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  1. Not for me, thats a hand put where the foot should go type things. Frankenstein maybe?
  2. Unfortunately, yes. But it is a short day. Anyone else working?
  3. I am sorry citizen, you are not authorized for that info. Is my security clearance high enough?
  4. because when you skate, with some effort you can go pretty far is that right?
  5. Did more work on him, I took the skin up a few more levels, and did some of the non weapon metals.
  6. I own all his DVD's , and seen him live. Does that mean I've heard of him??
  7. Well, I am pretty much fully healed, just a bit red around the wound and a tiny bit of scab left to go away.
  8. Yes there was, and don't worry, the ticking package isn't dangerous. Believe me?
  9. No But is that cause I don't know, or won't tell ?
  10. Very nice read.... umm view, as I don't read German I think. They always make it seem so easy don't they. Then I try something like that and it turns out to be something Picasso would be proud of
  11. I think except for one, every teacher I had for health was like you. Kind of a do as I say not as I do type scenario. Your in a better position then you were six months ago I believe. And try to think of math problems as old con2 difficulty setting.
  12. Yes, my avatar is Rose from the new Dr. Who series, she was in season 1 & 2. The picture of the guy in bunny ears in my profile is me
  13. GHETRGT^^43VGTHRTYRF, the non-specific demon. Can you pronounce that ?
  14. I will have to look at that next time I visit the LGS, then break out my microns. Good thing all I ever draw is skuls
  15. High temp baked chicken with potatoes, and I finished it all So do I get my cookie?
  16. Bald girl, nope, no clue on color. The cape girl is supposed to be in all red, so I will paint her that way. She is my favorite character from Rackhams range, so I will stick to their vision of her.
  17. For the non hero's on the blood red scheme, just do the trim in black, as the metal trim on the hero will make him stand out. Also try an off white for some of the heroes robes, it may set off the armor (but wouldn't know for sure without seeing it).
  18. New nickname for you in chat
  19. Uhm, I probably do. Would it get us moved to beekeepeers ?
  20. Of course the one companies minis that I would love to snag are the ones your keeping
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