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  1. Yeah, forget the cods, this one's gonna need a sturgeon.
  2. Keep it up and I'll call the cods.
  3. Seriously, you're giving me a haddock.
  4. Froggy the Great

    Dracula's America "Dark Confederacy" posse

    She's the Victorian Dame: https://www.reapermini.com/search/victorian/latest/50326 I added the Totally Realistic Western Gun and the hat.
  5. Froggy the Great

    Dracula's America "Dark Confederacy" posse

    1. White primer 2. 2x layers of RMS Flesh Ink, undiluted, on the skin bits. 3. 1 layer of RMS flesh ink 1:1:1 with flow improver and brush-on sealer over all the white bits. 4. Silver over metal bits. 5. Brown ink over wooden bits. 6. Grey Liner 1:1:1 with flow improver and brush-on sealer over vests and belts, shoes etc. 7. 1-2 layers of Black Ink 1:1:1 with flow-improver and brish-on sealer over everything. 8. Splodge the eyes, since your Black is runnier than you expected. Ragequit for 8 minutes. 9. Highlight white wherever needed. 10. Red Ink on fringes and occasionally fabric meetups. 11. Bases tan Stylynryz primer from the RCon swag bags a couple years ago. 12. 1-2x layers of black ink/brush-on sealer over the tan primer. 13. Look up appropriately overdignified antebellum Respectable Folk names to mark on the bottom so you won't forget.
  6. Froggy the Great

    Will the KS frigate be usable?

    This is quite accurate. I got spoiled by cheap plastic hoplites and Romans during my Hail Caesar phase and then I went into Frostgrave and fantasy minis again and OH MY GOODNESS. Ow. I also could fight a navel battle 2x the size of Trafalgar with all the 1:900 fully rigged papercraft sailing ships I have in a tub under my desk. [War Artisan dot com] is great. I intend to purchase too many of these guys at retail and redo the masts to be irritating I mean accurate, and rig most of them as closely as I can. ish.
  7. Froggy the Great

    Dracula's America "Dark Confederacy" posse

    I present my Dark Confederacy posse for Dracula's America, the followers of Ms. Ludella Whitehand. Service is for life. And afterwards.
  8. This I must emulate.
  9. I can only imagine the migraines in store for your general biome.
  10. Anywhere else, I'd say "latrine mimics", but yeah. Angry pigs. Angry fireproof pigs. Angry fireproof pigs that all gain 1d4 to their attacks every time someone makes a Charlotte's Web or Big Bad Wolf reference.
  11. I must steal this. Remind me to do so when it hits retail.
  12. Idiots, explosives, and falling anvils.
  13. Froggy the Great

    Acidic Ooze Yakuza

    Next up: These guys, but vikings.
  14. This generally a safe option regardless of circumstance.