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  1. A lot of good advice so far here, which I will probably be repeating. I always set the blade first while the adjustable arm is still loose. Once the blade is set and locked in on both ends, adjust the arm to where the blade is taut, then tighten down the arm. Make sure the teeth are pointing down. Always cut with the blade vertical in an up and down motion. Definitely use wax or soap to lubricate the blade. Don't apply pressure, let the blade do the cutting. I managed to make one blade last through half a semester of jewelry class and only had to change it because it got dull. Of course I've never managed that again, but with the right technique you'll get a lot more life out of your blades. Another useful tool to have is a Bench Pin V-Slot w/ Clamp. This allows you to hold your figure or whatever you are cutting in place and sort of forces you to keep your saw vertical. To change the angle of your cut you have to change the angle of the figure.
  2. zepgodiria

    Warlord Tournament KystalKeep April?

    I will do my best to make it in April. My schedule is still up in the air so I don't know what weekends I'll be available. I'm also new to Warlord but have been collecting for a while. I have a ton of Necropolis, my main army, and a good amount of Reven. Even a few Crusaders. So hopefully I can add a little diversity to the dominance of Dwarf players that will be there. That is, if I can make it.
  3. zepgodiria

    New to Warlord

    I planned on being at GenCon last year, but my band ended up being on tour that month. So I definitely plan on being there this year! When is this tournament in Dayton? I was talking with someone awhile back about coming to Cincinnati to play before things at home got too busy. Unfortunately I never made it out there, but I've got lots more free time on my hands now so perhaps i can plan on getting there sometime soon.
  4. zepgodiria

    New to Warlord

    I'm also from Indiana. Indianapolis to be exact and have no one to play with. PM me if you live in the area and maybe we can meet up. I'm still somewhat new in the sense that I've never played a real game, although I've had a few Warlord armies for a year or two.
  5. zepgodiria

    Alien predator.

    I don't think its their normal vision. Its been a hot minute since I've seen the first one, but don't they show the predators vision as he removes his helmet? Still, I don't think their normal vision is the same as our normal vision so they might still have problems.
  6. zepgodiria

    Just Saw Transformers....Non Spoiler Review

    Seen it twice now. Loved it just as much the second as i did the first. My biggest fear was that the CG would look bad and it would spoil the movie, but it was perfect. Very realistic for something as nonrealistic as giant organic robots. I thought it had a good mix of comical, dramatic, and action aspects. Definitely the best movie I've seen in a while. not the greatest movie ever, but definitely the best in a while.
  7. zepgodiria

    Alien predator.

    From what I understood of what a self proclaimed predator expert friend of mine told me the Predators in 1 and 2 were experienced hunters. The predators in AVP were "adolescents" of sorts undergoing some sort of initiation ritual into "manhood" or "predatorhood". The red tone is infrared vision which basically lets them see heat. The bluish purple tones is UV vision which lets them see ultraviolet spectrum, which is why the predator was able to detect the UV lights the humans were using. I personally am a fan of all the alien and predator movies. Obviously some are way better than others, but I was entertained by them all. A friend and I even started making cards for an AVP version of Star Wars/D&D Miniatures game.
  8. zepgodiria

    Feral Queen

    This is one of my favorite Heresy figures. Its on my "to buy" list. It looks great. I especially like what you did with the hooves and horns.
  9. zepgodiria

    The History of Iron Maiden, Part 1- The Early Years

    my buddy just showed me some of that video a few days ago. great suff! Maiden rules!
  10. zepgodiria

    C programming

    i just finished up a C++ course. i could possibly be of some help, but I'd have to know more about what you need to do.
  11. zepgodiria

    Danger 50,000 Volts - Zombie Survival

    HAHA!! Mushi. that rules. Hope you all know where your nearest oil rig is!
  12. zepgodiria


    Love how the gargoyle is all stone looking. The knoll is awesome too. They should definitely be added to the Reven army!
  13. zepgodiria

    Life after graduation

    So yesterday was my last day of finals and I should officially have my BS in chemistry and environmental science soon. As of last friday I had yet to get a job, when an old bandmate of mine calls me up. He says his bass player has to quit for financial and other real life reasons, and I was the first person they all wanted to ask to replace him. I talked it over with my fiancee and she said i should go for it. As a matter of fact, everyone I talked to said to go for it. The band's name is Year of Desolation, they are signed to Prosthetic records (same label as Lamb of God), and will be touring from next wednesday through sometime in september! Their current bass player will be with them through may and i will join up at the end of may/beginning of june. If anyone is into thrash metal check out the tour dates on the site and come see us! Unfortunately this means no painting or Warlord for a very long time. At least I have a month to get some painting done. Hopefully I can do up some of my Reaper figs and post them in the showoff section before I take off.
  14. zepgodiria

