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  1. I use two lamps at my painting table, I have used the same two for over 15 years now (not for mini's but my other painting work) One is a circular fluorescent bulb with the magnifier lens in it (make sure to be careful of them near windows that get sun exposure) and a bendable neck floor lamp with a standard bulb in it, sometimes a reveal bulb if I have any in the place when it blows.

  2. Before I went into the sales part of chemistry, I worked in the lab. I used to drop my minis I wanted to strip in a beaker of circut board screen ink solvent (this stuff will strip anything). One of my lab partners ran out of space in her corner of the lab, so decided to use my area. I wasn't paying attention and dropped my mini in her beaker which was filled with a potant oxidizing solution containing 40% peroxide. Aside from the painful (and thankfully temporary) burn of the Peroxide, the metal caused the oxidizer to foam up and over the sides of the beaker. A mad rush ensued to contain the spill and dilute the chemical before it seeped in a crack somewhere and lit the building on fire (as oxidizers tend to do). I quit stripping minis in the lab after that.

    I think this wins for "Most dangerous to other people award" :blink:

  3. I have two, both involving things exploding in a way.


    First is a can of silver spray paint, was gonna prime some terrain for 40k with it, put the screw driver in to pop cap off. Pressed to hard and punctured the can, I still have shoes covered in silver paint, and a table, and my xbox, and my cat, and a couple of minis.


    The other is a vallejo paint bottle, the cap was completely clogged. Instead of removing cap and clearing the clog I squeezed REAL hard and shot said cap across the room. Orange paint, and not a muted orange, we're talking almost saftey orange, spots everywhere. Jacket, xbox,shoes, tv,stereo,and probably the cat.


    I keep this up I can sell the apartment as modern art, and probably the cat too. She runs and hides now when ever I approach the painting table, wonder why? ::D:

  4. As the topic says, what is a good digital camera in the 300-400 dollar range for mini's. Or should I stick with my eos rebel (non-digital) and just get a macro lens for it and try and figure out the f-stop and all.

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