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  1. @PTF- Thanks, and thanks for the cool on my art piece


    @Kengar- That is where she is from, I had to put that in my sig, cause once I put her as my avatar, my profile views shot through the roof :blink: , thanks for the comment.


    @Vaitalla- Thanks for the comment, I will be posting more pics as I go on, and hopefully better quality ones as I learn my camera. The bruise purple was a bit of a happy accident (to quote from Bob Ross). This is about the 8th Dev I have painted for my buddy, so the color scheme was already established. But after I did the first couple, the skin just did not look good and lively to me, so looking at the wet pallette, I noticed a very greyed out purple color (afore mentioned bruise purple). So I mixed a small amount with a good amount of flow improver and slow dry and worked it into the crevices of the fig I was working on. It was a eureka (not the vacuum :poke: ) moment for me as it just gave the flesh more pop. So I have been trying to do more of the color work into the shadows like I do on my flat art work. Wow, that was longer then I thought it would be ::D:


    @Haldir- I definitely will. Thanks.

  2. Well I've been on here for about six months now, figured I should post something up :poke: A little background on me, I studied illustration in college, and do allot of black and white work for multiple outlets. Painting mini's for me is something to do to relax (which is weird as I have no patience for anything else at all, but I will sit for hours with a little metal man/women/beast and paint em) so I don't worry to much about how I work on em, as I am not trying for showcase/trophy work. Beowulfthe hunter (Chuck) has been proding me once in awhile to post some pics of my work, but I never had a decent camera. Well, now I have a decent camera (my pic-fu must improve though) that my GF got me for our 10 year anniversary, so I have been pic happy. I do not do allot of blending on the fig, I mainly just do alot of thin coats and let people's eyes blend it, kind of like I do with my illustration work, as seen Art-demon girl in bikini (should be ok for work)


    So that's about me, this piece is from Rackham, it is one of their Devourers. His name is Shurat. His flesh is VMC dark flesh, darkened by a wash with RMS bruise purple, as it just gives him that savage killer look I wanted. It is black lined with brown liner and then there is a layer of dark flesh put back on. I will be putting a few more layers of dark flesh on him, then mixing that with either RMS linen white or VMC Flat Aluminum ( which ever I think will look better). I just shot the one pic so far, I will take more later.





    I am thinking that his armor plates will be done in the bruise purple triad, as it will set off the flesh color, but also work with it as I used to bruise to shadow the flesh.


    Hope this ramblingmade some sense.

  3. Congrats.


    This may not mean much coming from me, as I have not and will not marry.



    Oh you'll find someone eventually.




    Yep, I don't know how many times I've heard "I'm never getting married," from now married people (both men and women.)

    Probably not, I've been with the same girl for over ten years now.

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