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  1. Wouldn't be the first time I've been called special! And, LOL, actually, I do have a special place in my heart for yellow. I don't often paint yellow, but on the models that I've used it, it's been a lot of fun and done rather well for me. I'm seeing some white and yellow in my future projects, now! The color I struggle the most mightily with, is actually blue - my favorite color whenever I'm not painting. Go figure!
  2. I think most artists, regardless of discipline, can identify with that feeling. When you're "in the zone," everything flows so easily, things just feel inspiring and right, and time positively flies. It's the best! On topic, the mini is coming along nicely. And have I mentioned that I love that he's inspired by Solomon Kane? Because I do.
  3. Nicely done with the makeup! Don't forget to give her eyebrows when you're done touching up her eyes, it will put the finishing touches on her expression :) You've got some lovely blends going on - I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the model coming along!
  4. Another vote for Pig Iron. It's one of my current favorite metals - going on all the smokestacks on my warmachine 'jacks at the moment.
  5. I've had some really excellent luck on past red projects highlighting up with orange/yellow and then glazing back over it with the clear red, working back and forth between the colors until I get the saturation I like. For me, the key to red, as well as black (with whom I have a tense understanding), and white (my favorite, favorite color to paint, no lie) is in the amount of surface area covered by the color serving as the mid-tone. Keeping your highlight and shadow areas small and tight may help in this regard, letting your midtone do more of the work. For example, in your (beautiful!)
  6. Thanks, Kuro and Mocha! Our paint space is always open to friends, especially if they come bearing food ;) Nothing new to report on Dain yet, hopefully early next week I can put in a little more time and finish him!
  7. Mr. M, we can totally be friends based on your inspiration source. I love the idea to use an Eva color scheme on this guy. Something I find helpful to remember about blacklining is that it doesn't have to be true black (you'll sometimes see darklining used as a term around the boards, and that's more my speed). You might try blue liner if you've got access to it-super dark, but thins and flows like a dream, and it will play nicely with the purple, too. Look forward to seeing this one come along!
  8. I'm up for a 12 hour binge, for sure, depending on finding an available day. Yep rehearsal schedule is packed these days.
  9. Congrats on finishing him, he looks great! The shift to red on his eyes really helps in drawing your eye around the model. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
  10. These are a couple of my favorite sculpts - I like the colors you chose for them!
  11. QFT, KruleBear. Even though I'm on a somewhat flexible working schedule, the amount of time I have at the paint table is depressingly low these days. There are a lot of minis I want to paint, some of which need that display-level attention, but some of the rank-and-file gaming mooks and test-models (of which this is both), don't need that much time commitment. It's hard to shake the sense that I could make it better if I just put a little more time in, though! Anyhow, a quick update on good 'ol Dain: Now I'm painting something I actually enjoy on this model - hair! It's
  12. Agreed with all the points above. Washes and glazes I make using paint tend to be more matte than the times I have used ink, but only if I keep the number of additives down. As soon as I start to add flow improver or airbrush medium, the gloss comes in. Like everyone else, a quick shot of dull-cote brings everything back down to matte for me, especially if it's so glossy it's hindering my painting. You can always keep painting past that point and then seal it again when you're done!
  13. Gorgeous book freehand! Definitely a nice focal point for the mini. He'll look great on the game table!
  14. I've been looking for an excuse to run a campaign like this, I'll have to check out the Jade Regent path! Looking forward to your upcoming series of thematic minis!
  15. A while back I put together what I affectionately call my "DM Valet." It's a leather wrapped box, which originally was a presentation box for a fancy wine corkscrew. We didn't get the corkscrew, just the box. I gutted the box of its original foam, and it carried a variety of miscellaneous things until it was pressed into service as my DM dice box/partial screen. I lined the bottom in felt, and put a bit of magnetic sheeting in the lid under the textured felt there, so I can change out reference materials on the lid. Since I'm running a DragonLance campaign, right now it's a m
  16. Finally had a chance to return to the table for a bit today! I mentioned prepping and priming - my D&D campaign is heading for some dwarves, and I need to fill out the ranks, so this fellow is currently meeting my brush. (Reaper Bones 77074, Dain Deepaxe, if you're curious about his pedigree) Here he is all primed up and ready for paint. He's primed with a mix of black and white brush primer, pushed through the airbrush: Yep, that's a big fat craft brush behind his head. I took some classes at ReaperCon on shaded basecoats and glazing with James Wappel, and had a ton
  17. Along with what everyone else has said, he's got some nice eyes happening as well. I really like your color palette!
  18. Nice on the face! The furrowed brow really helps sell the expression. Any chance you could get a shot of it straight on for the next update? I'm a little biased toward the idea of blonde hair, but that's mostly because when I painted him a few years ago, I used blonde hair with an ivory tunic and cloak ;) Looking forward to seeing more!
  19. Nice! The clear colors are magic! And those runes are rockin. Kuro's on to something with a reddish orange, that would do nicely with the accents you've got going. Maybe something in the neighborhood of rust brown as a starting off point?
  20. I'm all about the purple and teal! There are plenty of fabulous examples of that combo around here. As long as your paints aren't being a pain, purple and yellow, as well as purple and green (all on the same model, no less), can absolutely be done. And, currently trending on the boards, Corporea is showing us that blue and orange can be absolutely stunning. I guess what I'm saying is I wouldn't discount anything out of hand - you'd be surprised what colors will work. Keep your palette simple from model to model to make your life easier, but switch it up as you go - it'll hel
  21. I'll chime in with a vote for the gargoyle; I like what you've got started on that one a lot!
  22. Nice paper plants indeed! The camo pattern on the pants is understated but effective. I see why this won Judge's Choice - congrats!
  23. Another factor that might be happening in the face example is paint drying on the brush while painting - a result of smaller/thinner brushes combined with taking more time and care to place the paint on the model. I have run into similar graininess from time to time, but far more often when using my small brushes (00, 000) than my 0/1/2 size brushes. I've not used brush-on-sealer in m paint mix, but sometimes I'll put a tiny bit of drying retarder in the mix to help prevent this - a little goes a looong way, since this will keep paint wet on the model as well (good if you like to do wet-on-w
  24. If you go with some kind of all-over pattern on the skirt, then that could continue up on the chest area, since they look like the same fabric, if not the same article if clothing. Or you could treat it as a tabard-like garment and put an insignia on the chest. As far as the eyes, it seems from the photo that she's looking over her shoulder. The folds in the fabric look to as though they would agree with the motion of her completing a turn from that direction, so they work for me with the idea she's looking back. I love the richness of that blue! Edited for logic and typos.
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