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  1. That would then open up the possiblity of a BeastRider SA, where a beast master could spend a combat action to mount/dismount his beast. The beast rider would then not be able attack/be attacked and would piggy back on the beast to where ever it went {effectively give up their own actions whilst mounted}. He/she would automatically dismount if the beast was killed. There is of course the problem of what happens if he/she is riding a beast which has a movement ability of burrow or flyer which he/she does not have and the beast dies in that unfamiliar environment. - but I think that's been discussed else where. [Not sure if the rider should be totally invunerable, possibly spells and shooting should still be able to target him/her but as if targetted behind heavy cover]
  2. Not having my faction books at hand, it also down to Fluff reasons again. If memory serves me right, there are 5 types of undead in the Warlord/Reaper Universe: Greater Undead - Wraith, Reapers etc lesser Undead - Skeletons, Zombies - mindless undead Self Created - Liches Soul Feeders (????) Vampires and such, those that are not fully undead, still have lusts etc, need the living to survive. and the other type which I can't remember the name of but the Nefsokar undead are part of it. What I remember is that the Nefsokar are similiar to the self created undead in that their devotion to their God and their cermonies bind them to their bodies so they don't pass over. Thus from the fluff unless your are of the Nefsokar faith, they wouldn't have any control over your return to undeath. Maybe an interesting twist, if you like, should raise dead work as easily on Nefsokar (over and above the Sokar is near), as they could become undead anyway i.e. an additional restriction? Maybe there should be a high level Nefsokar Cleric spell which would allow a fallen warrior to be raised as an Nefsokar undead, probably called something like "Fallen within the Eyes of Sokar"??
  3. So far no one has mention the other faction that could field an all flying army, Necropolis. I knock together a 1000pt and 1500pt possible flying armies on the Necro forum All Flying Necro Army
  4. Having following the recent Flyers post about an all flying army, I realise that no-one yet as mentioned Necropolis as been able to field one, yet we can. So how about the following: 1000pt [ this is what believe currently the maximum reptus build can do 955 + items] Judus 4 Gargoyles Eikas 5 Crypt Bats Bone Horror Gargoyle Outrider 983pts plus 17pts for equipment 1500pts Judas Syphrilla 10 Gargoyles Eikas 4 Crypt Bats Bone Horror Gargoyle Outrider 1500 pts, exactly. 2000pt (max I suppose as the max army we can field is 1531pts worth of figures) Judas Syphrilla 10 Gargoyles Eikas 5 Crypt Bats Bone Horror Gargoyle Outrider Battle Totem 1731pts, leaving 269pts for equipment Thoughts? Other than where are you going to get 11 gargoyles from? Tim
  5. The other thing to remember is that a mage is able to summon any summoning creature that can exist on the same plane as him/herself. Thus Giliam can summon the Lesser Earth Elemental whilst still burrowed and it would be summoned on the burrowed plane. Is this any good? Possibly if you need to lock a model (probably a mage). Enemy mage moves into 12" of Giliam, hoping next turn to fire off rock friends to put him into the open (assumes here that they've already used their comabt action). Giliam moves his 4" towards the enemy mage and uses invoke action to summon the Lesser Earth Elemental. Lesser Earth Elemental then moves his 8" and surfaces in B2B contact with the enemy mage (I'm not sure if it's allowed to charge in as it has no combat action this turn, if it is allowed to charge then an extra 4" are gained allowing Giliam to lock a mage that is 16" away)
  6. More for those that want master craftmen creating Interesting contraptions Sally Alewife (Hero) #DT 0-5 Mov 4 Dis 6 DV 13 MD 13 MAV 5 #MA 2 SAs Trencher, Warmaster, Tough/3 #RA 1 RAV 3 SAs Range 12, Blowthrough Sally is the daugther of Clan's 'Mistress of The Brews' and a master craftman. When their daughter announced she was going to join the maidens and they couldn't persuade her not to, they got together and created a new weapon that would help her. Her mother brew up a spirit that was exceedly volitile whilst her father crafted a mechanism to deliver the spirit in a controlled stream under pressure, igniting it as it left the device. Due to the weight of the device, Sally is unable to carry a shield as well. But her sisters have been saved many a time by her device and defend her well. Edited by Gus Landt to add this:
