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  1. I forgot what I was going to say. Again. Oh deer.
  2. Thank you all. It was good! We went out to eat at a local place, ran into some old neighbors purely by chance, and then I rescued the kid from between the two back fences during a power outage. It was mostly good. A lot of individual parts were good. Look, I'll come in again...
  3. You missd: 1999 -- solemnification of the obvious between two young froggies.
  4. I loved Mordheim, except for facing my friend's vampire lord that needed like four consecutive 6s to take down. Frostrgrave was great and then Covid. I have Stargrave and fully intend to play some day, but Five Parsecs From Home is scratching that itch for me at present.
  5. Five Parsecs From Home crewmember Lysette Franks, who has already blown up your tanks: Bones USA, modified.
  6. Now that I have seen your Oompas Loompa, I need to make a crew of Gru and Minions.
  7. I show page 999. I'll transition it when I get a round tuit.
  8. Especially as the tinfoil hat actually serves as an antenna for the mind-control rays we're absolutely not broadcasting from an undisclosed location near you.
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