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  1. If it comes, may it be swift, merciful and on his terms. May you be spared that hardest decision.
  2. Played my first game of 7tv yesterday, and started a new Five Parsecs From Home campaign today...
  3. It's not really my thing, but "Good Morning" to all of you who celebrate.
  4. Lola was a 30-lb hound with standard black&tan coloring. Possibly a Feist, which I gather is a sort of Carolina hunting dog breed that you never ever find purebred.
  5. Lola, my Best Dog Ever, passed away last Tuesday after a short illness. I've done the grief thing before so I know how it goes. We're working through it. ish.
  6. "...I told him to fix the dang thing and to leave my personal life out of it."
  7. Our one cat Kira is 17 and has thyroid issues. Our other cat Moony is about 10 and is an orally-fixated jerk. Our one dog Lola is almost 10 and is losing hair on her tail, is still The Prettiest Girl, and is the most food-motivated organism I have ever seen. Our other dog Bella is maybe 8 and is a Yorkiefloof mix, currently shaved to look like a rat due to hair mats. The fish and snails....are. Timothy the All-Devouring lost half a forearm in a possibly cricket-related altercation but is still snatching flies out of the air like the highly specialized ambush predator he is. These are the 9 authorized nonhumans. We also just got ourselves a long-overdue carpet shampooer. That's right, we're using sham poo to clean up the real poo. I look for the time when my house no longer smells like the wrong end of cat and/or dog.
  8. I keep forgetting what I was going to say.
  9. Frost/Stargrave could be fun and only needs a 2x2, which is a very good thing. 12 Parsecs From Home I don't know about, but Five Parsecs From Home is excellent though solo. I've played (I think) most editions of it at great length and have running characters that keep showing up.
  10. I forgot what I was going to say. So a couple friends from church and I are getting together tomorrow to push around some toy soldiers. What should we play?
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