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  1. Bilesuck, the choice of color for the armour is PERFECT.

    As I watch more and more of this come together it just keeps looking better and better. The color of the armour contrasts perfectly with the skin, which in it's own right is very cool looking and unique, I think most of us are used to seeing browns and greys on the wolves.

    On top of everything, what a great sculpt, I love the heads and skulls coming out of various parts of the armour and weapons. This is something I will have to pick up myself, though I doubt my paint job will be on par with yours.

    You say you are painting this for a friends army?

    He's one lucky dude.

    Thanks for the comments. My buddy is paying me to paint him, so I am not doing this for free :poke: The skin color was his choice, as he already had a few painted before he handed them off to me. The armor and all other colors are my choice.


    As to the 40$, yes he is pricey, but he is one solid chunk of metal.

  2. Did some more work on the big guy last night, even with the injury throbbing away :angry:


    I highlighted up the straps some more, and put the base color on the filigree on the armor. I was going to do a bone color on them, but after basing about three of the plates, I did not like the way they looked. So I based them all in scorched metal, I will probably do them a goldish color

    Click thumbs for bigger pics.






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