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  1. Next thing you know, Santa won't be able to wear red because it's a gang color.



    Gimme a f------ break. Stupidest crap I've ever heard in my life.

    Breaking News-------


    16 Santa's were killed in gang violence today, as the crips did drive bys on local malls. The Santa's retaliated by promising that the crips would get nothing but coal this year.

  2. I have some older cookbooks that duplicate restaurant and other pre-made goodies. I've been meaning to dig them up.


    But no matter what, I can't find the recipe I want the most! Chi-Chis used to have the BEST tortilla soup. I so want that recipe!

    I'll ask my Uncle for you, he used to be a regional manager for Chi-Chis, so he may know.
  3. Ang I can agree with that. Those who are cranking out TT to play with and not doing a really great job, just priming black and drybrushing color on--that would be a craft in my opinion. Those who spend 20 hours on one mini though that's art at that point. I would like to think SOME of my stuff would fall in the art category. Besides I have been termed a "local artist" both in AZ and here by people . . . so that *must* mean what I do is art! ::P:

    Sorry, if what you do is art, then the TT guys are also art. You can't decide cause some elses art does not take as long or is as detailed it is not art. If mini painting is art, then all forms of it are art. This is part of the "art" that I hate, when people decide that some elses work is not "Art" because they didn't work as hard, or did something different. I may hate modern art myself, but the people who do it are still artists, not craft people.

  4. Those have been around for years. We used to have a decent selection at the art store I worked at. But the fad phased out and they didn't go anywhere. Seems it's coming back again. There were some with letters and numbers that could be good, other then that they were like shooting stars, palm trees, and things like that. Although I do remember a Halloween one that had small spiders and skulls on it, think I may have even bought one, I will look around and see.

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