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  1. Just change the wording from "within 2 inches" to "up to 2 inches distant" :)
  2. In Poland we use one additional technique when dipping. As one usually has to thin down the stain (it's too thick simply!) with proper thinner/diluter (ask in your stain store) around 4:1 - 6:1 stain:thinner, there's still some thinner left. So, we basically wet some big, flat brush (like the one you use for basecoating bases) with this thinner and, after the mini gets dipped and shaken, "drybrush" the stain off the raised areas of the mini. I mean, we make a move as if we were drybrushing (to touch just the raised areas) with a brush a bit wet (but not dripping!) with the thinner. Gives dipped minis more contrast and depth, is extremely simple and the final effect looks great :)
  3. Thanks for the warm words, guys. The metallics are indeed something I'm satisfied with, took some attempts to make them look this way. Excuse me for the shine on the cloak - it's Brush-on Sealer (9107), which gives a satin finish. I'm going to spray the whole guy with matte varnish (and pick up metallics with some satin/gloss brush-on) anyway, but used the sealer after finishing the highlighting job on the cloak. It's actually 9070 Mahogany Brown highlighted towards Clear Red 9094 (with some Blodd Red on the way), with a bit of brown-black mix slightly brushed into the recess (after all the highlighting). Sooo... two Crusaders painted, ~15 left to go
  4. OK, this time Gerard got some paint love I bought myself a new lamp (with white light) and a tripod, these are my first photos done using both and with flash turned off. I like the effect - photos look better than the mini in real Tried painting some freehands. I suck at it, definitely :? - but it was worth a shot and mini doesn't look as dull as before. Please, don't look at the base. It's my first attempt at using water effect, tried doing a transparent "rectangle of water" and failed miserably. Just pretend there's no base Sooo... what do You think?
  5. I've been playing Warhammer (both of them, actually) and RAW (Rule As Written) attitude is slowly winning (backed up even by Alessio Calvatore, author of WFB 7th ed rulebook) with all the "fluff mumblers", with the latter trying to preserve the spirit of the game and rules' authors' intent. That's what drives me away from Warhammer - can You imagine that Wood Elves Battle Standard Bearer cannot take normal bow (as with any two-handed weapon), but can take a magical one, as the latter one doesn't fall into "bows" category, because "treated as bow" isn't written in its rules? This is sick and I'm glad to see that my new love, Warlord, has a community with very "healthy" attitude towards rules, throwing RAW into trash in favor of sportsmanship and spirit of the game.
  6. You came up with this idea in june? After playing WL for at least a year and hell lot of games? Damn, I came with that idea during an intro game last sunday, which was maybe ~20th WL game in my life. I feel sorry and stupid for playing that trick, though. I knew there was something "wrong" with it on "sport" level. Seems too much of Warhammer background, where "rules as written" are above and beyond any "spirit of the game" and other "fluff mumbling" (as it's sometimes called with disrespect)
  7. I'm collecting two armies, Crusaders and Nefsokar, and plan to include some more powerful models than the ones I already have, chosen with "ooooooh, what a beautiful mini!" attitude I know that in Crusaders the most playable soldiers (in terms of effectivenes to cost relation) are Justicars and Lion's Lancers. What are the most cost-effective soldiers in Nefsokar army? Besides Mummy Tomb Guard, of course - they kick some serious butt
  8. Does a model with Critical Shot inflict 2 points of damage only when using this SA (i.e. sacrificing non-combat action, adding to RAV), or anytime they shoot? I would opt for the first interpretation, but the part about 2 points being a separate paragraph does stimulate doubt...
  9. Another day, another promo game Same table, same armies (sorry - I've only two), same scenario, different player and spectators. Deployment phase http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_02.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_04.jpg Nefsokar advancing pretty rapidly (they really want to get the treasured, greedy dead bastards) http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_05.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_06.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_07.jpg Ivy Crown Archers placed in a great sniping position, supporting crusader's attempts to grab the treasure at the bottom of the canyon http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_08.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_09.jpg Don't try this at home, kids - Sword Stand requires soft ground and steady hand! http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_12.jpg Some in-game situations following http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_14.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_16.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_17.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...10-14/14_18.jpg That's all, folks Painting of armies is in progress, slow progress, but I'm trying to paint them on a level just to such beautiful sculpts.
