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  1. A-Rod throwing across the diamond to "Nomaaar" some irony in that!


    You mean Noarm Garciapopup?

    When that useless guy was a Cub, he had a groin injury when his wife was in town, and a wrist injury when she wasn't, you figure it out :poke:

  2. When I had an art room, (not enough room in the apartment) I had one desk for the airbrush/artograph, I had put a vent hood and vented it out through my window for when I painted. Unfortunately, a few of my bigger paintings (4 x 4 ) didn't fit under the hood, so I made sure that I had my mask on, make sure to get a good respirator mask to use if you do not have a vent set up. You can also get a muffler box made for the compressor, depending on the loudness of yours and where it is kept.

  3. Computer games, this week it's WOW, next week who knows. I change the game I play on the puter very frequently.


    Played Conan on 360 (ok game if you like button mashing fighting games)


    Did some artwork that made me look at it and ask what is wrong with me (thats usually a good sign that no one will like the piece)


    Did some artwork that made the GF look at me and ask "What the $#%^% is wrong with you?" (and shes been with me for ten years)


    watched some TV, and rented some DVD's.


    Found two airbrushes I didn't even know I had.


    Helped the GF decorate the porch for Halloween contest our complex is having.

  4. If you have not opened and used the Aztec, I would take it back and use the refund for paint. Have not liked the Aztecs for anything. Good call on the Iwata.


    Just my opinion though.

    I own four (or maybe five, can't remember) of the Aztecs, and of the 20+ airbrushes I own they get the most use as I can shoot anything through them and not worry about stripping parts or ruining seals. Yes I love my iwata custom micron(whose new head cost as much as an aztec). But for a workhorse, I love my Aztecs and will continue to promote them. Just my .02 worth.

  5. Small tidbit that I can add from my long ago art school days.


    Warm light = cool shadows, warm highlights

    Cool light = warm shadows, cool highlights


    So someone outside on a sunny day would have cooler colors in their skin shadows, on a cloudy day (the light seems cooler on those days) they would have warmer colors in their shadows. Same for being indoors with different types of lighting. This can help keep a mini from getting to disjointed, if you keep all the shadows warm or cold.


    The skin on my Shurat in the WIP uses this a bit, as the color I was using for highlights is a cool off white, the shadow color was a warmer greyed out purple.

  6. Cause your EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL < said in my best cheesy 80's horror movie voice.



    Would you rather be the crazy old man/farmer/gas station attendant (who dies after telling the crucial clue to the heroes) or the Stupid/overweight/loveless/moronic best friend that is there to die so they can find the body and start the fun.

  7. A book that helped mer allot with mixing paint was "Blue and Yellow don't always make green". It doesn't go into color theory as much, but explains real world paint mixing. It does have allot of charts showing different colors mixed together though, and that can be helpful to train your eye to see colors you should use.

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