  7. A quick thought, but not that it matters at the moment (possibly should go to the rule queries section): If a model is summoned(mage) i.e. it can be placed as an invoke action within 2" of your mage and your mage is burrowed. Does the placed model have to be burrowed or can it be placed "unburrowed"? i.e. can a burrowed mage summond a non-burrowing creature. As I said it doesn't matter yet, as there is no burrowing Cleric (yet) hence the possiblity on putting a Dire Bear on the board above ground whilst your Cleric is safely burrowed doesn't exist yet. However, can the safely burrowed mage summon the lesser earth elemental into b2b contact above ground with an enemy and expect the summoned elemental to get it's free action attacking the enemy? Or does the summoned creature have to be in the same "situation" as the burrowed mage. I also assume that with the mage being burrowed, he doesn't have LOS to anyone. Interestingly, he doesn't carry a wand and hence no RAV. Tim
  8. From the Necropolis Faction book, and the descriptions of the great war, demons should have a Smite :devil:/2+ and possibly smite Undead/? especially smite GreaterUndead or smite Reaper to represent the 3 way war that's still going on. Dwarf factions should gain smite Reven/1 and Reven factions should gain smite Dwarf/1 to represent their great rivalry. Then again you could start applying that to all the rilvalries that exist in Warlord
  9. I must admit, that from the fluff, Osric would be a good candidate as a Judas favourite. Judas lets the girls battle it out, and then hits them all with a double-whammy and annoints Oscric who's standing in the sidelines (although he has already made a few enemies along the way). Although, Elsabeth, in her madness, might not even care and carry on as normal. Vandrain, I think won't, as there are "others" from the fluff trying to get him to challenge Judas, whilst Tharian is hoping his new understanding of necromatic magic will reveal a way to rid himself of Judas' yoke. Maybe there's a thought, if Tharian learns enough, he'll realise that Reapers will return and his kind will be fighting over the blood of rats (from Moandain's fluff) would it be possible for a Vampire to kill himself to become a lich? As Lady Storm pointed out Freya was promoted to captain, but closer to home we had Lord Gauren go from Hero to Captain. A promotion of sorts, but I felt was more to do will redesign than from an actual promotion. But all say and done, over the course of a campaign, you must expect losses in the upper ranks as well as the lower, and therefore there would be no reason why promotions from serg. to captain to happen, or possible captain to Warlord. For mages and clerics, you would expect the uniques to possibly gain spell levels and spells; you might also expect unique warriors to get toughened/battle-hardened and unique Archers to increase their skill as well. I say uniques as non-uniques should be the starting point of any figure. As time goes on you might expect new uniques of those figure whom have risen through the ranks and can be distinguished from them. Heck, if we were to blow this discussion out and say that Osric was annointed over the rest, perhaps Naomi would rebel and set herself up as a warlord? (i'd guess Naomi, as from the fluff, she sounds the most ambitious) Tim
  10. From all the old fluff from the faction book and stats, the new FLY SA for Judas sort of gives an indication of what the difference between an annointed and unannointed vampire might be. Before hand, There wasn't much to say what the difference was, other that Judas was a warlord and the rest weren't, there is finally a difference. Of course, in a future KJ, maybe we'll see who gets annointed by Judas and we can then compare the annointeed and unannointed versions to see what a difference it makes. Of course, if Reaper were to create a SA Annointed around that time, with the restriction that it must be given to a vampire and only one vampire in you army can be annointed which we could then apply to our armies and have fun with it. See whom we would all have annointed. Current candiates from the fluff, of course, are Elsabeth and Naomi, who seem to be battling it out. Whilst the original fluff suggests that it was likely to go to a female vampire, it might go to a male, and the only males of known significance are Vandrain, Oscric and Tharian. I think we can discount Athak as he's a non-unique sergeant. Of course, this might be all speculation as the fluff also says that Judas is also more powerful than a normal annointed vampire thanks to the font of power and he gets his flying ability thanks to it. Any thoughts on this? Tim
