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  1. Lovely work, and glad you're feeling better! The stronger highlights are really working on the breastplate, and her left leg especially is really reading well. If I had any critique, it would be that in these photos, her cheekbones look as reflective/shiny as the armor now, but I'd guess that it's not that case in the hand.
  2. Nice progress! As you're working on the OSL remember the brightest part of the glow is going to be on the light source itself - the contrast between the two different sources is coming along nicely.
  3. I went over and took a look at your Kurff WIP, Kharsin. I feel your frustration on Kurff. I have a mini here that I call "Eric the ugly Pirate" who also suffers from a mis-cast/facial deformity - and ultimately, I came to the same decision, which was to just call him done already. There are some things paint can't fix (and I'm not enough of a greenstuff wizard yet to resculpt things as delicate as faces). I've got a...significant...shelf of shame. Lots of things waiting for basing, or various amounts of paint. One of the things I'm hoping to do this summer (and there are many things
  4. Thanks for the cheering section. I have to admit, without the encouragement, I might have given up after the earlier frustration - especially after how nice the fabric looked right before I put the design back in. I've felt that way for a looong time myself. I've always been afraid to "ruin" all the hard work I've already put in. One thing this process has taught me is that it's OK to mess up! It's only paint, and if I got it to a point I liked in the first place, I'm pretty confident I get it there again if I go astray.
  5. Made some nice progress on the cloak today, even if the photos aren't doing so well for me. I've been using my phone's camera for the WIP shots - and while it's done some nice miniature photos for me in the past, they're a little off the past several times I've tried it. Maybe I need to noodle around with the settings and see where things went awry, but I don't recall changing anything recently. At any rate, the session started with a little bit of cleanup on the design: I could have spent a ton of hours doing more fine-tuning here, but I feel like my lesson learned right now is
  6. Yep, NomadZeke, both the white "brocade" and the gold border on the cloak are freehand. It's a skill I'm presently trying to level up!
  7. I'm going to lend my support to this plan, as I'd like to hang out with both of y'all ;)
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement, everyone! I finally managed to get some time in on her today. My photos are a little sub-par, but they'll give you an idea of what I accomplished in tonight's painting session. Firstly, I worked on smoothing out the colors. Ultimately, this blending is a little on the rough side, but I anticipate going back in with some glazes after putting the freehand design back in, so I'm not overly concerned with it at this point. Then I doodled a bit on my blotter, trying to figure out a design that I like for this character. And then, deja
  9. The sword looks great - I'm going to have to steal that color mix. The gradient on the shield is looking quite nice, as well!
  10. Painting with friends = fun times. Glad to see you're roping in some more new people - and they're off to a great start, judging by that picture!
  11. Heh. Butt-cape. Such an odd piece of attire, but it's looking good so far!
  12. I finished Dain Deepaxe up a couple of days ago (WIP thread here). As mentioned over in that thread, this is an unusually quick paintjob for me, and he was a great model to experiment on with a few new techniques. I'm looking forward to adding him in to our group's D&D sessions soon.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement! Corporea, that's pretty much the feel that I'm going for. It's ambitious since this is my first try at something like this, but I do think it's achievable - I've gotten it close enough that I don't want to give up on it. I was just hoping to arrive at the finish line sooner than I actually will on this model :) So many projects, so little time! I probably will try to use a bit of the underlying pattern if I can, but since I wasn't entirely happy with it in the first place, I might start it over from scratch. I think it'll probably wind up being about the
  14. Some days it just doesn't pay to sit at the paint table. This morning I thought I'd put a few rounds of highlights in and tweak the shadows a bit to bump up the contrast. Adding a bit of red to the shadows was as working nicely (thanks, ub3r!), so I started in on the highlights. And they went super chalky. Enough so that it was the main thing Sanael commented on when he took a peek at it. So much for hoping to be done soon....I started glazing back in the midtone, and realized I'm losing too much of the design to salvage it. Here she is, with the left side in the attempted smoothing glaze, a
  15. Glad to see you enjoying this model so much! A lot of good progress so far :)
  16. Loved seeing this one come along in your WIP thread...top notch work, and the OSL really pops. Hope my next OSL project turns out half this well!
  17. Nicely done! The tattoo work is impressive.
  18. There's going to be some impressive free hand on this, to be sure. That mirror idea is amazing and ambitious; I look forward to seeing you go for it!
  19. Thanks, everyone. I've got a soft spot for dwarves myself, even though I don't paint them up very often. The first long-term character I played in a D&D game was a dwarven fighter with a wicked warhammer. He'll be getting his glamour shots later this afternoon so he can strut on over to Show-off. On to the next! I've opted to swipe one off the shelf and get her finished up. Especially since she's already made a few trips down to the game table...the perks of painting up NPCs for an ongoing campaign. Sometimes they're not quite finished before you need them! So the mini in ques
  20. Thanks, MonkeySloth! I think those are my two favorite things that I accomplished on this guy. So, for him to move on to the game table, he needs a base - I mentioned quick and dirty before, and right now for me it doesn't get much quicker than a texture-stamp base. This is one of the Happy Seppuku stamps - and I'm delighted with how easy they are to use. My base-fu needs some serious work. After pressing the texture into the putty, I jammed Dain's feet-pins into the putty so I'd have an easy time of putting him on the base later. I let the putty cure overnight, and then dr
  21. I'm quite familiar with the, ahem, posterior-point of the paint process. Invariably, everything I paint arrives at the point where I throw up my hands, say, "This mini looks like..." and walk away. When I calm down and come back to it, things usually start to improve from there :)
  22. As hoped, I was able to put in about another hour of work finessing fiddly bits (like the eyes) and and working on touching up highlights and shading. This is a dangerous rabbit hole, and one I know I could easily spend a lot more time in. But - this guy is destined to be a mook, a learning model, and a speedpaint (of sorts, for me). I have him in metal as well, so one day that version will get a finesse job and be a proud representative of a character. Here's where he stands as of now: While I could spend a good bit more time fussing with the metallics, I feel I've learned wh
  23. Not a coffee drinker here, but I love teas and herbal infusions. I have a dear friend who runs a tea shop, and sometimes he lets me try his new creations - I had an almond-lavender iced tea there yesterday which was delightful. My favorite sore-throat remedy is peppermint tea with lemon and honey. I picked up some local clover honey last fall at the renaissance festival here, and it's been doing lovely service in my tea all year. Now that the weather is warm, I go to iced teas more frequently - a nice black iced tea with a sprig of fresh mint is one of my favorite summertime beverages.
  24. As a matter of fact, I do! It was a lecture-based class, where we spent a lot of time looking at samples of lighting both in classical artwork and at photos of painted miniatures. She's got a background in theater as a set and costume designer, so she talked at length about using light to tell a story and direct the viewer's eye. Very much based in theory - and I grooved on it a lot! We didn't talk much about color selection specifics, more about applications of the color wheel - the closer colors are to each other on the wheel, the easier it is to pull off the lighting effect (for exam
  25. My guess is that you saw the picture in Victoria Lamb's OSL class - I took one of those sessions and she did go over her step-by-step process of painting up this guy, with photo references. Unfortunately, my google-fu is not turning up any pictures of this guy. I think he might be a limited-edition model, since I seem to recall her saying something about him only being available at that class!
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