  10. First things first: excuse me if it's not the proper subforum for such thread - and if it's indeed not, please move it to proper one This weekend we're doing some Warlord promo gaming on famous miniatures con (mostly comprised of tourneys of GW games, some other games, painting contest etc.). Especially for this occasion, Zahor has created a wonderful themed table for these WL promo games. Materials were funded by Nilgar, owner of Sindarion store. The gaming itself was lead by me (soon-to-apply-to-BL) and Zahor, with Nameless (from Jama store) commenting and generally interfering I'm heading to lead today's (sunday) games, so just a few links to photos of the table, the game and set-up stills of table with randomly placed minis. Excuse the strange "background", but the whole con is placed in school and we (including both Reaper-selling stores, Sindarion and Jama) had one classroom for our stuff. Jama's prepared for selling http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...07-10-13/0a.jpg Sindarion's too http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...07-10-13/0b.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...07-10-13/0c.jpg Aforementioned table, waiting for minis http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/1.jpg Deployment phase. On the left we have two casual spectators (both decided to give Warlord a try - one even bought some blisters and asked a lot about Warlord rulebook and translation that I'm doing in my spare time), on the right there's Zahor (maker of the table) in yellow t-shirt and me http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/2.jpg And we're off! Crusaders and Nefsokar both fight to recover some treasures from ancient and forgotten Nefsokar temple in canyon area somewhere in Taltos. http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...07-10-13/2b.jpg Zahor is a good WL player (holy crap, better than me!), but I'm not going to give him an easy match! (PS. This face WAS intentional, dammit!) http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/3.jpg The temple, with Netikerti and one Tomb Guard (proxied from GW one - sorry, they look so cool, I just had to use them... besides I didn't have the Reaper original ones) http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/4.jpg Nefsokar, commanded by Zahor, advance rapidly. http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...07-10-13/4b.jpg After grabbing both treasures on the bottom of the canyon, Crusaders decide to go up the hills and rule there (turned out it's going to be harder than it sounds) http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/5.jpg Mummies have grabbed the treasure from the center of the temple and are pulling it towards Nefsokar deployment zone. http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/6.jpg Set-up still: Halbarad surrounded by Nefsokar http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/7.jpg Clash of three armies (another set-up still): Crusaders, Nefsokar and Nameless' Overlords (thanks dude!) http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/8.jpg http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/warlord/bazylisz...007-10-13/9.jpg Good table + Hirst blocks + Warlords = hell lot of fun! I'm off to today's games, with my own camera - promise to bring some better photos I promise I'm going to paint both armies (Crusaders and Nefsokar) soon It seems the Warlord community in Warsaw is slowly building up, with Nilgar and Zahor joining me and Konrad, despite me being such a crappy promoter
  11. Thanks for fast reply :) BTW, "against any corner" - does that include also both corners on the edges of rear side?
  12. Hello, we've been always playing with friends this way: because corner-to-flat is not a Valid Base-to-Base, the model whose corner it is cannot perform neither Attack nor Defensive Strike. This way when there were many Attackers, only some of them (the ones touching flat side of defender's base) could be hit with Defensive Strike (the ones touching flat-to-defender's-corner couldn't be Def. Striked*) However, during recent game and thorough reading of the rulebook and RAGE Chronicles, I've stumbled upon a sentence (on the first page of RCh) about Defensive Strike being possible even to corners (though normal Attack is still impossible this way). But, the problem is, it had a square bracket [First Printing Only], and I couldn't find relevant fragment in my second printing (Nov 2004). So, what are the rules? So as for now we're pretty confused whether Def. Strikes can be performed when only B2B with attacker is through a defender's corner? That WOULD mean there is a difference between "Base to Base" (Def. Strike can be performed, any contact of base with base) and "Valid Base to Base" (Attack can be performed, only flat-side contact)? * Stroke? Stroken? My English sucks, excuse me.
  13. @Tanker: I am happy with the Duke. The armor took a bit of work, but was damn worth it :) About the face - it lacks some definition, especially about "head-from-neck separation" and the skin being generally unhealthy flat. Worked on that a bit, though @Versutus: thanks for the link, it's hillarious About the fun: sure it is all about fun. If it wasn't - I wouldn't be doing it in the first place Still, it's a craft, and I consider craft to be - besides fun, of course - constant "chasing with yourself", i.e. pushing own limits and getting better at everything I do. And I, personally, tend to develop my skills easier (and without frustration) when putting small milestones ahead. The current milestone is "studio lvl3 - 'eavy metal" - after I reach it, I'm probably going to aim for some competition level. That is, of course, besides my for-play minis that I'm fully satisfied with when painted at "nice tabletop" lvl2 And darn, It would be so cool to paint as good as Anne, wouldn't it?
  14. So, I gave myself a painting quest: paint, train, learn, try and paint again to attain level 3 in painting. In case somebody didn't know: lvl3 in terms of painting studios is the 'Eavy Metal level - above good tabletop (lvl2), but below competition lvl4. It all started with Halbarad (photos http://tomash.wfb-pol.org/reaper/halbarad/), which I've considered my first lvl3 mini, but which was judged to be "a bit above lvl2, maybe 2.5". After that I began thinking what my painting needs to reach lvl3 - and, as for now, I think that they are: - precise painting of small lines and holes (also lining) - smooth cloths - great metallics: I'm not into NMM and looking for "the ultimate metal painting way" - freehands, especially ornaments (there's a long way to go for me here) - further development of face painting skill (although I think it's good enough) So, to being with, I've got this Reaper's Duke Gerard, Crusader Warlord: this "main part" I considered mostly finished, just want to add some ornaments to the red cloth. And, what I started painting today - Brother Captain Stern, Grey Knight Hero: For the first time I'm really satisfied with cloth - transitions seem smooth and color is just fine. I think I also found my "ultimate silver-blue armor wash", after applying it the "only" thing left is highlighting and glazing with inks. Any advices on what should I also work on to complete my quest? :)
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