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  1. Ken,


    sorry to hear about your injury, it could have been worse. I'll see what I can dig up for you at gencon. Just be lucky you can still count to 10.

    Thanks, and I know it could have been worse, thankfully it wasn't a fillet knife or something. Hey I couldn't count to ten before, how does this change anything :rolleyes::poke:

  2. Sorry to hear for the cut. Good thing it didn't hit any of the tendons in your thumb, or you might not be painting or using that hand effectively for a LONG time.

    Luckily it is my off hand, so I can be back to painting soon, it's just using it to much right now makes it throb. I may primer a few figs tonight since I don't have to be exact with the brush doing that.

  3. Well, I won't be painting for about 4-5 days, as I took the GF fishing today to teach her. Well I was fixing the pole and stupidly was cutting towards myself instead of away. Of course I slipped and put the knife into my hand ::(::blink: I just sharpened the pocket knife about two weeks ago, so it was a nice deep cut. No muscle damage luckily, but four stitches :huh: And since I have a new camera, I took a few pics, as always click the thumbs for bigger pics.





  4. Blues

    I use a triad blue mix that was just a bunch of piants mixed togeather to this day I do not know what I used and I am running out.

    Bring them to GP next time you know I will be there, I will try and help you get a mix close to them. I used to do that at the art stores I worked at.


    Edit: Or take then to Gen Con, and see if Anne can decipher your colors (probably the better bet)

  5. for smallest amount of paints, a cold and warm of yellow, red,blue, then a black, and white. That is my entire paint line up for my illustration work, so I could probably make it work for the minis. Otherwise I will take both cases full of paint :rolleyes:

  6. As I commented to Bilesuck at the store I am not a fan of the bright pink. IMO that shade of pink is overwelming. That being said I think you did an incredible job. I am in awe and speachless.


    Also with the way you shadded the pants are you trying to suggest a sheen?

    Hey, keep me out of this :poke:


    It is a great piece Anne, but that pink kills me every time. Almost looks like the old pink horror color. :huh: I remember staring at a unit of them for to long one day, I saw spots. ::D: I will have to have Beo steal the monkey/skull at Gen Con for me.

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