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  1. I have a family wedding to go to this weekend. Unfortunately I completely forgot about it and have nothing to wear. Spent all day yesterday trying to put together an outfit. The big problem is that the stores are full of sweaters. It is still in the 80s and 90sF around here.
  2. I was so confused about the ReaperCon Sophies. They kept showing up and then disappearing then with no photos. I decided that there was a problem with the store. I wound up ordering what I wanted from another site.
  3. Did I completely miss the ReaperCon stuff for this year? I have been busy and having computer issues.
  4. With much unintended delay here are my photos of the stuff I took out of the Box of Good Will. Not the best photos I've ever taken, but they show what i took. @Chaoswolf barring any more delays I should have the box on the way to you sometime tomorrow.
  5. Mr Flit has “invented a new desert. He found some chocolate stroopwaffles I bought. He put whipped cream on top of the Stroopwaffles and then put fresh cherries on top. It was really good. I hope it isn’t some form of heresy to the Stroopwaffle gods.
  6. Doggie is done with surgery and awake. She is expected to come home on Friday. We are going to visit her in a little while.
  7. Just dropped off my doggie with the vet. She is having her bladder stone surgery today.
  8. Just dropped off my doggie with the vet. She is having her bladder stone surgery today.
  9. I have had a crazy week or or so. Family in town, forth of July, etc. Doggie went in for a checkup yesterday. We had been concerned that she might be diabetic. The good news is that she is not diabetic. The less good news is that she has a bladder stone and will probably need surgery to remove it and she is now on prescription dog food. They are still running some tests to be sure about surgery. Otherwise she is in good health.
  10. Mr Flit had another appointment with the orthopedic Dr yesterday. He had more X-rays to see how is broken bone is healing. His bone is in the correct position to heal properly and he won’t need surgery on it.
  11. Things have been crazy in Flit land. First Mr Flit and I had nasty colds. Then Last Sunday night Mr Flit fell down a steep incline and apparently sprained his ankle pretty badly. He of course refused to go to the ER. I told him he had to go to the urgent clinic as soon as it opened. Then he decided the ankle was a bit better. So he insisted we follow our Father’s Day plans with my family. We did have a good time and good food tho. Monday I went to the doctor for my cold that wasn’t getting better. I got some prescriptions for it and I am almost over my cold. Mr Flit decided he needed to get lunch before going to the urgent clinic to get his ankle checked out. He wound up getting a bunch of X-rays and found out that he broke his fibula. He got sent to an orthopedic clinic for more X-rays to confirm the break. No he is in a boot and on crutches. He goes back agin in a few days to see if the break is healing well.
  12. My mom studied a lot before she took the CPA test way back when I was in High School and she was a math teacher before she started working on an MBA. I think it is supposed to be a hard test. Good luck!
  13. Yep..they said I got all of the tick out. It just looked like there was something still in my skin.
  14. Just got done at the clinic. The tick was not imbedded. So I shouldn’t get any tick disease. On the other hand it is storming hear with all kinds of alerts and watches. Just a regular spring
  15. Turns out there is a part 2 to the tic fever story. I found a tic on me this morning and when I removed it the head stayed. Never had that happen before. Now I get to spend some time in a walk in clinic and get antibiotics:(. Mostly I’m worried about my cats. There are som nasty things cats can get from ticks. It is going to be a long day.
  16. We have that stuff here too. I have met a few people who have the meat alergy thing.
  17. I took her to the vet because she had blood in her urine, as it turned out the blood was from her skin. After several tests the vet is pretty sure it is Rocky Mountain Spotted Tic Fever. She actually has had no symptoms of it, but her platelets are low. They ran the four tic borne illnesses that they can do in house. To % verify it they would have to send it off and it would cost an extra $100. She is now on antibiotics and prednisone and is expected to make a full recovery.
  18. The vet thinks Doggie might have a tic borne illness.
  19. Taking my doggie to the vet in a bit. Hoping that her issue is minor and easily cured.
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