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  1. Yep those are the ones. I got a bunch of the aliens too. Used to have the queen alien too...but she had an accident and I have most of the queen.
    All I can picture is the queen alien wheeling herself around in a wheel chair.


  2. Bilesuck -

    Dads compairing 'Getting Groined' stories is like war vets showing scars... No regrets - just more stories ::D: .


    There are some that say they are too greedy to have kids - they don't want to have to share their stuff...


    Parents will tell you the opposite is true... Having kids is soooo much fun... You'd hate to live without them.



    Then they kick you in the happysack and balance is restored.


    To each their own though.


    I figure there is about another 4 years before I start turning them into painting machines!!!! By then - my wall of shame should be big enough that I can use the help.

    Your own personal painting force is a good idea for kids ::D: I just know that I would not make a good parent, and do not want to prove myself right at the cost of a child (not dead, just really messed up)

  3. Where did you find the entire series? AFAIK, season one is the only one out... I'm a huge Lynch fan.

    I have the entire series on VHS from when it was released about 12 years ago, the first season DVD release, the pilot on tape (somewhere, it wandered off one day) the European, finish the whole story in one show version of the pilot also. Hmmmmmmm, seems this is an obsession too, but I already knew that. :rolleyes: I almost had the Population sign from the credits, but it was destroyed (or sold) about two months before I asked about it. One of my teachers in college painted it for them.

  4. Music:Three bands tattooed on my body, so slightly obsessed there.


    TV: Have a symbol from twin peaks tattooed on me, watched the entire series over 30 + times.


    Ok, guess the biggest vice would be tattoo's, I'm really itching for a new one. :blink:

  5. After reading this, me and parts of my body are kinda happy about our decision for no children. :poke: Every time I go to the LGS I tell my self no more mini's till I've painted my two buddies armies and more of my stuff, I always seem to walk out one or two mini's heavier though.

  6. cleaning the brush isn't an issue, I'm pretty psychotic about cleaning it.

    Then you shouldn't have any issues, I've blown everything from acetone and oil paint to acrylic based products through almost all of my brushes (no acetone through the metal ones, just the aztec's) and as long as I cleaned em, I didn't have any issue.

  7. I have never blown future through any of my brushes, but I have used quite a few other nasty things. As long as you don't let anything dry in the body, you shouldn't have any problems as others have said. I still have my first brush I got over 20 years ago, just keep em clean and they will run along time for you.

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