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  1. I played in a new D&D game yesterday, starting at level 1. My attempts to talk the goblins over to our side lasted just long enough for the rest of the party to horribly murderize them and desecrate the bodies. Sigh, alas, still had fun.
  2. At one Irishfest a couple years ago I saw a class dance a reel to Baby Shark. It was amazing.
  3. I would imagine they'd have been briefed attacked shortly after deployment.
  4. Corrupted Troopers for use with Nordic Weasel's game "Bug Hunt", made with parts from Reaper's giant spiders and Nova Corp soldiers:
  5. "A group of six Nopes is called a Nah Fam."
  6. Mother and children? 3/10, would not babysit.
  7. If this hair clip is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  8. The bodies are various Bones goblins, with at least one bloodstone gnome and and one halfling in there somewhere.
  9. If anyone really wanted to spread contagion, they would just have to cough a lot when those were being made.
  10. Whereas Rochester NY might get a couple inches today but is so far falling below its normal snowfall expectation. Please note that as the primary driveway-shoveler in the household I am NOT issuing a challenge. ...I'm still glad we fled SC while we could.
  11. I'd love to Game but I've lost the ability to People.
  12. I know it was a a major blow (but a satisfying end) when my Five Leagues from the Borderlands crew lost all but two heroes to permadeath in one climactic fight. At this point, not even story points will save the party.
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