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  1. You are right...there are NEVER enough draconians! I'm a little sad I never got my hands on any of the D&D prepainted Sivaks...they were released after I stopped having an interest in the line and the associated miniature game. I haven't done much with repainting those models, but if Simple green isn't taking off the paint, then I think I'd just prime over it.
  2. This is a great "level-up" mini! Nice color scheme on this guy--wizards look good in purple. The darklining makes the details pop, and I particularly like the shading of the knob on the bottom of his staff. Better eyes this time, too! As far as continuing to level up the paintjob, you can still push your highlights higher, especially on your NMM areas. Glazes with your midtone shade will smooth out layer transitions the way you discovered the sealer coat can do, although without adding shine. Another fun trick with glazes--you can use them to smooth out the weathering on the scroll,
  3. I seriously love the Darksword minis. Elmore, Caldwell, and Parkinson created the 2D images that defined RPGs for me, and the Darksword sculptors have done a phenomenal job of translating those images into miniatures. For my present Dragonlance campaign, I'm using original Partha sculpts where I have them, but Darksword minis are definitley filling in some of the NPC gaps. I've got a couple on the paint table right now which are due to be finished for this week's game!
  4. Other tempting bait for Mr. Buglips might be my own personal Darksword weakness--some sculpts which, coincidentally, happen to look familiar. You're welcome.
  5. I'd also try to avoid painting directly from the flip-cap style bottles as much as possible. The more time they spend open, the more gunk will tend to accumulate. Use something (my favorite is a junky, mangled paint brush I've relegated to mixing & stirring duty) to transfer what you need to your palette, and then immediately seal up that pot. I'm in the process of transferring my few P3 paints to dropper bottles for the same reason...the amount of paint "lost" in the transfer is less than what I'd lose to drying & evaporation from the flip-cap.
  6. Thanks, Jabberwocky! I swear, there's magic in purple and teal. I was skeptical before, but I'm definitely sold after working on this piece! Although...after all the time I spent on this piece, I think I need a little break from it for a bit.
  7. What a blast from the past! I loved this game, still use bits from it in my D&D games. This guy looks great in blue - nice job!
  8. @Serenity - Thank you for the kind compliments. I'm glad you like the photos! @Catdancer, I'm always happy to answer questions. I got a lot of great input here on the boards when I first started figure painting, and I'm certainly happy to pay it forward. Ask me anytime! JackMann and GuyWithCoolBackpack hit on some good points with Layering and Glazing. Below is a general explanation of how I put those techniques to use: Layering: Working with thinned, slightly translucent paint in successively smaller areas to create highlights and/or shadows. The painted layers will work tow
  9. My go-to colors for warm-toned whites are 09748: The Ivory Bone triad (Stained Ivory/Yellowed Bone/Creamy Ivory), Linen white, and Pure white for super-duper bright whites. You can shortcut some steps in there, depending on how bright you're going. I've got a couple of samples at home of this mix in action-- I'll try to grab some quick photos tonight.
  10. @Catdancer & @MamaGeek, thank you so much for your compliments. To answer your question MamaGeek, this model earned a gold. Having seen the other entries at that level, I'm quite humbled! I had no idea what to expect going into the Con--I was giddy and grinning like a fool when this was announced, there are plenty of witnesses to that fact.
  11. 14 would be a banner month for me. Even 4 would be a banner month for me. That unit is looking sharp! I like that Sophie, too. Someday I'll get around to painting mine!
  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone. She truly was a blast to paint. I secretly LOVE painting whites. Hair, cloth, metal, any kind of surface will do, warm or cold tones...I like experimenting with the shading, and I'm a bit of a painting masochist. The secret to the shadows on this particular one is a bit of desaturated teals in the shadow mix to tie the white in with all of the other teal on the model. Otherwise the shades go from Stained Ivory through Creamy Ivory into Linen White. Noel, my paint technique is mostly a combination of layering and some very patient glazing, espe
  13. I think the OP is referring to one of the Kickstarter paints, which backers could pick up at ReaperCon if they'd pledged for them. If I recall correctly, these paints will eventually join the RMS paint line after the KS orders have been fulfilled. I had the opportunity to use a little Nightmare Black at the con (Thanks, Adrift!), and I found it very similar in color to Blue Liner, at more of a paint consistency. Edit: Yep, looks like Nightmare Black is part of the Undead Paint color set from the KS!
  14. A week back from ReaperCon, and we finally got the photo setup in action so I could take some photos of my contest entry from this year. Without further ado: I'm very pleased with the end result. I've never entered a painting contest before, so I wanted a piece that would challenge me but also be fun to paint, and she definitely fit the bill. A special thank you goes to GuyWithCoolBackpack for providing the greenstuff and glue for her final assembly. I had been finishing the paintjob while traveling the week before the con, and my superglue didn't survive the flight. Fo
  15. You know, I think I never chimed in and on this challenge...since I just started laying in basecoats on my dragon, I'm officially joining the party!
  16. I like this model in the bright, bold colors - gives her kind of a superhero feeling. I think Sanael's on to something with the lining - I'm not surprised that the liners don't play well with bare Bones, and you'll probably have more luck with coverage trying to line on top of a basecoat (this is generally how I paint lining all the time, anyway...I usually paint up and down from the mid-tone, so I wind up using my shadow colors to fix any flubs in the lining as I go. Of course, YMMV). Nice precision on those eye dots! If you really want to level up your eye game, I can't recommend eno
  17. I believe the person using their hand as a brush wipe is Sanael; though I expect it's more like he's using it as a palette. Yep, that's definitely Sanael. And I think it's a little of both brushwipe and palette, although he'd have to tell you for sure....
  18. Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!
  19. I think you've identified my biggest hurdle right there! Thanks for sharing a bit of your process.
  20. I dig that freehand, and like the spring-y color palette you have going on here--does a nice job of setting the tone of the diorama.
  21. I'm totally stealing this as a tongue-twister warmup for my acting students!
  22. I'm quite jealous of your speed paint skills--she looks great! With freehand to boot...I'm doubly impressed. Any time-saving tips for us slow, methodical painters?
  23. Well, I did a quick comparison test of my shaking options earlier this evening. While I've had fun saying "For Science!" all evening, this is only a very general, quick test -- not a thorough scientific foray . For anyone who's interested, here are my findings: Test #1: Dental shaker Picked this dental shaker up on Ebay second hand several years ago. It's a beast, and the low setting is usually plenty for any application I've needed, including shaking the air bubbles out of Hirst Arts molds. The first paint volunteer of the evening is RMS Shadow green. For my tests, I stuck
  24. I've recently uncovered my old ultrasonic cleaner, having discovered that my ceramic palette fits inside. Also, my Bones are going to be taking trips through it during prep. I'll have to give its paint shaking feature a try! Come to think of it, I also have a dental shaker from my HA mold-casting heyday. If I can find it in the disaster that is the craft room, I'll break it out for some side-by-side comparisons. I've got some paints seperating which should be a good test.
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