use most of the same paints thus far: I've been playing around with some of the stuff I learned in Wappel's Shaded Basecoats and Glazing classes at ReaperCon on these guys, and I've been having some fun with it. I haven't really painted much this summer, so it's good to get back in the swing of things!
  3. I'll pop out of lurk mode to say I'm delighted by this news. Sanael and I will put together something for this, I'm sure!
  4. I missed the update with the freehand - it looks excellent! I wonder if a damp brush with a dry paper towel nearby and a very gentle attempt at "erasing" with the brush (an old beater would probably be best) might help reduce the pencil marks? That might be a little less harrowing to attempt than painting over them. Just a thought - I've never tried the pencil before (but I probably will now)!
  5. Off to a great start...that workspace looks great! Great start on the eyes...with peactice, you'll have more detail and consistency in no time. I'd definitely say try both TMM and NMM, and you'll find your preferred groove. I love the look of both, but definitely have an easier time with painting NMM. Looking forward to following along with your upcoming projects!
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. Mamageek, nice catch on the base. It's a Gale Force Nine magnetic base, and I think you're seeing a mold line from the rubber coating they put on the top/sides. I agree that it's pretty unsightly...I'll have to give wood putty a try! I'm on my phone at the moment, but I'll come back with some other shots when I'm back at the computer. Thanks as well for the pointers on the freehand, Dontfear. This is my first go at an all-over freehand design like this, and uniformity is definitely something I want to improve on for the next attempt. I'll be sure to put those pointers to use!
  7. She's been done for a little while now, but I just managed to get the final photos taken this morning. The saga of finishing out her cape is detailed over in my WIP thread; in short, this was quite a learning piece for me, and I'm looking forward to continuing to level-up my freehand skills. The model below represents the NPC Laurana, an elven princess, in the DragonLance campaign I'm currently running. The party is quite fond of her, which has led to some fun role-playing opportunities. C&C welcome!
  8. I've done a little more work on the heads, bringing up some more highlights. He's destined for tabletop, and I'm trying to get him done relatively quickly, so the blending is a bit rough, but I do like how the contrast is coming along. If I were in the notion to make a diorama piece, I would position a hapless adventurer right in front of those faces, getting stared down by all of this doom. Side shot - the center head has gotten a little more of the highlighting love at this point, which you can sort of see in the above shot, mostly by virtue of the brighter spikes. I'm not looking forward to trying to get finished photos - there's so much going on here that it's hard to find the right camera focus!
  9. I really dig the colors, and the freehand is a nice touch!
  10. I'm totally in that boat as well. I always feel like I've chosen the wrong angle when I highlight weapons for NMM, and TMM is just a real challenge for me in general. I feel like I can't see the paint properly, and end up overworking it. You're definitely not alone!
  11. Nice conversion! Welcome to the boards :) Photos are great for showing us all of the things we wish we could improve...they're actually a great reference during the painting process for finding smudges of stray paint and other things you might overlook.
  12. A lot of nice details that other folks have already mentioned: all of the blue elements work well and the book looks great. I love the removable pieces idea...it's great when minis can look good both on the game table and on the display shelf, too!
  13. Those are some pretty great looking trees! I like the autumn look of the base, especially along with the natural colors of the dwarf and his dog.
  14. My summer schedule has been, um, heating up, leaving little time for painting. Up until this weekend, I've been away from painting quite a bit. With some impending encounters for D&D coming up, the project above is sidelined momentarily. In order to be ready for prime-time, the bones hydra got a lot of my time this weekend--our party is destined to face an Iron Pyrohydra that's been abandoned in the bottom of a dungeon for a long time, so I decided to work on making him very rusty with a lot of orange and brown colors. With a BIG brush, I put in the base coat of brown liner, and then roughed in the main colors with the airbrush. I'm still working on figuring out that machine, so there's a lot of manual brushwork still ahead. As of this round of photos, I've mostly been concentrating on getting some of the detail to come out of the faces... There's a lot still to do on the necks at this point, so the following picture is only dry-fit - they're not attached yet.
  15. I'm catching up on the forums this afternoon, and was delighted to see this all finished up! I love how the colors turned out. I know how it is with the first mini back after a hiatus - ol' rusty here is an appropriate choice to start off with :) Nice job, glad to see you back at it!
  16. Fantastic paintjob, Mocha! I'm just now catching up on your minotaur, and you've made me want to copy this color scheme. I'm sure your friend will love it! As far as the sealer goes, I haven't had any issues with my painted bones and sealer--there's so much paint on there that the sealer never touches bare bones by the time I'm done. Especially if you think he'll be seeing some game play, I'd go ahead and give him a light coating, just to avoid any rub-off issues with the upper paint layers. Looking forward to seeing the next project!
  17. I definitely dig the color - never would have thought to try an albino bat. Nice basing, as well!
  18. I really like the color scheme that's coming together on this most recent knight. The group shot is fantastic - this would make a great display setup!
  19. That, I think, depends on how challenging you want to make the mini to paint! My gut reaction is to keep it faint, though; kind of like those deep-sea critters that glow just a bit. In that case, the two crystals on the beastie's right would probably only reflect on the surrounding rocks, but the one on his left might be close enough to cast a little light on his tail. If you start small, you can always increase the size of the glow until it seems properly proportioned.
  20. Yes, welcome back--it might take a couple of sessions to knock the rust off your brush (pun very much intended), but you'll be back up to speed in no time! I like the color inspiration. The crystals might be a great place to work in one of your accent colors (purple/green, both?) to unify the base with the model. Then again, it also might be cool to do a brighter version of the main body color (orange, maybe into a golden yellow) since it looks like your accents are going to have a decent amount of surface area in their own right.
  21. Lovely, simple step-by-step on the freehand - thanks for sharing your process on that!
  22. Laurana is still waiting patiently for her base touch up. She's already been sprayed with sealer, so the base just needs to touch up a little rub-off from the painting process and a little bit of flock. Hope to knock that out tomorrow. In the meantime, it's back to the experiment board. I'm trying to learn how to use my airbrush with a bit more control, so a Bones ghost is my current guinea pig for that: I made life a little harder for myself by attempting some spooky lighting effects, but it's been fun playing with the colors and tweaking the variables on the airbrush to get predictable results. I'll go in with a brush and finish him out, but he probably won't get a ton of in-depth brush love. I also started another project (while several others glare at me from the Shelf of Shame - I've got some angry bench queens right now. My excuse is that this is going to be for an encounter coming up VERY soon in my current game, so I needed to have something ready to go....) This is not the entire piece, just the base: One of my notes from ReaperCon this year was to have a little more fun and interest in my basing. So that's one of the things I'm working on here. This is the most involved base I've put together, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with it when I put some paint on it. There are a lot of things on this base - some Hirst Arts blocks, a whole lot of cork, aquarium gravel, a big plaster rock from a model railroad terrain mold, Milliput for some gap filling and building up some levels, and some pumice paste to finish it all off. It was a lot more time-intensive than I intended or planned - probably about 4 hours. In my defense, this isn't a small base - that's a couple of CDs stacked at the bottom. Hopefully I'll be able to cut that time down with a bit of practice. What's going on the base, you ask? That will have to wait for the next update!
  23. I think you hit the level you weregoing fort and then some. Nice vibrant colors, and a lot of personality in this guy! I especially like his denim pants.
  24. Mocha, lots of nice basing tips here! I'm totally stealing a lot of these tips to up my own basing game!
  25. Nice! Nightmare black is one of my favorite colors, so versatile. Glad you're getting some dood results out of it. Looking forward to seeing those details happen.
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