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  1. I'll chime in with a welcome and some compliments as well -- I agree that this is an impressive first outing for greenstuff! I try to avoid using it, since I just usually make an unholy mess when I try to do anything more extreme than a bit of patching up. That base is nice work, and it looks like you've got some nice painting tips for moving forward. I'll add to the above that blacklining doesn't necessarily need to be done literally; that is, it doesn't always have to be black. Very dark shades work as well (and the "liner" paints in the Reaper Master Series line are designed to shine in this application). I find that dark browns (Walnut, Brown Liner) tend to look a little less stark than true black while providing the same amount of definition, and as you play with them more you'll find other colors you like to use as well.


    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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  2. Adrift, of course I couldn't let him show me up! ::P: Especially when it comes to elven rivalry...there are some major Silvanesti characters in an on-again-off-again game I've been running for over a decade at this point (whenever a quorum of the original team is in the same city, we have a marathon session...about one a year). Although, in the actual timeline of our craft room hijinks, I started mine and then he went out and found another Bones version, and then finished and posted her before I did <_<. I really need to learn how to paint faster....I'm working on it, but I still have a long way to go!


    Cash, thanks also for commenting on the lighting - I borrowed and slightly modified the color recipe from your gravedigger, for the light source. I feel like I'm in the process of leveling up my lighting game, but I'm not quite there yet. I may have to WIP my next attempt, and if I do I'll definitely be pinging you for another set of eyes on it.

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  3. Nissiana, your griffon came out beautiful!


    Thanks, Clint! He was a lot of fun to paint - I wish I had budgeted my time a bit better, though. I knew a little ahead of time that I love and can get lost in painting feathers, and I wound up shortchanging his claws and the base in the final few hours of working on him.



    Well done, everyone!


    I should have something for next week's Monday Miniatures. (Also, if you're on Twitter, there's #MiniatureMonday and #WIPWednesday out there to participate in.)

    Well, now. I might have to actually start using my twitter account! I'm @fightladytonya, for anyone who wants to join me in that endeavor.

  4. The evening was not going as planned for Lysanaliana. In fact, nothing about this trip had done so.


    Messenger after messenger had been turned away at the Silvanesti borders, heralds inviting the aloof elves to deign to send one of their fairest outside the realm, as a representative. As if dallying with half-breeds and vastly inferior cultures, some of whom lived...shudder...underground, could possibly be a worthwhile pursuit.


    And then the notice came that the Qualinesti, our wayward cousins, were being represented by a mere half-breed. Another message indicated that the barely civilised Kagonesti had even sent a representative. If they had waited any longer, the sea elves would be dragging themselves out of their briny depths, trailing seaweed on the floor and embarrassing all of the elves of Krynn. It just wouldn't do.


    And so Lysanaliana had been bundled off, quickly, at the last possible minute to demonstrate that the Silvanesti, the true elves and chosen of the gods of Krynn, were not to be disregarded.


    Bizzare tribal music poured out of the auditorium, jarring Lysanaliana's ears as she hurried to the "participants" entrance. Strode with purpose, rather. It would be unseemly to be seen hurrying. She felt a moment of pity for whomever poor unfortunate wretch felt that the arhythmic percussion represented "talent."


    Fortunately House Mystic had been kind enough to enchant her staff to light the way...




    Greetings, Lysana - so wonderful that you could join us at the last moment. Is there anything you would like to say?


    "My name is Lysanaliana, please do not mangle it so. I have arrived, you have seen me, must I stay?"

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  5. Sorry to hear about your news; divorce is a rough time for everybody involved, and I truly hope you're holding up well.


    Sanael and I were into the D&D PPMs for quite a while and have a pretty good collection ourselves, but we got out of collecting them toward the end as you did, since that's about the time we got heavily into painting our own minis. From what I recall, when collecting these models was hot, the Harbinger set had some pretty sought-after chase minis. Now that the game is defunct, and the stat cards are less useful for 4th edition D&D, I think the collector and gamer markets are falling off a bit.


    I just did a quick check on the Displacer Beast - back in the day I remember that it went for upwards of $80, but is now hovering around $15-16 on ebay. They did a Raistlin model later in the series that's still going for around $30, especially if the promo stat card for him is available. If you know (or can find out) the individual models which people might be chasing (named characters from the D&D campaign worlds like Raistlin, Drizzt, Tiamat, etc., or models which were rare among the rares like the D-beast), you might do better to list those individually - but beyond that, how you list groups is probably determined by your target audience and by how much work you want to put into creating the listings. A search for "DDM" on ebay will give you a pretty good idea of what other people are doing with their sales. I find creating individual ebay sales to be a tedious pain, so you probably want to consider what your time is worth as well for this endeavor. Some of the places listing individual minis are actually online storefronts, and probably have more time and resources to devote to maintaining their inventory and listings than the average fellow looking to offload a personal collection.


