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  1. I might be facing this in the next few years. My one cat is 18 years old, I have had her since I was 16. She has been with me through two fiance's (including the current one), 7 cars, five different moves, and probably a ton of other stuff I forget. I do believe she will be the hardest pet to ever loose, so I kind of understand what your going through. Although I think death is afraid to come for this cat, she has all four sets of claws and is willing to use them.


    So I will say I am sorry for your loss, and try and get your next cat from a biker bar whose alley cat has kittens, they seem to tough as nails.

  2. i'm doing the zombie thing. . .eating brains is much more fun. . .explosions are dangerous. :rolleyes:

    Hey, what ever gets that school girl giggle to happen....... not that I have ever done that while throwing someone of a ledge in the Godfather game :blush:

  3. As a somewhat tattooed person (18 at last count) The main thing as others have said is a clean and reputable shop. From there you can work with the artist to get what you envision (or do like me and show up with nothing in mind and see what you wind up with). Meaty areas will be less painful (although for me it's more of a burn then direct pain) until they get near allot of nerve endings, also it seems when they go over a bigger blood vessel anywhere. Breasts are not to bad, till you get near the nipple (so says my GF who has 4, with a scorpion surrounding her nipple). My most painful ones were the single line work on my outside left wrist (right over both bone protrusions), and the two on my neck, one on the left side one on the bump in back (felt that one all the way down my back), yes I have to wear a shirt and tie to cover all mine.


    My next is the big coffin hunter symbol from Steven King's Gunslinger series on the the inside of my right wrist.

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