  11. Well, he does, but he's still a lesser figure for all that. Just to be predantic, Bolt is only a 1 point damaging spell, costing 5pts but it can be cast defensively. Interesting to note, that Defensive shot can no longer be used against a spell cast against you nor can Defensive magic be used against a Shot fired against you. Mind you, at the moment I'd argue that a mage's range attack must be magical in origin therefore has the possiblity of being used defensively. Moving on a bit Looking at the list a bit more closely last night, it's almost all the crypt legion that's getting all the negative mods (Ok, we've gained a captain in Gauren but he was a weak hero to begin with) whilst the Vampire army has been greatly enhanced. Heck, Sir Athak, a non-unique sergeant now costs 70pts and hence is more expensive that every captain other than Elsabeth. One might say that the vampires have sucked the others dry and ran off with their power. Tim
  12. Well not all of them. My favourite Captain has been severley b*g****d, ok weakened . Under the old ways, Lord Kentaur was a reasonable old soul (abet evil) before the changes, According to the fluff, He did have some troubles with a young upstart Osric but if push came to shove, he could deal with him. He had the same number of attacks as him, he had his trencher ability and he had the better fight skill and on a one to one fight he'd get the drop on him most of the time with his tactician. Now, now is a different story, Orsic, is out of control, he now has a greater number of attacks, he now has just as good fight skill as Kentuar but his degradation is slower, both Kentuar and Osric have warmaster which at the end of the day just makes Osric extra attack all the more powerful. Kentaur has lost his trencher ability (don't see why but new system, new rules). Heck, Kentuar doesn't even match up to Azarphan whom was the cheaper option for my CL build . Death Knights and Vampires have been upped to the sever decriment of the Skellies. Don't get me wrong, I like how all mages get a range attack, but that almost makes one point damage spells like bolt pointless as the mage can do that anyway (ok at a slightly lesser chance). Of course the other thing is that most innate spells have been lost by our mages with Aysa, Moandain and Jos (if you'll count him) losing out Tim
  13. That's basically true in the real world, if you accept the concept of "Faith Healers" and their ilk. In the christain faith, they believe they are a channel for God's healing and channel the healing from God into the receipicant, thus they are actually a channeller of healing and not a healer themselves. Many "magic" traditions believe you can't cast spells on yourself, thus you appeal to your fellow practitioners to cast spell for your benifit as you can't do it yourself, of course, they in turn will expect you to cast spells for their benifit Tim
  14. I see where your coming from but that not my problem, it's the overlap. I suppose if I give an example: Elves vrs Crypt Legion Daurion is being supported by 2 wraiths, and with first strike (and the additional +2 support) has wiped out his opponents, leaving him and his party in volley range of Silverain and Niorodel, whom with markman and feathered sky, can volley them. Now with 4 arrows they volley into Dauron and his companions with an 1" radius, enough to get all three. Now if they fire "fireball arrows", themselves have a proposed radius of 1", as they're are only three target, only three fire balls can go off, but each fireball in turn would affect all three figues in the circle, thus suffer the effects of three seperate fireballs. I suppose the only limiting factor would be the CP of the arrow to activate the spell. What were you thinking about the arrows CP? equal to the spell level? or can you buy CP levels of spells in the arrow? Tim P.S. I forgot the Silverrain had Master Archer and thus Marksman, therefore the ability to drop 4 of these arrows in one turn at extended spell range, never mind the scrye shot through buildings is going to far along the good old GW route that Elves are the best, nah nah shucks to you, if you play anything else! if you start dishing out these
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