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  1. Nightmare, great movie, Corpse bride, ok movie. Why are the teletubbies chasing ducks?
  2. Thanks, these are a work on once in awhile pieces.
  3. Did some more work on the fillagree, and based one of the trophy heads to see if I liked the flesh look there (plus I had extra left over when I did the other two WIP I put up) Click the thumbs for bigger pics.
  4. Here are two pieces I just started on, the pics are a bit grainy for some reason, but you can see the figs pretty well. I believe both a Werner sculpts, I know the Rackham mini is, can't remember about the reaper one. as always, click thumbs for bigger pics.
  5. That's cause they score all their runs in one game and can't score them anywhere else.
  6. I thought they had mistaken a football score for the baseball score.
  7. I'll go with the love of series 7, I just replaced my size 2 after 12 years of use, so they do last. I will try and take a picture of my entire brush collection (if I can find them all) so I can show how many brushes I never use. I only use about a total of 8 brushes for all my artwork and miniature work. Edit: Got the pics of brushes. This one is almost every brush that I own, couldn't find one other brush holder. The brown handle ones in the middle of the group that look like bamboo are Japanese calligraphy brushes, I want to see someone try to mini paint with one of those, talk about no spring back. These are the most used brushes for minis and my art.
  8. 40+, I don't remember exactly How short is your tallest friend?
  9. If they are very small, you could use two per side. So it will take more to make them magnetized, but two would hold better then one per side.
  10. Goverment equipment, lowest bidder wins contract What kind of boots do you wear?
  11. not really, I've sat near O'hare airport and watched sea gulls become engine food. Shall we now get n engine and see what comes out as we throw things into it?
  12. By the description, they are the same type of hair that series 7 uses. just a different manufacturer, so you may get a different way to form the brush, or different glue type so they preform just a bit different.
  13. Yes you do, I did this with some of my 40K figs and it works pretty good.
  14. I know what you mean, I did inventory at an art store 10+ people, store closed for 2 days, 12 hours each day. I never want to see a box about 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot deep FULL of gummy erasers, that completely sucks.
  15. Nope, I would like to keep all blood in my body, as they are fully armed and not afriad to use their claws. Whats the strangest animal you've ever walked?
  16. I would just like to change my favored apoxie to apoxie sculpt. Not magic sculpt, must have been on drugs when I answered before
  17. Thats why our planter of it is way up high, so the cats can't get to it. Otherwise it would be a planter of nothing. On-topic, I spent 20 mins yesterday explaining that two twin sets (38x74) do not equal a king set (76x80), these people just did not get the difference.
  18. Of course. Set the controls for the heart of the sun ?
  19. You did a good one it sounds like. Hope your up and painting again soon. I removed my stitches tonight, they were starting to itch like crazy, besides it was like almost ten days.
  20. something about not liking islands I think Shall we wang chung tonight?
  21. I like magic sculpt for gaps, it's a nice working epoxy.
  22. I would usually drill into them (at a point where they will attach to the mini) and run a paper clip into them, then you can hold the paper clip, or push it into a cork or other material to hold it. My .02.
  23. Something about other side of the world I think he said. Believe me?
  24. You just didn't learn did you ? Hope you recover quick, I gotta bash you some more in chat.
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