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  1. Now I can get the can refineries again, always great when drinking beer helps make your terrain.
  2. A new contest, everyone does a unit for a game (choosen before the competition) and everyone has say 5-10 hours to prep paint and base the entire unit (minimum 7 figures)for actual game play.. Would be interesting to see.
  3. The problem is your hand was hurting to much and you forgot the pic
  4. Make it a case of Kegs How many tons of chips and dip?
  5. Ok on the hug, but only if your not standing next to me I agree, as long as we are pushing our addiction on others we are good Metal addiction that is (and some plastic)
  6. Happy B-day, you game store rat
  7. 440 something I'll hit godhood in 3^4556 years Edit:Forgot my question, or did I ????
  8. I will second that, it's not about the technique used, it's the final result. I have seen lots of painting snobbery about some techniques because they are not "artistic" enough I guess (not on this board, other places), but created excellent table top or higher results. I still want to see a cubist paint a mini
  9. Great Piernese, ? I miss my big dogs, had a Newfoudland that was over 220, he was great.
  10. I need a holocaust cloak first. Where we did we put that wheelbarrow the albino had?
  11. In between paints, you can run water to rinse it clean for the next color(but do not let it sit to long with out shooting more color). After you are done for the day 99.9% of airbrushes require a complete tear down cleaning. Just make sure to have a strainer on the drain in your sink (I lost three parts in one week down the drain).
  12. Very nice pieces, makes me want to break out the sketchbook now.
  13. everything is worth some risk, just depends on your value of it. Should I stop posting while tired ?
  14. I have the 12 tray one with the ying/yang in the center, and it is useful. I also have a wet pallette I use alot along with three porcelain butcher trays that are great for large amounts of washes (terrain and unit production line painting)
  15. You could just steal a bunch of ideas from all over the place and cal it your own and sell it. Or has that already been done?
  16. Happy B-Day Mr. NOT-The Dr. Don't cut yourself on anything.
  17. More memory, as I keep forgetting things, so if I had room to store more I wouldn't forget as much .............. what was I gonna ask ?
  18. only if you have a good fire proof craft. Journey to the center of the sun?
  19. Those look nice man, the clown is just not scary to me. I like your Rackham rouge crossbowman, I have never seen him blond before. It looks good that way.I will look forward to killing him next time we play
  20. It is one of the last metals, it is pricey because it is huge and all metal. Also Rackham prices their figures on a scale for the usefulness of the piece., IE: if a piece is a general or very useful, they price it higher. Unfortunately they are now going to all PPP and getting away from their beautiful metal minis. Edit:I will also be buying him as he is the only Mino from them that I do not have.
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