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  1. Cause Freddy and Jason would be to scared to face Ash. Who wants some, who's next ?
  2. Did some more work on him, but it really doesn't look like it, as it was all small bits
  3. Here are some more WIP shots, because of some problems with myself, I didn't get much painting done over the past month. Hopefully I will be doing more now. This is the back of about four of my buddies Dirz that I am painting for him, I liked how the cloaks came out. (photobucket has deleted this pic for some reason, I will put it back up later today.) A fire support goblin from Rackham, I want his coat to look like an FBI guys coat when I getr done. Don't know why but an FBI goblin sounds funny to me. A little more work on the Werner Rackham piece. A metal AT-43 mini, special edition fig, I have given up on trying to get her skin smooth. She is a cursed figure for me, as she has been stripped and repainted about 5 times now. So she will have a bit of grain on her jaw line. This is with about two layers of skin after a nice dark wash/line, needs alot more work A touch more work on the anti-paladin These two are also Dirz for my buddy, the front pic picked up some strange artifacts when I took the pic.
  4. Thanks, it is going to be shrunk down anyway, so the jaggies will not be as noticable
  5. If anyone could just turn the blue on this pic to black it would be helpful. I have 6 different editing programs, and none of them have that function http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=dgjk9n73_5c29m7s&hl=en
  6. If your talking about taking them off of plastic sprues, I use these http://www.fiskarscrafts.com/tools/diagonal-cutter/thumb.jpg
  7. You forgot a couple Misfits- Halloween Saimhain- Halloween II Other then that, great lists.
  8. I was going to post the one you got stuck in my head, so here it is
  9. Social Distortion did that one originally. I linked to it in my post above And here's one that covers two out of three categories rigger. Dance, and two 80's pop queens
  10. Hijack pt.3 For pure get stuck in your head nothing beats this one
  11. Yes, but by order of the galaxy, they have been sealed away never to be seen again. Wait, are those them?
  12. A dyslexic mutated munchkin immigrant spider monkey might be able too. Couldn't he?
  13. With a BIG slingshot, a hedgehog, and a large bottle of mayo anything is possible. Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to trying to conquer the universe using an orangutan and a bic pen.
  14. Munchkin Or am I not supposed to be using the jumbled answers yet ??
  15. OK, my 80's and early 90's videos that I watch a lot on you tube. One of my Favorite bands, there is just nothing else that has as desperate a sound as these guys did. Not Lady in Red Tennesse Spelled that wrong I think, this one gets stuck in your head. Bangles Concrete Blonde Ziggy done by Bauhaus Siouxsie nuff said Good ol rock and roll Social Distortion Thats enough for now, will add more later
  16. He was, but my aunt divorced him. How many more of my uncles do you want to know about?
  17. If it really works I would love it. 2 queens side by side is kinda much in a small bedroom. But when I snore, she wants to get FAR away from me.
  18. A David Lynch run RPG. It would start as D&D or another world, but who knows where you will wind up, and as what. "My character is level 8 in the bookhouse boys, and has had 6 visions of the good witch, but now I'm a lamp."
  19. Welcome back (from someone who wasn't here when you left), but a fellow depression sufferer. The reason I haven't lifted a brush in about a month But I painted three times this past week, so it's better.
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