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  1. Nothing yet. Which is better, spontaneous anarchy, or planned anarchy ?
  2. Today yes, but on the day you asked, no. will I work after tomorrow ?
  3. Well, if you wanted to reposition him, nows your chance.
  4. I'm on the suck list too, Happy late B-Day EB.
  5. Those look awesome Lanse, I will definately try them out, may use some other chicken minis I have, but it looks fun.
  6. You owe my boss for the monitor I just killed by spraying it with coke . That is so damn funny.
  7. Nope, the tequila slip n slide gave me an all over hangover. Whats the best cure for that?
  8. Ok, hell pets. My grandmother had a house cat that was actually 1/2 wild bobcat, 28 pounds of pure evil right there. He bit through lots of fingers and hands in his time, jumped me when I was young, I think he was on the FBI's 10 most wanted list for a few weeks. I've had both my ears pierced by dogs, two different ones bit through my ears at different times. 220 pound Newfoundland that used to sleep across my chest (trying breathing then) and would try to eat my cat in one gulp, thought he was a lap dog too. My 18 year old cat (right there is hell, she is grumpy) used to knock things off my waterbeds headboard on to my head in the morning to wake me up. I have scars from when I tried to stand up and she didn't want me to, four dots on my hip. Multiple bites and stings from tarantulas, scorpions, various lizards and turtles. The best is coming home and finding the canary cage on the floor with no canary in it, a few feathers around it, but not knowing which of the 6 cats ate it Still don't know. Second best is my mom had dwarf hamster , the ones that are like 2 inches long fully grown. Pretty friendly, I petted it when i would feed it and change it's litter. One day I go to pet the little %^^&$ and he attached to my finger using his teeth, so my reaction was to yank my hand from his grasp. Well he came with my hand till it was fully extended above my head, at which point he let go and flew across my moms room and landed on her bed and scampered off. I found him ten mins later under her pillow. My Iguana thought my moms finger was food and took a large chunk out of it, still has the scar. I had over 120 mice at one point (started with 4), I know how many I had because I counted them while cleaning the cages that day. They llived in a giant habitrail setup, 14 different buildings linked by all the tubes. I forgot to reattach one tube when doing the cleaning, I found 118 of them about my bedroom that day, still don't know what happened to the other two, but I'm betting cats. Mom threw a cat into the shower with me, said it needed a bath, I needed stitches afterward Guess some of these aren't hell, but they are kinda funny, kinda painful.
  9. Only cause it still had grease paint on it. What did we do with his seltzer bottle?
  10. Bloodshot, but that could be the beer and JD So what should we serve with the BBQ?
  11. Now that I have watched it about 10 more times at work ::): ::D: :lol: :lol: Plus I sent it to all my friends.
  12. Cake please. or should we have vegetarian, they taste good BBQ ?
  13. I don't drop minis to often, but when I do look out. I dropped a Rackham Minotaur on my cat who sleeps under my feet when I paint, she wouldn't come near the table for a few days. I drop my paint brush about once every 10-20 mins, and thats mini painting or illustration work, my cat has had a few different color swatches on her.
  14. If you mean a lawyer, lower. Or did you mean some creature I have never heard of ?
  15. Meg read that as start starving . . . So did I, until I read your post and went back and reread it. Those look really nice, I may have to order one.
  16. I will add my tried and true black wash on everything but flesh and a few lighter colors, it shades almost everything.
  17. two story Shall we add a slipe n slide in the back yard?
  18. 15. Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A. DANG
  19. They're not to hard to repaint, you can either repaint without priming, or you can primer over the prepaint.
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