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  1. And 18 years? Wow, that's a long time for a cat. Unfortunately the longest I've ever had a kitty was 9 years I think. They disappear or get sick. I've lost one each to Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia.. That's why these are gonna be indoor kitties.

    She is the longest I have ever had one also. She was an outsidecat for probably 12 years of her life. My other one




    is twelve years old, and very pudgy :lol: The only thing they both share, is we never got either of them declawed, so they are dangerous when mad ::D: Have fun with three kittens at once, get them collars with bells so you know where they are, then learn to dread the sound of bells running at you (spoken from experience).

  2. Very nice kittens, hopefully you will enjoy them for many years to come.


    This one is 18 years old and still thinks shes a kitten. th_DSCF0001.jpg

    Click the thumb for bigger pic.



    I understand about the allergies to cats, I have had them my entire life, and have always owned cats, so always breathed through one nostril ^_^

  3. Are you going to work on these Thursday at GP?


    I'll be working on the same project as last week.

    Not this week, I have some final things to get ready for a big battle event that I am running this Saturday. I may bring it next week.


    I say you make the plume pink and purple, because having seen him in combat I can honestly say he is ghey!


    Hey Ken, you going to Gen Con?

    I agree on the seeing him in action :blink:


    No, won't be at Gen Con, can't take the time off this year.

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