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  1. That's the main issue, but there are other tactical advantages and disadvantages to being on a Large sized base. I'd follow Bruunwald's recommendation; get a pair of snips, and trim down the excess basing, and adjust the position to make them fit on a 25mm square as best you can. Also, you might want to consider using bases from someplace like Litko; their wooden bases do not taper to the top, meaning you get the full 25x25mm area to mount the model on, as opposed to the more like 20x20mm area that is left on the top of a base that tapers. ~v thanks. i was using litko bases but i was trying toi avoid the cutting. even with trimming, they do not fit well on a std size base. thanks again.
  2. hi, i am trying to put together my Kargir army and the bases for the black orc soldiers should be standard. the problem is, they are too large to fit on a standard base. what, if any, problems are there for putting them on a larger base. besides the obvious that more models can make b2b contact. thanks in advance foryour comments.......
  3. Thanks Gus. I was having to learn how to program army builder. I had most of the nfsokar list updated by the time you gave me the link. Many thanks!!!!! btw, if you use the ab export funcion, it will combine all the files into one. much easier for folks to load into ab. R
  4. Does anyone have an up to date army builder file for Warlord? Gus' link is not working and I do not want to recreate the wheel. thanks in advance.... Rick
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