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  1. About the only thing I can say is........wow. I'm disgusted and yet.....baffled. Thanks kit for the gross out session.
  2. I myself modify 1/28th scale rc cars and race them. As spike can attest to, I've got quite the challenge ahead of me.
  3. Steer clear of the whole Missouri/ Illinois area then. Seems like the majority of guys around here are either douchers or a-holes. most of the women around here are too. and it's a wonder I can't really get a date. I seem to be in the minority.
  4. Not bad, but another piece of advice that I would like to give is that whenever people have multiple things to show off, we tend to cluster them in the same post so as not to take up forum space for others to get their work critiqued. Other than that, welcome to the forums and have fun with posting some really good work.
  5. reminds me of free range chicken....for those who get the joke, it's rather odd and obscure. Seriously though, not bad.
  6. Yeah, I'd have the money for that, but most of my time/resources/money is spent on the X-mods rc cars. I am reminded that I should one day post a pic of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I upgraded, as it's insane looking.
  7. http://arjandpoopy.com/ep5.html since we're talking about funny pets.
  8. Awesome work as usual, but I have to ask, the lower part of the legs reminds me of something I've seen in Robotech before, would I be far off in saying so? Either way, it seems like a pretty natural extension of the leggings. My imagination is running about how something like this would look transforming. Edit: After looking, I know where those legs came from! They're from a gundam model. I could probably tell ya which one too. Looks almost like a RGM unit I own. It could also be from the Zeta Gundam Model in the high grade series. http://www.animeusa.com/msz006-zeta-gundam...form-p-941.html
  9. Kay, first things first. Outstanding improvements spike. I never get to post on this forum before because I could never seem to get my intarweb to work without it crashing when I post anything on this specific forum. Secondly..............lol....here we go. R4M, chill. You're getting worked up and everyone has not jumped your butt. In fact, we've all been really, REALLY nice about it. If you want an example of just WHY I say we're being real nice about it, just ask me about my interaction with a woman by the name of Orestae on another board. See, I had it the same way as you only one thousand percent worse. Her crew and her basically pushed me out of that forum. Not so here. Just giving you a heads up, mon'ami.
  10. I so needed to hear this after not even a couple of hours ago. I had one of THOSE types of customers.
  11. While that is a very good point, I think it's just part of the complex psyche that causes the bad seeds to behave in....well, the manner they do. Alot of it stems from inadequacy as well as several other psychological shortcomings and poor developments. Unfortunately, we see this sort of thing all to often in gamestores because many gamestores are the only places where some people actually feel they fit in. While I'm not defending their behavior or condoning it, I will say that for some, a game store or a gaming circle is a person's sanctuary from the abuse that they used to/still are suffering from certain members of the "outside world". What they sadly don't realise is that the people abusing them are just one tiny facet of the society as a whole, and if they were to both literally and metaphorically "clean up their act", as it were, they would probably enjoy it a great deal. Granted, I sadly realise that for some outcasts, there are things that doom them from the start. I know a guy at one of my local haunts that is at least 250 pounds overweight at the very least, and has stretch marks on his lips as a result (they form where the raised portion of his lips go to where his nose is, where normally, there is a bit of a ridge of skin. with him, they are just massive stretch marks). Unfortunately, because of how negative a great deal of the society as a whole is, they will not accept someone like that and ridecule him for his problems. In his case, I would say that any sort of sanctuary where he can interact with people that would accept him on a whole and where he can interact with his peers without being judged is a godsend. I also realise that there are yet another type of people out there that know just about everything I've said, if not moreso, and yet continue to act and have the hygiene et al that the other groups have. These have no excuse and do not deserve any sympathy whatsoever. What makes it hard on the other two groups is where you discern where this third type is and who you'd lump into the other categories.
  12. While I haven't personally experienced any of the truly creepy types, I will say that I have experienced the freakishly ignorant of hygiene, the ultra-concerned about their games, the serious poor sports that have no social qualities to speak of, and numerous others. Case in point. During the weekend of thanksgiving last year, a LGS held a food drive/gaming contest for a relatively popular wargame. The members of this group expelled a high caliber player just because they did not want to lose to him, despite the fact that he was good and it was thanksgiving and they wanted as many volunteers and as many donated food items as possible. Socially, I refuse to associate with that type of people just because of the behavior they displayed, before, during, and after. It makes me wonder how said people manage in society at large. Onto the hygiene example. I've noticed that a good majority of the people that I game with at most establishments end up being so foul smelling that I cannot interact with them. I remember express examples of times when I've almost asked people "do you know what a bath or a shower is?" just because I worry about the dirt and grease and grime that covers them and emits a stench. Personally, if I even go an hour without a shower, I feel like dirt is covering my body and my hair and I just feel disgusting. How people can live like that is just beyond me. Funny side story is that I too have been called creepy for being respectful and chivalrous, serious embarassment if you ask me. I was just trying to ask a friend of this girl if she was single, and she ends up telling said friend to tell me to go away (which I do because she's not worth my time as a result anyway.)
  13. As much as I loved POTC and those look cool, I gotta say either..... http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/TF/products/music.html this or..... http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/TF/products/sports.html that does it for me.
  14. you do realize that by posting the above post, you've 'inspired' several dozen people to now go on ebay and type up 'hello kitty' and see what they find? darnit, but now I'm tempted to.
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