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  1. When I go to take pics of the second army, these will figure in the background.
  2. Here are four pieces of fungal terrain for the game Turnip28, made from bits of the Tree of Despair, nearly every fungal folk Reaper makes, and expanding insulation foam: The final piece is The Swelling, a deployable piece of hazardous terrain for one of the cults your regiment can follow within the Turnip28 game.
  3. The giant maggots are out of stock. Curses. I was going to convert 12 of them to root vegetables.
  4. Green and maybe some violet liner is indicated., methinks.
  5. This looks really neat! I'll have to try that. It's really unwieldy otherwise.
  6. The paint on the expanding foam has dried, and it looks less like poop and more like the horrible plugs of lint you'd pull out of a drainpipe that you'd nevertheless not want to touch.
  7. Brown Liner on expanding insulation foam looks like poop. That is all.
  8. It's the sort of Wednesday where I realize halfway through a quoted reply that it makes no sense to anyone and not in a good way. So instead: Kid is back in school. Yesterday was hot and Summer. Today is torrential rain and Definitely Not Summer Anymore.
  9. This is not the founder of R.I.B.B.I.T. but someone clearly broke into the boardroom to get this portrait. TADPOLL-8 protocol has been initiated.
  10. So I have an army ready to prime. Do I prime it? Do I work towards finishing a project? No. Instead, I kitbash a porkalope.
  11. I learned to play tenor banjo, having been turned on to Irish music by a fellow forumite who dropped a throwaway line about getting a tin whistle. I guess that counts.
  12. Second Turnip28 regiment is ready to prime. First (painted) Turnip28 regiment is waiting for me to get out the expanding foam for creating its swelled monstrosity of a special weapon. I have to have enough queued up to finish the can, since it cures in the tube once I start. Rebelminis is my first go-to, and a surprising number of the Reaper familiars do work for 15mm. CAV does too, but you have to be really choosy about what you use for what since it's 10mm better scaled for 6mm.
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