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  1. It's taken me a month to progress from completion of mini #4 to completion of mini #5. There's been a lot of painting during that time, (well, during the last couple of weeks of that time) but nothing "finished." And poor Kurff, he's been watching on the paint table all the while. He patiently waited through Halloween Sophie, the five-hour painting challenge dalliance with Kristianna, and the basecoating of a mini who presently answers to VIC-kie. I began Kurff as a shading exercse, painted his cloak first and was wonderfully pleased with it, and then quickly became interested in other projects.


    So when I sat down to paint today, it came as no surprise that his patience had run out, and he shouted, "FINISH ME!!! And while you're at it, take me off of this lump of broccoli!"


    Here he is, finished at last. He's based on a Hirst Arts block in my standard dungeon grey scheme, but the block has been shaved down and epoxied to a magnetic base, disguised with the application of some pumice paste. The plan is to drop him into a Hirst Arts diorama for display, but have him be easily removable for game play, and still have him remain compatible with the Alea tools that my group likes to use from time to time.


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  2. First off, I like this paint job very much, and am looking forward to when I'm able to bring my own painting up to this level.


    Regarding the critique you requested: Your blue is not too bold in the scheme of the mini, because you've tied it in very nicely through the reflection in her hair. Thematically, it works. It's a little too reflective if you're attempting for a steel sword, though. It works well for highly polished silver, which may well be an apt material for a sword carried by a lovely fantasy swordmaiden, but isn't quite true to a realistic steel. It is excellent SENMM, but the quality of metal it implies may be what seems "off" in the way you describe.


    The gold doesn't appear as "reflective" as the silver, somehow. It looks a little more dull, less "polished", and in that respect it doesn't tie in as well with your other metal.


    I do wish you had done something a little more to enhance the detail of the filigree on the tail of her jacket--with as much care as you put in to the rest of the mini, it seems a shame to just let it blend in with the fabric of the coat.


    The face is beautiful, and the simplicity of the base lets your excellent paint job be the focus of the mini.

  3. Agreed with what Sanael said above. I love what the yellow in the highlights is doing for the back of the cloak--and those legs look great!


    My only critique that hasn't already been mentioned thus far is that the OSL isn't as clear in her front torso area as it appears to be everywhere else--you appear to be drifting back toward sun-source lighting scheme there.


    That said, I hope my first foray into OSL looks half this good--great work so far!

  4. Darkstar: So true on Tetra Master. LOVED that card game. FF8 had a good plot concept, but it suffered in the implementation and the time that it took for the plot to actually get moving.


    I'm behind the times, myself. I just finished FFX for the first time over the weekend. Picked up X-2 last night, and I'm frankly a little traumatized by the shift, but it's minor and I'll play it through anyway.


    I'll be getting around to XII about a decade from now, at my rate. :blink:

  5. Spike is right:


    This year's Boubon Street Sophie was available on the website, but only during the run of the con. The nice folks at Reaper wanted to give us fans who couldn't make it to the convention a chance to pick up the limited edition Sophie.


    Of course, it was only after I purchased her and gave her to my SO as a birthday gift that I started painting minis myself. :down: Next time, I buy two!

  6. I'm learning right alongside you, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt...


    It looks like you're going along with your source picture pretty well for your shadow placement. You just need to make the deepest part of the shadows a little darker, and all of your highlights brighter. You get more subtle gradations in color with standard sun-source light, but when you're doing source lighting, it seems to require sharper and more stark transitions--take a look at the back of the hood in your rearview reference photo for specifics--the left side is extremely dark, and the right side is white, and those extremes need to be reflected in your paint. Also, if your source light is colored you're going to see some of that color bleeding into the highlight areas as well. I'm fond of the example provided by the Crypt of the Vampiress in the ReaperVision Gallery, especially since you can rotate the image to see the OSL incorporated throughout the paint job.

  7. I'm in awe. I need to learn this "speed painting" thing...it takes me AGES to get even a base coat down, and the 5 hour challenge confirmed this for me.


    I also would like to know where to find those round bases--website links are grand!

  8. Looks like chika and I are tapping into similar color schemes here ::D:


    I refuse to call her done after 5 hours, though, so here she's posted in the WIP category for right now.


    At the deadline, here's what she looks like:



    And right now, I'm ecstatic about her eyes (always a problem for me):



    She'll probably make another posting appearance once she's "done", but there may be some others jumping ahead of her in line for that honor...the ones who have been waiting on the table for weeks, for example!

  9. Things have been busy, and dust has been accumulating on the other WIPs on the table for 3 weeks...but Kristianna was the mini I picked for the challenge, and begin to paint her I did...


    And after 5 hours, I refuse to call her done; so I'm posting her as a WIP instead. I've managed to get basecoats down, anyway....