    A caveat to this: selling a complete set might net you a decent return, if you can find the buyer for it. It might take a while listing it--especially since most of the people looking for a complete set of Harbinger will likely have tracked it down before now, but you never know - someone might be looking to replace it, or looking for a set that they didn't get at the time it was readily available. This option has the added bonus of being MUCH easier to deal with in terms of listing and shipping.


    I hate moving - immensely. I can definitely understand wanting to offload something so you don't have to move it - but as others mentioned, if this is something you still use and enjoy (the D&D PPMS make weekly appearances as mooks in our D&D games), hang on to the ones you want. Sell what you don't use; in the long run, you probably won't miss them much, not when you're likely to paint up what you need.


    Best of luck!

  6. Usually I do what is mentioned above - lighter shades of your midtone in the highlights, working up toward white (Linen white is my white of choice, an off-white like Willen mentioned).


    If your blue is shifting toward black, though, I'm actually a fan of highlighting cool blacks with teal. I love P3's Coal black for exactly this reason--it's actually the darkest teal I've ever seen, and reads as black with enough coats. If your blue color is agreeable teal could be an interesting highlight for you to try.


    And Willen beat me to this point as well: The trick with the larger folds is not letting your highlights take over so much surface area that they look like they're now the primary color of the surface--that 3/4 rule is a good standard to use.

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  7. Looks like you're off to a good start! That samurai is a cool model, and he looks good in red. I also like the worm - he looks appropriately grungy, and the little accents of color work for me. Looking forward to seeing more paintups from you posted here - enjoy the Bones, they're fun to paint up!

  8. Thanks, everyone - glad you like her.


    Great job. I've always admired this sculpt, and you did it justice. I now have to add you to the list of people I hate because they paint better than I do (it's a lengthy list).

    Thanks for the compliment, but don't go hating me! I'm friendly, I promise. ::):


    Very nice. The face and hair are especially well done. My only nit would be that the cloak could use another highlight bump, but as you said, you were fighting it anyway, so why prolong the pain.


    Those eyes are stellar!


    I absolutely agree about the highlights, TS. Cloaks are just about my favorite thing to paint, and I would have loved to take the highlights up another notch or two. Once I got it to a halfway decent place where the paints didn't look chalky, I decided to call that good enough and stop the torment. Thanks for the compliment on the eyes - improving my eye game is one of my current painter self-improvement projects.


    I really love what you did with her eyes. That sounds really trite, but it's just the right amount of contrast to make it pop without that over-done raccoon look. It's like you watched a few segments on how to do good eye makeup first. ^_^


    Thanks! Personal confession: I didn't know a thing about how to do my own eye makeup until I had to learn for theatre! ::D:

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  9. Nice collection of classic minis! Somehow, I don't think I've seen Talisha before; I'll have to put her on my list to pick up. I have something of a soft spot for little ladies with big swords! On the critique side of things, absolutely go for higher highlights, deeper shadows. It's the general mantra around these parts, and an excellent place to start when you're looking for things to improve. Generally, if you're working within Reaper's MSP triads, you'll want to push even a bit further than the spectrum represented there -- the gradations are a nice place to start, but they tend to be a bit too subtle a difference between the darkest shadows you want and the highest highlight in the end.

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  10. I like those colors on Deladrin! She's one of my favorite models, yet I still haven't gotten around to painting her. I may have to steal that color scheme for one of my copies (I've had her in metal for years, and then she was in last year's Bones KS. Never pictured her as a blonde, but it definitely works.


    Also, that's a pretty sweet terrain piece in your diorama photo!

  11. I know that I'm appreciating the opportunity and motivation to work through some of these Bones...it's working wonders to help me actually complete some things and help speed up my painting time! I haven't finished 2 minis in 2 weeks since January :)

  12. Nice, clean work. Please do give the fellow some eyebrows. :;):


    Mission accomplished!




    Thanks so much for the critique and the links, Derek. Yes, that sash is certainly a failed attempt at working the lighting effect--I knew it didn't look "right," and now I have a better idea as to why. I can also see some places where I could have done a little more to brighten things a bit more overall on his upper torso - I think I was a little scared that the the hair and cloth would stop reading as black if I pushed it too much further, but it might actually serve to enhance the effect now that I study it a bit more. I'll definitely be putting some of your tips and tricks into practice on the next model, and continue exploring and researching the technique.


    Thanks again for the feedback, everyone. I appreciate the encouragement!

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