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  1. Two nice looking sculpts. Look forward to seeing them worked on


    Any thoughts yet on the color's?

    Bald girl, nope, no clue on color.


    The cape girl is supposed to be in all red, so I will paint her that way. She is my favorite character from Rackhams range, so I will stick to their vision of her.

  2. The more recent one uses blood red armor with gold trim, black and grey cloth. This looks great for elites, but is a little overkill for a common trooper...and I can't figure out how to tone it down without overdosing on metallics. I also have yet to find a good color for blades; silver almost looks out of place next to all the gold and red; I'm considering using Adamantium black.

    For the non hero's on the blood red scheme, just do the trim in black, as the metal trim on the hero will make him stand out. Also try an off white for some of the heroes robes, it may set off the armor (but wouldn't know for sure without seeing it).

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