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  1. As far as mold lines in hair...for really severe lines or mold slippage, I know some folks use a little greenstuff to resculpt that secton of hair. A little beyond my present sculpting abilities, but I'd be willing to try it if the mold line was bad enough.
  2. Cash, you're welcome to paint and game with us anytime! Pittsburgh is a cool city, btw. And my painting muse has been happy, happy, happy, but her sister has been getting most of my attention lately. Final dress rehearsal for a play tonight! I did squeeze in a bit of time yesterday to prep and prime a couple of minis yesterday. Hope to break out a little paint soon!
  3. Jasonator, I know some folks do actually appreciate a bit of clutter, but for me a clean space is like a blank canvas: the opportunity for creativity is boundless. If I can't find what I'm looking for in the clutter, I will go a on lengthy hunt searching for it, and will stubbornly lose precious painting time (and sometimes my muse) in the process. Darkmeer, alas we do not also have a dedicated gaming room; our living room doubles as the game room. Books and board games all live on a big bookshelf, and the table folds down to a side table. I've come up with a bit of clever storage th
  4. Thanks for the compliments on the set-up, folks. It's much better now! The table - clear, open space! But what did I do with the paint? To the walls with it! (Also, a project whiteboard): Underneath the table is also now effectively used: From left to right in the above picture: A wheeled cart of items I like to have close at hand (drawers for palettes, painting rigs, airbrush supplies). In the desk shelf, a stack of bins with projects in progress, the light tent for photos (folded up), painting notebooks and references, and over on the right side of the desk is the a
  5. I seem to recall a class (Derek's?) on "How to paint well, fast" being offered in the past, which I'd love to see return, since I missed it when it was previously offered.
  6. Of all the reasons to get called away from a con, that's a beautiful one! Congrats!
  7. +1 for sanding needles/sticks. Diamond files tend to be a bit too harsh for the soft plastic of bones, and shred things up even more.
  8. I hear ya on the prep work. I'm always in a rush to get to the fun part (painting), so I always miss a mold line somewhere. And then have to fix it after I've started laying down paint, because it'll bug me if I don't. Easier to deal with if you catch it in the beginning, but I still run into those problems anyway.
  9. Thanks for sharing! The WIP photo really helps clarify the process. I'll have to give something like this a try myself to add some levels to a piece!
  10. So, project 1: reclaim the work space. As a lot of you know, Sanael and I make up a 2-painter household, so we share a paint table. And occasionally paint together at the same table. We've posted our work area before in a couple of threads - let's just say that when two people in the same house go in for the same hobby as hard as we have for minis, you need a dedicated room for it. Unfortunately, we're currently suffering from a condition known as "show house*" combined with post-con explosion all over the craft room. *While not contagious, show house is a chronic condition suffere
  11. After ReaperCon, I'm flush with ideas, plans, and goals motivating my painting. One of those goals is to paint on a more regular basis, so I'm starting this WIP thread to provide a little outside motivation and accountability to keep me on track while my schedule goes crazy--unlike last year, when I came back inspired, but didn't manage to do any painting for several months! I've got several things which have been benched for various lengths of time in addition to the new projects I'd like to try, so I'll probably intermittently grab something off the shelf in the midst of starting somet
  12. I loved seeing this at ReaperCon, and it's great to see it again here. Out of curiosity, what did you use to carve out the burrows?
  13. Great to see another piece from you--I, for one, missed seeing you at ReaperCon! Those antlers are fantastic, and the weathering is a very nice touch. That's one of those things I'm still hesitant to do in fear of "messing up" the paint job (although it is rather the point of weathering, to an extent) so I always love seeing it done well. I'll look forward to that tutorial, too!
  14. QFT. Fiasco is great for creating shared history with folks, and excellent fodder for "Remember that time when..." conversations. Like, for example, "Remember that time when the Cannonball Cannibal turned into a monster and then we crashed a zeppelin into the big top to stop the rampage?" It's on my "must do" list for any ReaperCon I attend, that's for sure! (Also, kacey, if you need extra hands on deck to help facilitate Fiasco After Dark next year, I'm all about it.)
  15. It was my pleasure to paint her up, and your reaction was beautiful--I'm glad I got to hand her off in person!
  16. Yeah, I know. I figured you would hold me to it!
  17. Thanks for the shout out! It was delightful meeting as well.
  18. +1 to Sanael's suggestions. Also, I'm going to guess you prime your models in black, judging from the beard on the dwarf. Yellow is a notoriously translucent paint, and sometimes looks a bit "off" when the primer shows through--but can take a million tedious coats if you're going directly over black primer. To save a few steps, and enhance the richness of the color, you may want to do your first layer in a color with more coverage (the Reaper HD paints are designed for this, if I understand properly).
  19. Yep, what Sanael said. I have been itching to paint ever since we got back. A diorama idea is percolating, which will incorporate ALL of the classes I took (shaded basecoats/glazing/OSL/airbrushing...it's a bold idea, but I'm super excited about it). There's now a new airbrush sitting in our house. Still. in. the. box. I have a queue of minis in various stages of completion for the DragonLance game I'm running... But...the paints are still packed in the suitcase from ReaperCon (and we totally failed our will save to buy more paints). We really do have a ton going on right now. I'm go
  20. Likewise. I wish I had connected with you earlier in the con, Corporea! Hanging out at your table it's definitely on my to-do list for next year.
  21. That was hilarious. "You can gather around if you'd like..." and SWARM. I was basically sitting on Nissiana's shoulders. Sorry, Niss!This is true. Although since I took a knee in order to be eye level with the painting action, it was probably inevitable. No worries! (I totally intercepted some of Derek's awesome painting mojo, so we're square ;) Also, some of my other favorite moments: fangirling to Bob Ridolfi and learning what a lovely gentleman he is; fingerpainting and diorama brainstorming with James Wappel; late night painting jams in the lobby; Fiasco!; and of course catching up with
  22. Dibs on a Fiasco-related ribbon!
  23. I know you were there for this one, kacey3, but ReaperBryan missed out on the mystery of the London Slasher. I loved how we were ALL suspected of being the Slasher at least once over the course of the game--and how we were all just bumbling around trying to make one crime or another happen. A bloody magnificent good time!
  24. Out of curiosity (because I'm sorely tempted by it)...what's the story on Victoria Lamb's 1-on-1? It seems to be in the same time slot as one of her OSL classes on Saturday...am I misreading? EDIT - ReaperBryan's on it. Awesome!
  25. Corporea - glad you like punk-rock Astrid! I loved painting a wild hair color for a change, and I'm glad she's found a happy home! (Mortified that I took so long to get packages in the mail, but at least they seem to be arriving at last!)
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