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  1. Personally I love that Reaper is doing some more SciFi oriented figures. I love the fantasy figs for sure, but currently I play Rifts(SciFi) and Deadlands(Weird West). Im glad I will get to support the company and people I love and get some figures that will get some table time!
  2. Great paint job! OSL is fantastic!
  3. Fantastic job on this one. Beyond the great colors and transitions, I really like how well the lining is.
  4. Those look great Wren! I wasn't tempted by these until I saw how you painted them!
  5. I have this model and I have been wondering what to do with it. You have done a great job here and Derek has even said as much. You have really upped the ante for the rest of us on this one!
  6. Very nicely done. I like how you kept the figure monotone, but used color for the base as contrast.
  7. Thanks everybody! I submitted him into the Inspiration gallery and there are bigger pics on my blog. It is really nice to hear some positive feedback instead of my usual worst critic.....myself.
  8. Very nicely done. I like the purple shading.
  9. Really nice job here. Blues look really good and I like the NMM.
  10. After having a really terrible year of problems, I finally managed to finish painting a mini! I am a little rusty, but I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things! Hopefully you fine folks agree! C&C are very welcome and appreciated!
  11. Nice work. I like the colors you used. My guess for the nose problem would be only shade one side of the nose. In the picture it seems there is shading on both sides. Hope that helps a bit.
  12. is still trying to be a good painter

  13. I would say since you have a purple-pink hair and mostly red for her clothes I would think to do the corset in an orange shade to keep the colors complimentary.
  14. Congrats on the win. That Geisha looks amazing!
  15. That is amazing! I really love the blending on the armor, and the lion skin looks fantastic! Great job on the basing too!
  16. I really appreciate all the advice and responses I got from my first set of questions, but now i have a few more: 1. What exactly are the liners for in the MSP? How do you use them? 2. I have read the "Let it Flow" article on the main page and noticed it discussed the Pro Paints, but now that the MSP are out, how is the Flow Improver in that line? Is is good for a beginner, or do you wonderful paint masters have a better suggestion/mix for me to make messes with? 3. Just because it doesn't state it, is the brush on sealer matte finish? or I am confusing it with another product? Thank you again in advance for you replies, Bloodthorn
  17. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THIS BE A "FAILED" EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!!! Just because he has a more anime-ish look to his coloring in no way implies failure. Your painting technique is superb! You stated yourself that you wanted to deviate from your usual, and you did. I think the mini looks fantastic, and I like the colors. It is good to go bold every no and then. Keep up the incredible work, and continue to do a little deviation now and agian, it is good for the soul.
  18. Nice Job! I really like the detail of shadows in the ridges/plates of her armor. Her face looks like there is a little too much shadow tone around her lips, but that might just be the picture. Grats to you on your fine work!
  19. Here is my noob 2 cents: As a beginner in the vast world of painting miniatures, I came here for advice about paints, brushes and various techniques, all of which I have found. Buglips has been very helpful, and I am one of the people he "harassed" about the LTP kits. I have read some of the various posts about paint preferences and have decided to slowly get into the MSP line. I have a small hobby budget, and I really like the value of the LTP kits. BUT, I have to agree with the others in stating that the idea of getting a strip of pots is a major turn off of getting those sets. Even if it is the same MSP in a pot, trying to store 3-4 strips of pots along with my MSP bottles will be a hassle. I have to agree with Buglips that if the price raise isnt too bad ($5-10) then PLEASE keep the MSP bottles in the kits! Maybe a petition would help? /signed Bloodthorn
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