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  1. Nice job. I really like the color of the hair. Simple colors, but I like it.
  2. Welcome back. The plumage on this is great. The SENMM is cool. Overall, cool fig.
  3. I really like the colors that you've chosen for the bard mini. I haven't had the chance to take my hand to this fig yet. The blue looks really great on this fig. Also thanks for showing your photo setup for taking pictures.
  4. That funny. I like that. I was a little confused until I read the link that you provided. Nice job.
  5. That is really cute. Nice job highlighting the pink. I like the reflection in the eyes.
  6. Great job, Qwyk. Fantastic detail on the base. I like the blue hair. I like the color of the armor. Man, I really have to get this fig and try my hand at her.
  7. Really cool sculpt. I like the furry wings. Is it possible to get a copy of it? I would love to put my D&D players up against this creature. PM if I can get a copy.
  8. I like the two shades of read on this mini. It really makes him look bloodthirsty. Great job.
  9. Wow. That is an absolutely fantastic paint job. I like the dark schem that you've chosen. And the blood and broken beads really adds to the mini. How did you make the boots have a nice black leather look to them?
  10. I like the color scheme that you've chosen for this fig. And the yellow and blue flames look good. I'm still waiting for this mini to come in the mail. Can't wait to try my hand on her.
  11. They all look really good, but I think that some highlighting would make some really big differences in a couple of these minis.
  12. That is really impressive for a first time mini. Tell her to keep it up.
  13. Wow. That is absolutely fantastic. I love the pink wings and the face. It is definitely different, but unique. Glad to see that you are back.
  14. Great job. The highlighting is fantastic. I am now tempted to take her off of shelf of shame and paint her.
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