    Sleep Number beds - anyone got one?

    we have had a tempurpedic/memory foam mattress for a couple of years now. i absolutely love it. i had extreme back pains with our regular mattress. i would never sleep through the night. now i sleep soundly through the night. i don't think i have ever felt hotter in it, but i'm generally hot anyway. I have never tried a sleep number bed, but it sounds like people like them.
  15. zepgodiria

    Seriously considering a tattoo

    I personally do not have any tattoos but most of my friends have several. One friend who has many tattoos says getting tattooed on the underside of your upper arm is one of the most painful experiences he has ever had. I would also stress making sure it is a clean, certified shop. I worked for the health department with the woman who inspected tattoo shops and she told me many interesting stories. It wouldn't hurt to give your city health department a call and find out what shops they would advise against. I think its ok for them to inform you of which ones have violations, but its not professional of them to tell you "the best" shop.
  16. zepgodiria

    Searching For Scimitar Weilder

    do a search on the Reaper Gallery for scimitar. It brings up quite a few figures of varying sex and race holding a scimitar. scroll about halfway down the page once the search is complete to see them.
  17. zepgodiria

    Adept Box Sets

    I think this would be a great idea. I know I would buy them. Even if they didn't make alternate Warlord sculpts but threw in some of the DHL ogres for variety. I counted 10 DHL ogres. They are all good sculpts, but some in particular are excellent and would spice up any good ogre horde.
  18. zepgodiria

    Todays funny.

    Sounds like he was in the Q95 studio with Bob & Tom (judging by the obnoxious background laughter). Rodney is somewhat of a regular on their morning show. Been a guest for several years. He cracks me up every time!
  19. zepgodiria

    Sharing a couple of snapshots

    I'm probably 80 or 90 miles from the south side of Indy, so probably not the same one(s). It was a very wide-spread series of little storms, though, so they could easily have been from the same system.... I was joking when I said that, but you are right, that was a very widespread storm system. It was funny on one evening we were sitting in our living room (which faces east) and the sun was shining bright with a few clouds in the sky. All of a sudden the tornado sirens go off, my fiancee and I look at each other and say "thats odd." Of course it was pitch black to the west and the big nasty system was rolling in. Luckily the tornado was a good half hour north of us. Actually the weather has been crazy here in Indiana (I think the same goes for most of the midwest as well). We went from the 30's/40's to the upper 70's/ lower 80's in march. Flowers were blooming, trees were budding. Then one day the temp dropped to a high of about 30. It stayed that way, dropping to the lower 20's at night, long enough to kill off anything that had bloomed/budded early. It even snowed quite a bit up north. Things are back on the right track now though, back to the usual spring temps.
  20. zepgodiria

    Sharing a couple of snapshots

    I remember seeing a rainbow late last week. Same one? We're both Hoosiers, so maybe. Cool pics by the way.
  21. zepgodiria

    VA Tech Shooting

    Neglect from his parents may have been one of the reasons he was so far gone.
  22. zepgodiria

    Does this Earpiece make me look fat?

    The thing I don't like about the earpieces is that with everyone talking to themselves these days you can't tell the crazies from the people who are on the phone!
  23. zepgodiria

    Love my job

    As far as the emails go, make sure you save copies of whatever you send to the manager that has issues with you. Most email systems usually automatically save them in a sent mail folder. But with the situations you are having I'd suggest printing off copies. Always cover your butt. A woman I worked with had a somewhat similar issue dealing with some data results she got for some lab tests. The supervisor would make her redo the tests over and over and still tell her the results were inadequate and accused her of making stuff up. She eventually made copies of everything she did, ran tests multiple times to start with, and made copies of all her email communications with the supervisor. She ended up taking it all to HR to fight the possibility of losing her job. She didn't lose her job and things got worked out in the long run. Perhaps this manager you have issues with has a problem with young women.
  24. zepgodiria

    I'm going crazy

    I feel you Moosey on the end of the semester pile up of work. Not mentioning tests and exams, I have an Ecology primary literature style report to write, 4 programs for Beginning Video Game Making to finish, part of an Inorganic chemistry lecture to give, and I have to finish an independent study Geopraphic Information Systems project that I haven't worked on in about 2 months! I'm really feeling the pressure right now. My fiancee is a Special Ed teacher, specifically the self-contained emotional disabilities class room teacher. She is one of the best in her field (she just won a major award for one of her projects) and if you have any questions pertaining to some of the information you find or just any questions in general feel free to ask me and I'll bounce them her way.
  25. zepgodiria

    "Hey Shipwreck"

    I have no military life experience, but that was absolutely hysterical! The translation bits were the best!