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  1. As an unofficial point of preference - I can get memes anywhere, it's the banter here I enjoy much more.
  2. We've been sick with the non-plague. Here's hoping the kid makes it through the school day.
  3. Basing my RCon swag and pondering which ones need converting into SciFi. I have both a Five Leagues from the Borderlands campaign going and a new Five Parsecs From Home campaign planned for the winter, so "all of them" is not the best answer in this particular specialized case.
  4. As a mod, I was dreading reading the thread based on its title. I am delightfully glad to have been wrong.
  5. Quick, change up your costume so the wound is part of it!
  6. I've broken out the 6mm granny-grating Lord of the Rings armies again and I'm building out the Dwarves and Rohirrim.
  7. Request sent, from "Spielorjh".
  8. I've used the PokeRaid app to very good effect.
  9. I also hate that. I also hate the realization that I've been That Guy on more than one occasion...
  10. I could never get one cat to piledrive the other with this method. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I did! Several, and they're still in boxes after a cross country move in 2020.
  12. Two flying 1914 Great Power naval fleets for the game "Castles in the Sky" by Blood and Spectacles / Osprey Wargames. It is set a couple decades after the failed Martian invasion as faithfully chronicled by H. G. Wells, in the tense peace just prior to The Great War: Each fleet has two battleships, four cruisers, and six escorts, set up generically so I can play whichever nations I want just by swapping flags. The battleships are roughly 70mm from stern to bow. The superstructures and flying spars are Lego-compatible pistols and rifles. The rest is made of wooden coffee-stirrers and plastic card.
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