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  1. I like the way the flesh is coming along now. Can't wait to see how the armor turns out.

    Thanks for the flesh comment. And the armor has gotten its wash and rebase of color, so maybe tonight I will start ot highlight it. Maybe not as tomorrow is my long day at work.


    The question I have, is what color to make the plume ?

  2. That yellow is going to look really good. What color are you going to do the hair? I would think that a lot of reddish-brown leather would look good for the belts... or just a really dark brown.

    Thanks, hair color is unknown right now. The leather will be a reddish brown color.


    Edit: I think the hair may wind up being green, don't know why, but it might.

  3. Here's one I do once in awhile work on as I'm waiting for others to dry.


    Hey, I do that too. Work on one piece while I'm waiting for another to dry.

    I have a few that are my waiting for paint to dry pieces, but this is my only Reaper one at the moment. I will be adding suicide monkey (my name for the monkey with the gun powder barrel) and a few Werner sculpts.

  4. Liking the flesh. Cool idea n the armor - will it be a flat or shiny finish?

    flat, this guy is supposed to be the embodyment of war, so I figured he would have flat armor as it has been beaten during combat. But it is supposed to be given to him by a god if I remember correctly, so maybe I will make it gloss. Guess we will all find out when I am done and go to brush on gloss :upside: Thanks for the comment on the flesh BTW.

  5. Ok, heres some pics of the fig after about three more layers of just the flesh color put back on. There are a few places I have to touch up on the right side of him, but not to bad. Click the Thumbs for bigger (pretty big) pics







    Edit:linked to one wrong pic :upside:

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