    At this point, I'm happiest with her eyes, which are my best to date (including the WIPs on the table):



    And the rest of her is coming along:



    I'm using her as an experiment in metallic colors I'm planning for another armored lady. She's also a test ground for a gold-interference glaze I've mixed up using some clear acrylic medium and PearlEx powder...that's the grainy quality in the photo on that bit of fabric which is flying behind her left arm. Looks pretty spiffy in person, but doesn't photograph well at all.

  10. I love your color choices...especially that blue for her top. Looks like the collar could use a little lining touch up near the right breast, but that may be just the photo blurring it out.


    I'm also a fan of ink washes to bring out the detail in metallics...like for her right shoulder plate, the hilt of her dagger, and the top of her crossbow. Black wash to bring out the grooves, then hit it with the metallic again to redefine the high points. (I also just discovered the MSP Pearl white and Adamantium Black...haven't tried the black for shading yet, but the white is great for hitting metallic highlights...one of my next pieces needs to have some more armor so I can work with these paints more!)


    All in all, you're making awesome, rapid progress...great inspiration for us fellow newbies to keep at it as well.

  11. From one newbie to another...nice job! I've got minis 5-8 sitting on my table in various stages of completion right now...I should be able to get back to them sometime next week. They've been languishing there for almost two weeks now :down: .


    I like the Captain's coat...he looks good in red, and you've done some nice detailing. I second all of the suggestions above...I'm working on highlighting and shading (and the strengths thereof), and it's fun...you' love the difference it makes, and judging from the color placement on the wolf, you'll probably have a good feel for where to put them!


    Looking forward to seeing more!

  12. I've been using the Reaper flow improver, and like it quite a bit. I don't have much experience with any other brands, though.


    The impression I get from the boards leads me to belive that Anne wouldn't include a FI in the MSP line that didn't work well with the Reaper paints, so I haven't felt a need to stray at this point in my painting!


    My problem has been finding out the appropriate level of extender to use...the liquitex that I have has a tendancy to cause my paints to fall out of solution pretty rapidly...it was a bit of a shock the first time to look down at my green and find it as a bizarre swirl of blue, with green underneath.

  13. This gal is primed and waiting on my paint table right now, so I'm glad to see someone else's take on her!


    The eyes are my favorite part--nice and even. Highlighting and color choice for the wood on the staff looks good, too.


    Looks like there's a spot of flesh colored paint in the hair near her right cheek, but may it may be a reflection in the photo.


    She's nifty! Inspiration to go paint mine...as soon as I finish the ones in line ahead of her ::D:

  14. Wow! You guys are great! :wub: How wonderful to receive compliments and encouragement from experienced and new painters alike!


    LordColdsteal: Thanks much for the compliments. Eyes are the bane of my painting existence right now; I redid these at least half a dozen times, and I can tell that they're simply something I'm just going to have to practice and develop some patience with. As far as the breast-al area is concerned, the darklining and shadows there suffered a great deal from a brush loaded with too much flesh-colored paint and missing the area repeatedly during touch ups. Overall, I had a lot of trouble with her skin--getting the skin-toned paints to the right consistency never quite happened this time around.


    Hinton: Thanks for blazing one of the more recent newbie trails around here; the excellent feedback you've gotten has helped to make me less shy!


    Eastman: Thanks for the tips--my bottle of linen white is mocking me from the table, now, saying "I told you so!" I'll work on getting more aggressive with those highlights!


    Jabberwocky: While the photo did affect some things, the eyes weren't one of them. They're off, no doubt about it. The dirt and pumpkin, though, didn't photograph as well as the rest of her. There's a combination of red, green, and yellow drybrushed highlights in the dirt, and there's some smooth shading on the pumpkin that I like as well--although it could benefit from the stronger highlighting mentioned elsewhere. I'm looking forward to getting a little more adventurous with bases as time goes on.


    Thanks all--this is great inspiration to keep moving; I'll be sure to post future work to document my progress!

  15. Ok...so I've been lurking around the forums a few weeks now, and am glad to see how supportive everyone here is--I'm enjoying the new hobby and it's great to find such a spiffy online community. Also, posted pics tend to get great helpful feedback, and I'm a newbie looking to get better!


    So, to that end, here's my Halloween Sophie, and she marks several firsts for me:

    • First attempt at wet-blending (wings)
    • First attempt at any kind of decorative basing
    • First attempt at darklining
    • First time I've finished a mini in less than a week

    And, since she's only about the fourth (maybe third, but we'll say fourth) mini that I've ever completed (I have 2 or 3 more in progress on the table), I'm pretty darn happy with the results, but know there are ways I can improve!


    Feedback appreciated!


  16. Sounds like fun...I'm in. The new trick for me would be to finish the mini in 5 hours, since painting a mini at all is still relatively new--I've only been painting minis for a short time. I'm throwing myself into the hobby with wild abandon now, though! I have to populate those HirstArts dungeons I've been building!


    More to the point, I may dabble with some freehanding. Kristianna is fine with me, I've been looking at painting her anyhow.

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