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    I won't tell him, but I will definitely say another big thank you! We've got big plans for that bag, including travel to next year's ReaperCon. It will see some serious use! I mentioned this before, but a big part of what made MY first ReaperCon special this year was the friendly welcome we received. Shakandara in particular was really great about looking out for us newbies all weekend long...inviting us to dinner, plying us with cheesecake, and generally being a wonderful con ambassador. Both Sanael and I were completely floored by the auction generosity, and I'm sure we'll be paying
  2. I just have to echo again what a stunning piece this is, and how inspiring it was to see in person--congratulations again! This is the best use I have ever seen of that Assassin figure. As a stand-alone model, he's always seemed a little odd to me, but he looks great here!
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    In addition to everyone already mentioned, I'd like to add a big thanks to everyone who made a special effort to make those of us who were ReaperCon Rookies feel welcome. It was great to put forum names to faces, and I greatly enjoyed meeting both Con veterans and fellow first-timers alike--all of you were awesomely friendly and approachable. I had a blast, and am already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!
  4. Thanks again for hosting the games -- I also had a blast with this introduction to Fiasco! I'll be picking up my own copy of the game thanks to this great experience. Alchemical brain agitators are the wave of the future!
  5. Agreed that the diorama is great in person--It's such a fun story vignette, with some nice conversions and customization work. Congrats again on the medals, well done!
  6. That's a great recipe for the anchor work - thanks for sharing! I hit upon something pretty similar when I did a rusty anchor a while back, but yours definitely came out nicer than mine!
  7. Thanks, all, for the lovely comments (as well as the amusing sidebar about gully dwarves) - nice to see some fellow DL fans chime in here, too. Bupu was always one of my favorite characters, too! I'm really enjoying the process of painting up some favorite characters.
  8. Well, it didn't take long to fall behind in the mini-a-week resolution, but the time spent at the paint table hasn't quite been up to where I'd like it to be lately, either. Working on finishing out this pair gets me a caught up by a couple, anyhow. While Sanael's been painting up the Dragonlance PC's for our campaign, I've been working on the major NPCs. Unfortunately, the ones I finished up last year don't really count toward that mini-a-week pledge for 2013.... Without further ado, here are the major gully dwarves the party will be meeting sometime in the next few weeks. These
  9. I love this model, and you've done a beautiful job--really wish I could manage that kind of consistency in my paint work! Really dig the freehand on her sleeves - looks like a rich brocade. Nice color combo suggestions from Derek - I'd love to see what you do with them!
  10. Buglips, I'd read this book in a heartbeat, and give copies to all my friends. On topic - that mini shows some impressive commitment to the source material - the added tunic notches are a nice touch that I would have missed if you hadn't pointed them out. I like your color scheme better, though - those blues are stunning.
  11. I like how well these work together as a set, but still each have individual personality. As mentioned before, the rosy cheeks are a nice touch on the barmaid!
  12. I love this base, especially that Jolly Roger and compass rose. My pirate minis are jealous!
  13. I like this color scheme quite a bit - also a fan of how you did the reflection in the lenses of her glasses!
  14. Haldir - Kyra and Lavarath are in my queue for this year, too -- I'll be watching yours with interest!
  15. I hadn't seen this model before - there are a lot of games she'd be great for. Lovely paint-up--and +1 to all of the freehand comments, that is some nice work. I'm still intimidated by freehanding- maybe this will be the year I finally jump in and try my hand at it!
  16. I had meant to finish her at the end of 2012, but the fact that she's still lingering on the workbench makes her my first completed mini of 2013. I'm still not sure what to write on that scroll...if it's still bothering me that it's blank by the time I need to display her for the 2013 holiday season, I'll go ahead and put something on there. But for now, for the sake of moving on to another project, blank it is. C&C welcome - this is the year that I try to be more consistent both in the amount of painting I do, and in the documenting of said painting :)
  17. Guess I'll try to keep up. I've got several minis in the 80-90% done phase, and this will help me clear them off, as well as start some of those projects I've been putting off. Kyra and Lavarath, I'm looking at you.....
  18. So glad she made it safe and sound! She was fun to paint--first mini I've painted after several months away from my brushes, and I'm glad you're as pleased with her as I was!
  19. Sorry for the delay in notification, but my exchange mini arrived and is lovely! Thanks, cutebutpsycho! Feel free to post pictures if you have them--it may be a while before I have time to haul out my photo setup. I'm not far from finishing the mini for my recipient--may just be skating under the deadline; need a couple of days where I can get home from work on time :)
  20. Slipping out of lurk mode to sign up for this one--I'll have painting time again here in just a few weeks once the summer theater season wraps up
  21. Chiming in with another "great work" on the mugs--those reflections are nicely done.
  22. I'm of the opinion that you can justify just about anything with setting flavor. Sanael and I are playing in another DM's homebrew campaign, where magic originated with the elves, technology originated with the dwarves, and the gnomes are a race of experimentalists who have taken the dwarven technology and run with it to steampunk-flavor proportions (the entire race lives in a traveling, floating clockwork city). A character's race and culture combined with backstory helps determine preference and bias regarding technology/magic. We use the D&D 3.5 rules for firearms from the DMG, and h
  23. Nice solid job on these--I've got one of those Sturm figures in my queue, and he is TINY. Good job bringing out the detail on his face!
  24. Thanks for the dwarf links...I'll check them out. The trick for my diorama is going to be that I'll have to pair a male dwarf with a human- or elf-sized female. I'm afraid that I'm not going to get out of doing some kind of modification or sculpting on this one. If I find any suggestions for you on my search, I'll post them. I know another couple who Reaper's Pirate King and Queen would be perfect for, but they won't work for me on this project.
  25. I'm interested in this as well, as I have a similar project coming up. There's been a specific request for a well-dressed dwarf, so suggestions on that front would be welcome!
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