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  1. Very nifty. I painted up a wraith as Sheila with a lightsabre for some reason: https://www.deviantart.com/spielorjh/art/Sheila-43104688
  2. I wonder how well Santa Invictus would fit into Turnip28 with some appropriate converting.
  3. Is the game with the Reapercon cards something that would work outside of Reapercon?
  4. Today is apparently both National Random Acts of Kindness Day and National Cabbage Day. HAPPY RANDOM ACTS OF CABBAGE DAY! Today is apparently both National Random Acts of Kindness Day and National Cabbage Day. HAPPY RANDOM ACTS OF CABBAGE DAY!
  5. I probably said this before, but I love the bot!
  6. I got a haircut yesterday and I actually look my age. This unpleases me.
  7. I played my first solo adventure with Four Against Darkness last weekend, ended up meeting two dragons, each of which offered a quest to bring them the head of the other.
  8. The Nordic Weasel solo /Co-op games like Bug Hunt, Five Parsecs, and Five Leagues would also work.
  9. All we need is a dire carpenter and we can have the Wonderland Beach of Horrors.
  10. I have it on good authority that the demo Wegmans store is a grocerial wonder to behold, the one down the street does not carry stroopwafels.
  11. Next time I do a Five Leagues From the Borderlands campaign, they'll appear on the Nordic Weasel discord.
  12. The leather was the Super Wash: Leather Brown. For the final coat I did a light white drybrush just to pick out the details that weren't popping.
  13. First off I tried to paint some orcs in this Slap-Chop method I keep hearing about. Seems to have worked. Next, I converted up some desert bug-people for the latest expansion of Five Leagues From the Borderlands, The Chitter:
  14. I love these! I have a bunch of the robot limb donors and should I ever want to distract myself from the painting backlog by increasing it, I shall remember this!
  15. I had my first "trying to pack for a move and the truck is waiting and there's always more" stress dream in a few months. Huh.
  16. Sad today - one of my old neighbors just posted he entered hospice last week. We weren't close and this isn't a surprise, but he was a good neighbor and we were friends. I raise a stroopwafel and a jovially unmown lawn to him this morning.
  17. So a three-legged dog limps into a saloon and growls "I'm a'lookin for the man that shot mah paw."
  18. You beat me to it. Hard yes recommend on all these.
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