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  1. When you do drop me a note, or if you see me at GP just tell me.


    I think we may already have met. Were you there when Frosch (Froggy) and I were playing Full Thrust?

    It is highly possible, I am better with faces then names. Look at my pic, just try and picture me without the ears :rolleyes: I also have a couple of tats on my neck, that makes me stand out a bit there.

  2. I'm at Games Plus pretty often, but I haven't yet gotten started with BF: Evo. I'm actually thinking about joining the Mongoose demo team, but I'll probably wait until they get their editions printed up (both SST and A Call to Arms are revising).


    I'll be sure to spread the word around when I do get up and running, though.

    When you do drop me a note, or if you see me at GP just tell me.

  3. Yup, they just use pretty much the same rules engine.


    Battlefield: Evolution is near-future. Right now we have factions for the Middle Eastern Alliance, USMC, EETF, and the PLA.


    Starship Troopers: Evolution is just that, Starship Troopers, complete with nukes and giant bugs.

    Do you ever play batt:evo at Games Plus, and if you do , when? It sounds interesting.

  4. Dark Horse as in the title or comic book publisher?


    Love Frazetta & older Boris V stuff



    Comic book publisher. One of their comics is being released as a movie in the next few weeks. Something about Vikings I believe.

  5. I know Twin Peaks was a cult classic, but can someone explain the appeal, please?



    It's very hard to explain, not everyone liked the show, or even Lynch for that matter. I loved it for the quirkiness in the show , but still told a story while doing it. Like most Lynch work, it deals with something that is all nice and happy on the surface, but scratch that and the ugliness shows up. Plus the actor's , characters and the visuals, it was all just an amazing show to me. Allot of TV shows today should bow down to Lynch, as they wouldn't exist if this show didn't happen.


    /sarcasm on All above statments are my own and in no way reflect the thoughts or opinions of Reaper mini or any of it's subsidiaries :wacko: /sarcasm off


    Sorry bout the last part, seventh day in a row working :angry:

  6. I know I could buy her online, but I have bad times buying online. Things just seem to go wrong with even the best system when I am involved. So I would rather give my cash to someone from my LGS that is going and maybe buy them one for the hassle of it, but that's just me. :unsure:

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