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  1. Wait, I thought the Star Wars ships used ILM drives...
  2. which reminds me I should set up Dracovember this year. Perhaps I should warn my mom first.
  3. Several. There are worse things in life. If only my career were as varied and fulfillling as his. The truck is on the fridge, the front yard is up on blocks, and the porch is on the couch. These are good cold meds I'm on. Enh. To create (music, art, etc) is to worship the Creator. I have strong opinions on this.
  4. (I'm still really upset about Dark Matter getting canceled.)
  5. Tests are all negative, we can get on with being merely normally miserable.
  6. The kid and Mrs. Froggy are down with The Crud. The Kid had a strep test (negative) and a C-19 test (waiting for results) and so he can't go back to school yet. Sigh. Also, I want to get a ukelele banjo and tune it like a mandolin.
  7. My grandmother the science nerd and chemistry teacher's ashes were too much for her urn (made by one of her fantastically talented sons) so I happen to know most of the excess ended up in an Erlenmeyer flask in my parents' china cabinet. She would approve.
  8. I had an old friend over last night and we played Bug Hunt. It was a fun game and awkward conversation. I've completely forgotten how to Social Human and even nerd small talk is exhausting.
  9. My first dog was a 12 year-old beagle that...looked at me...at an SPCA stand we hadn't intended to walk past. Old dogs are awesome and he was my Good Boy for two more years until cancer finally took him.
  10. I've been advocating for the wider use of Latrine Mimics for years.
  11. "Soffit Vents" would be a horrible name for a band.
  12. The interview a month or so ago passed me up for something that was basically me + one other skill. The interview a Monday ago appears to have been a friendly bust as well. Back to the job boards.
  13. Weirdly enough, Brutus's latest good news is a load off my mind and I confess I hadn't really been paying attention. I am quite happy for all concerned.
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