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  1. I think you are the first person I've ever heard say something good about the Aztek airbrushes. Most people I talked to had nothing but problems (they moved on to Iwata or Badger after their Aztek experiences).

    They are a great product. It does have a bit of a learning curve with the extra dial on it, but after you learn that they are a great product. I will try and bring a jacket I did with one of them to GP next time I go up so you can see what they are capable of. I guess it also helps that I had previous experience with airbrushes, but I have introduced a few people to them as their starting brush and they love them also.


    I do have a brush or two from all the major manufacturers of different brushes, but for the way I work the Aztec fit the best. I do have an Iwata micron, while I love that brush for it's extremely smooth lines and extremely fine detail but, I am clumsy and dropping that one could cost me 200 for a brand new head assembly. If I drop an Aztec, some paint escapes and I may have to pay 15 for a new head.


    Also I can shoot acetone through the Aztec, something I would never try with any other brush out there. But that was part of a painting style I really don't do anymore.


    The major factor for me though, was ease of cleaning. I hated cleaning a regular brush, all those little piece. I have a sink that ate about 7 cones in the course of two weeks (luckily I worked at an art store at the time) , so with the aztec all I have to do is run my solvent through it till it comes out clean, then use the provided tool to ream out a couple of holes and I am done.


    Besides, you meet me in person, do I look like I would like anything normal ::D::;):

  2. For ease of clean up and variable use I recommend the Testor Aztec. I personally love this brush, for what you are looking for it would work great. In the twenty (gosh I feel old now) plus years I have been airbrushing, this is the only model I own multiples of, 4 at last count. As far as compressors go, get whatever is the quietest and least expensive for where you live. When I was going to college and staying at my mothers house, I had a 1 hp 8 gallon work horse. It is way to noisy for the apartment I live in now. I am currently looking for a new one, as my old small compressor just died. Also look around at you local art/craft stores, they will sometimes have classes on airbrushes, even if you don't take them, you could try to contact the instructor with any questions.

  3. For example: if I want to take a firetoad, I have to have take another two units of troopers? Or after I have my core, can I just choose piecemeal, as long as I don't exceed the number of units in the army list?

    I do believe it is you take the required unit, then you can take what you want as long as you don't exceed the limit. Otherwise you have to do a complete platoon and then start a second one.


    Read the example on page 79 of the rule book. It talks about what you wanted, the compulsory unit then taking vehicles.

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