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  1. Bilesuck

    The Six Degrees of Dargrin

    I'm a 1, he checked me like in October, none since.
  2. Bilesuck


    Hey guys, figured I would stop in and say Hi and give some update. RL has gotten kinda strange lately, but hopefully it will be evening out at some point. Biggest news is I got married on December 20th in New Orleans. Here is a link to the photo album shot by the wedding people Wedding A couple of my favorite shots (I like the B&W) Click the image for bigger pics. Yes I am wearing a Lovecraft bowling shirt, actually me and the best man are. For those of you that remember, I lost one cat this year, but later on we were at a pet store and found this guy up for adoption from a rescue place. Needless to say he moved right in like he owned the place. As far as minis go, I really haven't done much with them, been trying to do more of my illustration work, as I really want to try to make a run of making that my career.
  3. Bilesuck

    Paints Question: Acrylic Artists Ink?

    It also depends on which companies tube paints you are using on how much to thin them and such. I know my Maimeri paints can be very very strong even very thinned, but they have an extreme amount of pigment in them. Liquitex seems to thin down decently for mini's. Golden liquid colors are excellent in my opinion, as they are already half way to being the right consistency for mini's.
  4. Bilesuck

    Another Sad Day

    I am sorry for your loss.
  5. Bilesuck

    zombie goodness

    I am now off to my local video store to tell them to order me one. Jenna's looking a little worse for the wear lately.
  6. Bilesuck

    Thoughts of Suicide

    and I will return this *****gives chuck a big hug***** Sorry man, I feel your pain.
  7. Bilesuck

    I lost my best furry friend

    Completely understand, but if I don't do mine, the GF will kill me.
  8. Bilesuck

    I lost my best furry friend

    Thanks, and yes I will post it on DA, but if you would like to see it in person, let me know and I could bring it to GP one night.
  9. Bilesuck

    I lost my best furry friend

    Thank you I have a few times this week thought I saw her on her kitty perch Thanks for that, but I am also an artist and have been told by my GF that I WILL be doing a picture of her.
  10. This past Saturday, I had to put my 19 year old alley cat to sleep. She had the start of Kidney failure and I could have given her pills and drugs to possibly extend her life another couple of months. That is not how I think she would have wanted it though. In the course of about 5 days she lost over 2.5 pounds of weight and just was not her usual self. Trip to the vet and an overnight stay later, and I had a rough choice to make (the GF made it with me). So I held her in my arms as the gave the shot and felt her life leave her body. It was extremely hard, as I have had this companion for over half my life. Some of the things that have happened since I got her in my life. Finished High School and College Had two major relationships (lasting at least 6 years each) Been through 8 cars 3 different apartments (all in the same building, reconstruction) and through it all she was there. So please indulge me while I write this to my friend I will miss not getting yelled at first thing when I get up I will miss you screwing up my computer games by walking on the keyboard I will miss taking a nap and having you sleep on my chest I will miss arguing with you on who owns the footstool you would sleep on and who gets to use it I will miss you trying to steal (usually successfully) one of my taco's from taco hell I will miss getting you a side of Carnitas from Chipotle so you wouldn't eat my burrito I will miss waking in the middle of the night to you staring at me I will miss cooking dinner and having you right there begging for whatever I will give you I will miss you having to be in the bathroom no matter what we were doing Jen (my GF) will miss her little lifeguard (the cat would sit and watch her when she took a bath or shower Most of all, I will miss you my furry friend Here's some pics of her, most of these are from the past few months. I kinda knew it would be soon, but didn't know how soon. You can click the thumbs for bigger pics.
  11. Bilesuck

    Urban Terror at Reaper

    Is that what the big boys keep doing to you SR ?? I'm sorry.
  12. Bilesuck

    Just really not my day today...

    My little truck feels bad for yours. Hopefully it's just a pound out job and not a whole new bed.
  13. Bilesuck

    Arthur C. Clarke, RIP

    :down: :down: This is starting to really suck.
  14. Bilesuck

    Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

    Time to go ninja looting in Colorado
  15. Bilesuck

    Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

    I reread the entire series these past few months. I picked up the complete collection in one book for cheap, to read on the train to New Orleans. Third time I have bought the set, as I give it out or read it so much it falls apart.